Page of Swords Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Hear ye, her ye! The Page of Swords calls for your attention. Like all Pages, he represents youthful curiosity and eagerness, standing with his hair floating in the wind. We will learn much more about this card throughout the article. Before that, let us introduce you into the mystical world of tarot and divination overall.

Divination practices are based on symbol and signs reading, for their greatest part. It means that a good practitioner of any divination type has to be familiar with the meaning of tons of symbols. Not only that he or she has to know which symbols exist and what is their sole meaning, but also how they correspond with one another.

Master practitioner has to know the world and the human nature; an excellent one combines great knowledge, principles of the practice, but also passion, devotion, talent and skill. The best ones have a gift of amazing intuition and perhaps even some psychic powers. However, practice makes it perfect, even here.

Divination greatly relies on the knowledge of symbols. If you think of any of the various types, you will realize it is exactly like that. Divination is the art and practice of reading symbols. Astrology, chiromancy (palm reading), lecanomancy (water reading) are some good examples; tarot, of course, is based on reading symbols found in the cards.

Tarot Suits Basics

Symbols we see on tarot cards could be found elsewhere, of course. However, in tarot, they are arranged and composed in a peculiar way. Each of the tarot cards, especially number cards of the Minor or Lesser Arcana, tell a story of its own, represent a scene, people, activities and much more. What is this Minor Arcana, anyway?

Tarot decks are organized in two parts, the Major and the Minor Arcana. The total of seventy eight cards is divided into these two groups, which count uneven number of cards. The Major Arcana counts twenty two, from 0 to 21, with the card of the Fool being the zero one. This part of the deck is associated with the major plan in a reading.

It means that the images are of archetypical nature, hence, they represent the higher plan, found and reflected in each of our lives. The other part is called the Minor or the Lesser Arcana, since these cards explain the minor, the mundane plan. This part of the deck is what we are interested here.

Furthermore, Lesser Arcana is organized into four equal suits. These suits are known as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles; we could find them under other names, as well (you are probably familiar with Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds). Each suit of these four is further divided into Court and number cards.

Suit of Swords Major Characteristics

The Court or face cards are four cards of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. These are Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. These cards represent the hierarchal order and usually refer to people we have or meet in our lives, but they could also reflect the questioner’s own person. Our Page of Swords falls under this category; he is the member of the Court of Swords.

These four suits are associated with a class, a faculty and, last but definitely not the least important, an essential element. Essential elements, that is , Fire, Water, Air and Earth, link suits to the elemental zodiac signs. Hence, the suit of Swords, associated with the element of Air is further associated with the Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Although it does not seem to be of much importance so far, it actually tells a lot about the overall nature of the suits. The suit of Swords is associated with the class of military and royalty, its faculty are intellect and rational thinking. This suit is all about ideas and practical use of knowledge, brilliance of mind, intellectual capacity.

The suit represents those who are guided by reason and logic, the ones who base their authority and power on pure rational mind. These people could be philosophers, they are the thinkers of the tarot. There are not to many emotions in this suit or they were hidden on behalf of the great Reason. The suit of Swords is about solving problems, decision making.

It is a troublesome suit, for the greatest part, as it speaks abut disagreements, arguments, debates, problems, about everything that requires the use of logical thinking in order to be resolved and settled. This is not an easy suit, because its nature is problematic, taken in a neutral sense in a wider perspective.

The Page of Swords Tarot Card Quick Facts

Our curious Page of Swords here clearly looks as if he has some novel ideas on his mind. This card speaks about youth and inspiration, but we will get into the details further on.

First, we will make a brief overview of its major characteristics, which will help us easily to follow the further description and deep interpretation.

The Page of Swords comes as a breath of fresh air after the devastating Ten of Swords, the card that left us in the utmost ruin, although it also indicated a tiny light of hope.

Alright, let us go thro some of the most important terms and characteristics of the Page of Swords. Here it is what this card is about.

Key terms for The Page of Swords tarot card: Communication, fresh ideas, youthful eagerness, new projects, new study, education, school or college, siblings, messaging, children, new strength and vigor

Key essential element of the Page of Swords: Earth of Air

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The Page of Swords card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Delay, troubling youth, fear and failure due to fear, bad news, messages missed out, poor communication, hearing lies or telling lies, lack of consistency and persistence, immature behavior, being indecisive

Visual Description of The Page of Swords Card

Visual description of tarot cards hide the whole secret of the cards meaning. Perhaps the most widely known deck design is Rider-Waite deck; you have probably seen these cards. There are various designs all around the world.

The imagery of tarot cards is highly meaningful and thoughtfully composed. Tarot cards are little stories.

This especially applies to the cards of the Minor Arcana. The Court carts, where our Page stands, refer to people in our lives or to ourselves. Let us take a look into the Page of Swords.

The card is dominated by a human figure, that is, the figure of the young Page of Swords. The page is depicted as a young man, holding a sword.

The Page stands on top of the shore, on height, above the rest of the landscape. The wind blows into his face, but it is very different from the sight we have seen on the card of the Knight of Swords.

While the Knight rides widely against the strong wind, here we have an impression of a pleasant breeze. The Page himself is dynamic.

