Page of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

We are once again exploring the magical world of tarot! Just as other divination techniques and practices, tarot reading is not a guarantee of your future, but a precious guidebook that would help you better to understand your own.

Throughout long ages of our past, people have been turning to mages, astrologers, soothsayers of all sorts, in order to find some certainty in this unpredictable world.

In old days, science as we know it today was quite different; it is not that much about it being less developed, but about the fact that it was the same with what we would call pseudo science or simply non-scientific, mystical or spiritual. Astronomy and astrology seen as one are a good example.

In simple words, people relied greatly on, from our point of view, alternative ways.

Divination still lives on. Some of the forms have remained the same. Tarot reading is old, although the cards alone are older than the techniques. Tarot cards were not created as a divination tool, but as playing cards.

However, their rich and mysterious imagery make them perfect for other uses. They originate from medieval times, but have been widely in use for divination since the 18th century.

Tarot cards are highly allegorical and symbolical. In order to read tarot cards, one has to posses great knowledge about mystical symbols, in the first place.

Devotion to the art of tarot and divination is very welcome, just as the natural talent. In order to understand our tarot cards much better, let us learn more about them.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot decks are very large; they typically count 78 cards. Of these, the first 22 cards, that is, trump cards, form the Major Arcana suit.

Major Arcana cards in a reading refer to the questioner’s person. They are loaded with symbols and allegorical scenes, just as the rest of the deck. This other part of the deck is called Minor Arcana.

Despite the term ‘minor’, this suit is equally important. Minor Arcana relates to the mundane, in an opening.

This part of the deck is divided into four suits we know for their characteristic symbols: Wands, Cups, Swords and pentacles. They are known under other names, as well. Each of these has a specific quality and nature in a reading.

Each of the Minor Arcana suits counts 14 cards, of which four are the Court cards or face cards and the rest are numbers, numbered from 1 to 10.

When you open tarot cards, everything has to be taken as an important signs; the position of the cards, the symbols alone, but also combinations. When combined, tarot cards gain specific meanings.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

The suit of Wands interests us the most, as our today’s card is the Page of Wands.

The symbol of this suit is obviously a wand; if you look at the most popular tarot design, you will notice that the wands are not just a piece of dead wood. They have little green leaves, speaking of their natural creative power, about the creation, flourishing, growing.

This is exactly what the suit of Wands is about – the creative energy, but, most importantly, personal creative energy, the externalization of one’s great inner potentials, the self-recognition, self-improvement, a daring and a willing spirit.

This suit is overall proactive, optimistic and associated with spirited designs, vitality, amazing intuition, enthusiasm, passion and, above all, movement, getting forward.

The suit of Wands is linked with the element of Fire, as each of the suits is associated with one of the four essential elements. This speaks a lot about the nature of Wands.

Wands are energetic, passionate, vital, willing to make a change, ready to move on, natural born leaders, competitive and strong willed.  Our wand-bearer here is the Page.

The Page of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

Alright! What the Page of Wands is about? This card is very interesting.

On the first look it appears as if the page was in a state of admiration of the wand he holds firmly with both hands; we will go through the detailed description later on.

The wand symbolizes somebody else ruling over him, or was it his own tool? We will find out. Let us learn some basics.

Key terms for The Page of Wands tarot card: Siblings, children, messages, news, youthfulness, communication, learning and education, friends, vigor and vitality renewed, cheerful spirit

Key essential element of the Page of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Court, face card

Yes/No question for The Page of Wands card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Delay, troublesome youth, losing courage, bad news and missed ones, falsehood speech, hesitation, lack of responsibility and organization, fear, immature behavior, misunderstanding

Visual Description of The Page of Wands Card

The visual appearance of the tarot card is, perhaps, the most important part of learning about tarot cards and their meaning.

As we have said, one has to be familiar with tons of different symbols and their meanings, in order properly to understand the cards in an opening. What makes things more complex and more interesting and flexible, is that certain symbols may have double meanings.

The most widespread tarot deck used for divination is the Rider-Waite deck, published early in the 20th century. You have probably seen some of its cards, even if you were completely unfamiliar with tarot overall.

