Page of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The fate and fortune of us all have been determined long time ago, although our own lives appear to be uncertain and our destiny full of surprising and unexpected turns. We cannot know all of our destiny, because it is concealed from us, nor we could ever do much to change it.

However, there are ways to see into it and get a glimpse of our future.

Through the practice and art of divination, we could reveal things hidden from the most. While divination will not inform us on the exact course of events that would take place in our individual lives, it could tell us about potentials and possibilities that are the likeliest to happen. Divination deals with both higher and lesser plan.

While officially acknowledged approaches surely can contribute to our understanding of the life as it is, they cannot actually tell much about individual experiences. Divination, such as tarot, could be deeply personal and each reading is a unique story. A master tarot reader have to know not only the meaning of the cards, but also to understand the nature of human beings.

For this reason, divination could be very specific when it comes to personal predictions and readings, such as tarot. The practitioner has to be familiar with symbolical meanings and to know how to see them and interpret as a complex of meanings. Tarot is based on a great knowledge of symbols occurring in various alternative teachings.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot suits originate from medieval times when they were used for playing card games; maybe you know of tarok, for example. However, later in time, those cards have been gradually introduced into the domain of occult studies, esoteric practices and more. No wonder, if you just think of their curious imagery. Each card is carefully illustrated and loaded with mystic symbolism.

Each tarot card represents an allegorical scene, a personification, archetypes and tons of very specific symbols that could be seen also in alchemy, Zodiac, mythology and elsewhere. The symbols featured on tarot cards are not randomly chosen, nor the imagery was purely decorative.

The standard pattern known is the famous Tarot de Marseille. The most widely known and used design is that of Rider-Waite. When it comes to organization of the suits, tarot decks are composed of two greater parts, the Major and the Minor Arcana.

The first part, Major Arcana is composed of twenty two cards representing archetypical meanings and referring to the major or bigger plan that reflects in our individual lives. The other part is known as the Minor or the Lesser Arcana, because it describes the more common aspect of life, everyday situations and circumstances, persons occurring in one’s life and much more.

This is the larger part of the deck, consisting of four minor suits, named after the symbols they characteristically feature. The four suits mentioned are usually known as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each of these has its own faculty, relates to a specific class and an essential element.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The suit of Pentacles is related to the class of merchants and its faculty are possessions and earthly experiences. The element of the suit of Pentacles is Earth, which describes the suits’ energy. This Minor Arcana suit is an ‘earthly’ one, so to call it. It is related to the materialistic and bodily aspect of life.

The suit of Pentacles is associated with carnal pleasures, with physical experiences, with stability and comfort in the earthly life, with home, tradition, abundance, wealth and prosperity. This suit is especially about finances, money, jobs, earning and everything related.

Pentacle people would be those who are exceptional in handling money, those who do not mind getting their hands dirty in order to get something done, people who actually enjoy doing things by their own hands. They are great with finances and their main goal is to secure enjoyable and comfortable life.

Pentacles are about satisfaction, content, being down to earth and realistic, about practical solutions, optimistic approach to work, persistence, effort, physical strength and overall endurance. For example, compared to the fiery suit of Wands, Pentacles are more inclined towards planning and slow, but steady progress.

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

Like other Court cards of the suit, the Page is related to prosperity and a pleasant, comfortable life. He is, however, the youngest in the hierarchy of Court cards, so we would say, he still did not achieved the prosperity of, say, the King. We will talk much more about the Page, after we go through this quick introduction.

Here are some of the most common terms associated with the Page of Pentacles, main characteristics and information about this card.

These quick facts would help us organize our understanding of the card’s description and specific meanings in the following paragraphs. This is what the Page of Pentacles is about.

Key terms for The Page of Pentacles tarot card: Study and research, projects, learning, friendships, young people and children, apprenticeship, good self-organization and planning, methodical approach, direct communication

Key essential element of the Page of Pentacles: Earth of earth

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The Page of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Immaturity and irresponsibility, poor organization, neglecting obligations and duties, missing from school, being isolated and introverted, difficulties in self-expression, study difficulties, problematic research, blockage in the study process

Visual Description of The Page of Pentacles Card

Visual description of each tarot card gives the base to understanding of the meaning of the cards. It is the most important part of learning about tarot. Let us take a close look into the card of the Page of pentacles.