His posture is spirited; you could nearly feel his enthusiasm and his self-confidence. The Page has some new, bright ideas, he is an inspired one. He holds the sword with both of his hands, as a symbol of strength, conviction, even triumph. However, the Page does not appear to be aggressive, as the Knight.

The Page of Swords is a personification of someone driven by new, practical and logical ideas. All Pages look curious and inspired, but, with the Page of Swords, the emphasis is on the reason and logic, as it is the main characteristic of the suit.

The Page of Swords is an intellectual, ready to study, learn and use his knowledge.

He could also be seen as a messenger of the Court of Swords. The look on his face is very determined. He knows what is his duty and he will not failed in it, because he is capable of making excellent judgment and decisions.

The card is interesting, because the Page, as the lowest in the hierarchy, clearly possesses certain level of independence.

The Page of Swords Card Meaning Guide

I formulate my own concepts.

The Page of Swords formulates his own concepts and ideas. He is not just a servant of the Court, but one who rises in the hierarchy by his cleverness, his excellent intelligence and good judgment over the situation.

The Page represents a mature youth who could sometimes open the eyes of the elders, bringing in meaningful and well thought through new ideas.

This card represents a higher degree of intellectual maturity, a step towards the wisdom.

The Page card is definitely about studying and research, about the exchange of the ideas, the communication and learning. Through all these processes, the one learns about him or herself.

As the Court cards often represent people in our lives, the Page may represent a youth in your life or family, a sibling, a child; it is someone who influence you, regardless of the age.

It could be the relative of your age, someone to share your ideas with, someone to teach you something new and vice versa. The Page is greatly about communication.

The Page is about the innovative ways of communication, since the card represents novel concepts.

In reality, this card tells about the internet communication and any other modern form of exchanging opinions and thought with other people.

This card, as one of the Swords cards, associated with the Air element, contains a bit of visionary energy.

The Page of Swords also represents the point at which an individual starts to form his or her own points of view, conceptions and ideas. It represents the moment in your life at which you have made yourself an intellectual base.

It is a culmination of the phase in which the individual explores various ideas and paths, asks questions, gets answers. This stage is also reflected in the card.

The Page of Swords  – YES or NO

The youthful and refreshing Page of Swords comes with an affirmative answer. This is a YES card.

The card, at its best, represent reaching certain mature ideas, which is definitely a good sign. Therefore, the card encourages new moves and actions, especially if those were associated with education and learning.

Yes/no questions are a very simple tarot reading technique that could greatly help in situations requiring simple and straightforward answers. Of course, one should always carefully consider the answer obtained through this type of reading. Take the answer and listen also to your intuition.

The Page of Swords Card Upright Meaning

The Page of Swords in the upright position indicates a situation in which the questioner should think about his or her further moves. The card, as already mentioned, represents the phase of questioning everything, with an outcome of forming your own worldview.

The card also represents an eagerness to experience novel things, especially in an intellectual sense.

As the card is greatly associated with information and being informed, it could also indicate receiving some new information and news opening up new opportunities. Sometimes the card represents a bit naïve and idealistic point of view, which is going to be shaped up by life experience and new knowledge.

The Page of Swords Card Reversed Meaning

In the reversed position, the card represents confusion and lies; you might catch yourself telling falsehoods in order to appear better in the eyes of your audience.

It could also be the other way a round; someone else may try to present in a greater light by telling lies.

The reversed card represents an immature person and a troubled youth.

This could be taken loosely, because sometimes these things are not really matters of one’s actual age.

The reversed card also stands for messages we have missed, for delayed projects and mistakes made because of inexperience.

The reversed card is about gossip, misleading information and making poor judgment and decisions.

The Page of Swords Tarot Card – Career Meaning

In general, the Page of Swords brings good news when it comes to career.

This messenger of the Court of Swords could come up with a letter of acceptance for a job post or a college, school or any other institution of the sort.

It is also about making plans, learning, having novel promising ideas related to education or business.

The Page of Swords Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Page of Swords is not really about very stable and solid relationships, it is more about the start of a relationship with a person of similar interests.

It is also about having no great interest in being committed at the time, because you are simply not ready to commit; or the vice versa, the person you are interested in is not likely to commit.

The Page of Swords Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Page of Swords is a good card for the health reading. It represents renewed strength, vitality and vigor. It is the card of youthfulness and rejuvenation.

It positively reflects both in the physical and the mental sense.

The Page of Swords Combined

The Page of Swords provides us with some rather interesting meaning when it shows up alongside other tarot cards.

In each individual reading, tarot cards combinations play the most important role. They offer very specific meaning and have to be carefully examined, since they reveal very specific details of the questioner’s destiny.

  • The Page of Swords and The Fool: Childish behavior, immaturity
  • The Page of Swords and The Magician: Innovativeness
  • The Page of Swords and The King of Wands: Argument with a male individual
  • The Page of Swords and The Two of Cups: Unique, interesting lover
  • The Page of Swords and The Ten of Swords: Benefit out of a negative situation
  • The Page of Swords and The Eight of Pentacles: Defensive attitude

The Page of Swords Message

The Page of Swords encourages novel approaches, eagerness to learn new things and formulate one’s own stands.

The card is intellectual, like all Swords suit ones, but it still possesses a bit of immaturity within.

The youthful Page reaches the point of maturity and grows independent.

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