Each tarot card represents a scene or an archetypical personification. In Minor Arcana, cards are greatly determined by their characteristic symbol.

The Page of Wands is an interesting one. Let us take a closer look into this card. It represents a young male, holding firmly a wand that stands straight and is taller than he is.

The page is beautifully dressed, similarly to other of his Court fellows, so to call them. He wears a hat with a feather, for one.

Feathers represent flight, that is, journey, travelling, literally and metaphorically. This feather is not an ‘angelic’ white, but a fiery red one. have you ever heard a Russian folktale about the Firebird?

The magical bird is a treasure that is precious and hard to get and keep. We could associate it with this one as a symbol of enthusiasm, dreams about something to get to discover, a youthful, daring and adventurous spirit.

The robes of the Page are characteristic of the deck. His dress is yellow and patterned with black lizards chasing their own tail. We have seen this motif on other cards in the deck; the lizard represents cycles, the eternal cycling of things, the eternal flow of energy, recreation, regeneration, rebirth. On top of his lizard-patterned dress, the page wears a grey cloak.

The cloak, but also his wand, reminds just a bit of a card of the Hermit. Although the young page is quite different from the old ascetic, his cloak is also looks like a cloak of a traveler, someone on a journey, or a messenger. The page has his own quest or, more likely, a task.

Now, let us think about his facial expression and his position.

As we have noticed, he stands upright, looking into the wand, with admiration. The wand could be what he relies on, that is, it could embody a figure of authority the page relies on and believes in.

It could represent his own tool, his own courage, his accomplishment, despite authorities above him. He looks as if he was proud of it, but one could not escape the impression he looks at it in awe.

The landscape does not appear particularly promising; it is desolate and dry.

However, the page does not appear as being greatly concerned about it; he has its own mission. He does not appear worried about the conditions he finds himself in. His eyes are fully focused on the wand that, one way or another, represents his support and his courage.

The Page of Wands Card Meaning Guide

I am ready for my quest.

Just as other cards from the Wands suit, the Page of Wands is also about action, about taking certain steps, about a fiery and self-confident nature.

The Page of Wands is a messenger, and a messenger of good news, in the first place. He embodies youthfulness, courage that comes with it, the desire to learn and experience new things.

The Page does not know much about the world, like the wise King, the noble Queen or even the daring Knight. His nature is younger than theirs, so to say. He is ready to learn more, however.

Thus the Page represents that enthusiastic spirit of youth we all should nurture. This card is a sign of some interesting information you might get, or promising news.

This personifies an archetypical messenger such the young god Hermes would be. In that sense, the Page of Wands card is greatly about communication and conversation.

This card also represents one very important thing; the significance of support, of having something to rely on.

First and foremost, one should rely on their own strength and potential and, more important, to believe in them.

Next, one should not forget the support that comes from others, especially from those who offer guidance and protection. In that sense, the wand the Page holds could embody both of these ideas.

Evan though he is enthusiastic and his young heart still a bit inexperienced, perhaps a bit too idealistic, dreamy, hasty and impulsive at times, the Page is aware of his connection with the steady, firm ground. He has his quest and is willing to partake, while learning along the way and holding on the reliable sources.

The Page of Wands  – YES or NO

‘Yes or no’ readings are a very simple tarot technique, perfect for beginners or situations when you have a very clear idea of what you want to know.

These readings usually require one card to be opened and a direct question to be asked. The card then answers with yes, no or maybe, depending on its quality.

The Page of Wands is a YES, like other Court cards of the Wands suit. If you wonder about taking action, especially if it was related to certain message or news you have received, you should do it.

However, since Wands are a fiery and sometimes impulsive suit, you should always think through it first.

If what you are about to do is definitely not something that would possibly harm others or if it does not come with an exceptionally great risk, then go for it.

The Wands cards are generally very positive and usually offer a YES answer, although they come with a little caution sign.

The Page of Wands Card Upright Meaning

When in an upright position, the Page of Wands is a very promising card and it represents all of the best qualities, as mentioned in the quick facts section.

