Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

What the tarot cards could reveal about your destiny? Did you pull the beautiful Queen of Pentacles in a reading? In the following paragpraphs, we shall see what the Queen has in store for you.

First things first, let us make a brief overture into the world of divination! It is a wonderful and curious way of seeing deeper into the mystery of our existence.

Each human life is unique experience, so there is no way one could calculate what will happen in an individual life, in a way we could create prognoses for things happening on a bigger plan. Divination practices offer us a glimpse into the secrets of our own fate. Individual destiny, just as the universal fate, cannot be changed.

However, we could get into its mysterious layers in a peculiar way, through divination. While many thing divination is just an illusion, a game or a trick, it is far from it. Divination is much closer to official sciences than you might think; in ancient times there was no such strong boundary between what is considered scientific and what is now taken as pseudo or alternative.

Each divination practice, including tarot reading, is based upon specific principles, rules and knowledge. Symbolism plays the major role in all divination practices, meaning that a good master practitioner have to be familiar with tons of various symbols occurring within the domain of mystical, esoteric, mythical and more.

Tarot Suits Basics

There is no way one could understand tarot and interpret card combinations in a reading, if he or she was not well aware of complex symbolic meanings. Not only one has to learn about separate symbols’ meanings, but they also have to know how to connect them and observe them as a complex of meanings. This is the base of interpreting tarot cards.

Tarot decks are complex, large decks consisting of seventy eight cards and two parts. The first part explains what is happening on the higher, major plan and how it reflects in an individual’s life. This part of the deck is known as Major Arcana, according its role. This suit is about archetypes and personifications of many of archetypical roles.

The other part is related to what is going on in peoples’ everyday lives; this suit is sort of closer to us, if we may say so. It is about the minor plan, so its title is the Minor Arcana. This is the part of the deck that interests us here. Furthermore, Minor Arcana cards are organized in a specific manner. Minor Arcana consists of four suits, each of 14 cards in total.

Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages make four Court cards in each of the four decks; the rest are numbers, starting from Aces, concluding with Tens. The four suits of Minor Arcana are most commonly known as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, but we could also find them under other names.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

That said, the suit of Pentacles is known also as the suit of Diamonds or the suit of Coins or Discs. Its trademark symbol is a pentacle, a golden coin featuring a pentagram. This suit is all about the material values, the senses, the physical, the earthly.

As each of the four Minor Arcana suits is linked to one essential element, we should say that the suit of Pentacles is associated with Earth, which tells a lot about its earthbound nature. The suits also have each their class and faculty; thus, the suit of Pentacles represents the class of merchants and the faculty of possession and bodily experience.

It is interesting to think of the suits as of people. The suit of Pentacles would represent those who love working with their hands, who are tangible and very physical, those who are masters builders, have a talent for trade and know how to provide and how to handle money.

We would also associate Pentacles with traditional values, stability, a home and everything that happens at home, provision, protection, safety. Crafts and arts, jobs and skills are associated with this suit. Pentacle people are those who are always getting their things done, who pick the fruits of their success and enjoy gaining more through their efforts.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Queen of Pentacles is a female counterpart of the prosperous King of Pentacles. She is his beloved partner. These two cards together represent a union of similarities; they are the opposite of the ‘opposites attract’ trope.

The Queen of Pentacles is a feminine version of the King. If you look at her, you will easily notice some similarities between the two cards.

However, they are not the same; the Queen is unique in her ways. Before we get into details about this card’s appearance, we will go through some basic facts about it.

Here are keywords associated with the card and some of the very basic information of which we will be talking much more.

Key terms for The Queen of Pentacles tarot card: Hospitability, care and nurture, maternal, motherly figure, warmth and kindness, prosperity and abundance, business success, luxurious lifestyle, creativity, skill and talent

Key essential element of the Queen of Pentacles: Water of Earth

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The Queen of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: wastefulness, greed and envy, jealousy, fanatic attitude, exploiting, gold-diggers, lack of morality, narrow-mindedness, possessiveness, insecurity, instability

Visual Description of The Queen of Pentacles Card

The Queen of Pentacles is represented seated on a richly and curiously carved throne. The whole scene takes place somewhere out of the castle or a city, unlike the scenery of the King of Pentacles card.

This tells about the feminine nature of this image and the connection of the Queen with naturally earthly surroundings, the greenery, plants , rivers and else.

It could be a garden, but, just as the case is with the terrace of the King, there is no strict order and clean lines; everything leaves the impression of natural, unrestrained abundance, although nothing seems overgrown.

This card slightly reminds of the Major Arcana Empress, perhaps. The Queen, just like her counterpart, holds a pentacle. She looks down upon it, with care and gentleness. Her face is similar to that of the King, speaking about her expression; she appears content and satisfied with what she possesses.

Her energy is different from that of the King, since Queens are Water and Kings are Fire. While he has attributes of a warrior, seen in his armor, this figure represents the more intuitive and motherly feminine energy. The Queen wears long red robes that speak of passion, of life and power.

The green veil is about her connection with nature, it seizes all down to the ground.. Her crown is golden and adorned with little red wings, it appears. Her attention is concentrated on the pentacle; she is assured of its value and she would take acre of it.

On her decorated throne we could see animal heads and fruits, while the card is framed by roses and leaves.