If you’ve got an upright Page of Wands in a reading, it suggests you might get very promising and auspicious news soon. It could be about a great opportunity, in terms of education or career, for instance.

The page also represents siblings, so the card could refer to certain relations you have with your siblings, depending on the other cards in a reading.

It also relates to friends and friendly relations. As it represents communication, an upright cards suggests you will have great understanding from others and vice versa, especially in verbal expression, be it in a written form or spoken.

This card also indicates new lectures to be learned and new ideas to be born, your alone. Like Wands cards in general, it is about creativity, uniqueness, talent and self-believe.

In case of the Page, it also suggests that people that are more experienced than you, believe in your talents and see great value in it.

The Page of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

When the card opens in a reversed position, it primarily tells about all the negative sides that may come with that youthful spirit that would otherwise inspire great ideas and actions.

This is the card that speaks about immaturity, hasty decisions, totally irresponsible risks that make more damage than use. It is about thoughtless and foolish behavior.

It is also about bad news, misinterpreted news and information, hastiness in interpreting messages, problems in communication and, generally, overall lack of understanding or willingness to understand. The reversed Page of Wands is about forging information, whether it was you who tell them or the other.

If you were the one to tell falsehood in order to gain something, be sure it is going to be a short-term gain and you yourself will eventually be a victim of a deceit.

Do not be hot-headed in making decisions and taking actions, even though it might appear particularly interesting at the moment. Do not skip your lessons of life, trying to trick it.

The page of Wands reversed tells about lack of respect for others and youthful pride; you know how very young people are sometimes too confident, while they are not well aware of their own inexperience. They think they can conquer the world alone; one can achieve amazing, unique things, but not before he or she learns to respect and value the wise.

The Page of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Page of Wands is a good card to get in a reading related to career. It tells about education and of discovering some new roads.

The card suggests you are likely to come up to a fantastic idea that could get you great success. Of course, it also tells about great enthusiasm about doing your thing. This is an optimistic card.

In addition, the Page of Wands is about friends, siblings and communication.

This could be very positively reflected on the career field; it tells about making excellent and reliable partners, about perfectly functioning team of coworkers and a fresh energy that flows amongst you and inspires you to do great work.

The Page of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Page of Wands in a love reading is more about a romance than a steady relationship, although one cannot tell where it will going to end up.

The cards is about charm and charisma, a person who brightens up your day, someone beautiful, refreshing, daring and very passionate. It is about having faun and great times with a person you were in love with.

The Page of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

Wands suit is greatly about vitality, regeneration, growth and optimism, so this card is a very good one in a health reading.

It is especially important to emphasize the youthful nature of our lovely page, because it tells about rejuvenation and fast recovery. It applies equally to physical and mental or emotional state.

The Page of Wands is about discovering new ways of how to improve your overall state of being.

This card represents learning about one’s own limitations and capacities, eventually leading to balance of the body, mind and soul.

The Page of Wands Combined

Now, let us see into some of the combination featuring the Page of Wands card. Each card would have a special meaning standing alongside other cards.

The Page of Wands and other Minor and Major Arcana cards read as follows. We will offer a few good examples.

  • The Page of Wands and The Sun: Great prize
  • The Page of Wands and The Hanged Man: Failed exam
  • The Page of Wands and The Ten of Wands: Failure due to inexperience
  • The Page of Wands and The Knight of Cups: Support
  • The Page of Wands and The Three of Swords: Surprising or shocking news
  • The Page of Wands and The Queen of Pentacles: Take care of your budget

The Page of Wands Message

The Page of Wands card is about getting on a quest, on a journey. It is time to know the world, the young page thinks.

The page of Wands is about learning about life, while trying to balance between your youthful, sometimes unrealistic ideas, and the word of the wise. This is a greatly encouraging and refreshing card, filled with optimism.

Follow your path! Discover your talents and qualities along the way.

The path of the Page of Wands is that of self-development. The page is on the beginning of the journey. He does not yet have the strength of the Knight or the grace and authority of the Queen, or the wisdom and self-confidence of the King.

However, the Page represents the eagerness of heart, a young, daring, optimistic soul. Never forget stop believing in your dreams.

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