All these are symbols of abundance, growth, richness and a sort of coziness. The image is overall harmonious and the Queen herself appears to be in balance with her lovely surroundings. The landscape behind her is appealing; there is water, there are trees and mountains. Nothing disrupts the scene.

Each tarot card is full of such symbols and many similarities could be found in different ones; we could often see certain similarities between the Major Arcana personifications and Court cards of the Minor Arcana.

There are many wonderful tarot designs, from very old ones to modern; the most popular and widely used for readings is the Rider-Waite deck.

The Queen of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

I strive for comfort.

The meaning is somewhat similar to that of the King, as together they form a harmonious unity. The Queen of Pentacles is about a pleasant, comfortable life, our striving to reach it. This card is related to motherly love and domesticity, to a happy family home missing nothing.

As a person in the questioner’s life, she represents someone caring and supportive. The one she takes care of should have nothing to worry about, for she would provide everything, just as a mother would do for her children.

The Queen of Pentacles is skillful and gifted figure and she would have no problem with creating things by her own hands for herself and those she loves. She would build a world by it! This figure, like the King, is capable of making ideas coming to life.

The Queen of Pentacles knows how to employ her knowledge and, first and foremost, she has a lot of it. Nothing is to difficult for her, if she is to provide a joyful and comfortable surroundings. Material well-being is very important to her, but she is not a stingy one, but generous and very helpful.

The Queen of Pentacles represents a person realistic, practical and efficient. Like the King, she knows to do with money and finances.

Overall, as the card is associated with material stability and comfortable life, the Queen of Pentacles should be taken as a good omen. We shall see how the position of the card affects its core meaning.

The Queen of Pentacles  – YES or NO

This Queen is a YES card, just like her beloved King. Since it is about prosperity and abundance, but also care and support, it is an encouraging and a promising card. Its energy is positive and it is related to a good outcome, so it is another natural yes card.

If you are not sure about the yes/no readings, this is one of the simplest form of divination with tarot as it requires typically one card to be pulled and it gives a straightforward answer, based on that card’s nature and energy.

The question should be a simple and direct one, so this reading is good when feeling indecisive about something, for example.

The Queen of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

When the Queen of Pentacles appears in the upright position, it tells about favorable financial situation and probably some kind of material support from the closest ones.

It is also about gifts from relatives.

The card is a very positive sign as it tells about a life of comfort and luxury. There could be some additional financial gains.

This is also a card of good deeds and a generous heart. It is related to reliability, trustworthiness, being optimistic and being able to recognize and acknowledge own achievements.

The Queen of Pentacles is about fully enjoying the taste of success.

The Queen of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

When the card appears reversed, its meaning is different and corrupted. The reversed Queen of Pentacles is about laziness, inability to handle money properly, wasting money on extravagant lifestyle, without any idea on how to earn it back. In such a position, the card is about dishonesty, lies, superficial attitude.

Suspiciousness, obsessions and jealousy also hide behind the reversed Queen of Pentacles. It is generally a card about mismanagement on various life fields. Intrigues and affairs may ensue.

As other cards related to material gain and physical pleasures, this is a card of completely unnecessary excessiveness.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles is an auspicious career card. This card tells about the ability to handle things at work or, better, to manage your own work.

This is a card good for family and traditional businesses. The Queen of Pentacles is generally about gain and prosperity, so it also brings great news in terms of finances overall.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

When it comes to love, the Queen of Pentacles is about motherly care and love for the closest ones.

In romantic relationship, she represents a harmonious unity, just like the King. It represents support, reliability, trust, honesty and mutual passion and care, so it is generally a great love card.

However, there is a risk of possessiveness.

The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Queen of pentacles is especially a good card for future mothers, since, as a feminine principle card linked with the concept of abundance and prosperity, it is about fertility and pregnancy.

This as also a card of gratitude; gratitude is vital for our overall well being. The Queen of Pentacles remind us to be grateful for what we own.

The Queen of Pentacles Combined

The Queen of Pentacles reveals some further meanings when combined with other cards.

Tarot cards in combination offer us precious information about our destiny. Even if it appears we choose them randomly, there is no consequence with tarot.

Let us see into the Queen of Pentacles combinations.

  • The Queen of Pentacles and The Empress: Reward for efficient and practical work
  • The Queen of Pentacles and The Hermit: Poverty
  • The Queen of Pentacles and The Six of Wands: Intelligent business management
  • The Queen of Pentacles and The knight of Cups: Following both heart and reason
  • The Queen of Pentacles and The Eight of Swords: Impracticality, blockage
  • The Queen of Pentacles and The Nine of Pentacles: Financial stability, excellent money management

The Queen of Pentacles Message

The Queen of Pentacles is another card traditionally associated with abundance, material stability, comfortable and even luxurious life. If this card appears in your reading, there are likely reasons to expect some new development in the field of your finances, bringing your ideas into realization.

The process will likely result in a material gain and, generally, all the things that would lead you to great prosperity or simply to comfortable circumstances. When the Queen of Pentacles appears in a reading, it means that the work will pay off.

The Queen of Pentacles is about those who feel good in their skin and enjoy the ability to taste the delicious fruits of life; they do it wisely, but do not restrain themselves. This card also denotes a motherly figure in one’s life, someone who provides and takes care of you.

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