As we have said, he is the youngest in the Court cards hierarchy, while the quick overview above informs us that the Page is one who is on the path of gaining knowledge. True, the Page has the same goal, but he is still on the beginning of his path.

Now, look on the image. This card is not that overcrowded as some others were, namely the King and the Queen of Pentacles.

Here we can see the young Page, who is the sole and central figure on the card. His robes are dominated by earthly colors, while his lavish hat and the veil descending from it are all red.

As mentioned many times, red represents strength, power, life, passion, royalty and more. Green and brownish shades of his clothes reflect the overall connection of the suit with the earthly.

The Page’s posture is natural, relaxed, as he stands leaning on his one foot and holding a golden pentacle in the level of his eyes. His face is calm, as he looks into the pentacle with full attention.

This gesture of holding the pentacle and looking into it tells about the Page’s aspirations. It is something he would like to achieve; to gain something more.

The Page, as we shall see, represents one who is willing to engage with learning new things and skills that would lead them to prosperity. The pentacle in his hands is what he is ready to work for.

The landscape on the image is quite appealing. There are some trees in the distance, hills, a valley, flowers and green grass.

There is literally nothing to disrupt the harmonious scenery, which should, of course, be taken as a good sign. Let us now see into various meanings of this interesting tarot card.

The Page of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

Through learning and improvement to prosperity.

The Page of Pentacles is a card related to study and improvement. There are many steps one has to go through before accomplishing stability and prosperity in life and even then there are things to be learned and improved.

The Page represents the starts of the journey, the willingness to learn, develop and improve.

The Page knows he cannot accomplish much if he does not practice and learn. The card is about a person who is willing to dedicate time to study and research that would help them improve their skills and knowledge. It could represent yourself or another person in your life.

In any case,. It is about gaining new knowledge and improvement of skills.

Moreover, this card is also about a good communication with others, about friendships and cooperation. The Page does not learn only from books and other sources of the kind, but also from living people, through stories, exchanged information and more.

The card is about openness and willingness both to listen and share.

Sometimes the Page does not represent a person, but the card is about receiving news and, overall, various kinds of information through many channels.

It is definitely about being informed and informing; all of it is necessary on a road to prosperity. There is something irresistibly reminding of the god Hermes, the messenger god, in Pages cards.

The Page of Pentacles card is about being able to acknowledge your own talents and skills, which is the first step into improving them.

As other Court Pentacles, this card is also about practicality and getting something done. With Court Pentacles, there is no place to rush and take unnecessary and dangerous risks or make thoughtless, foolish steps.

The Page of Pentacles  – YES or NO

One could easily conclude that the Page of Pentacles was another YES Pentacles card. This is an especially affirmative card if the questioner thinks about starting a new course and learning something new.

It is a good card for study overall; for example, if the one is unsure whether he or she should go to an exam or not.

Readings of yes/no type are quite useful when you have a direct and simple question to ask. It is great for such situations and it is also a great technique for tarot beginners. One card is opened in a reading and it offers a yes, no or a maybe answer.

The Page of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The upright Page of Pentacles is a card that tells about an interest into improving one’s skills, making career progress, studying and researching.

It is about traditional vales, ambition and materialism, as other Pentacles. The upright Page is a good omen, as it is about receiving some rather good news concerning finances, in the first place.

This card also suggests you might soon meet a practical, reliable and approachable person, who could be of great assistance and support to you and open some new horizons to you. It could be an introduction to a new field of study, a scholarship approval or something of the sort. The upright Page of Pentacles is about willingness to learn and improve.

The Page of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

The Page of Pentacles in reversed position is about unwillingness to dedicate time to education. One would rather find an easier way to get to a position of material comfort.

This is a card about irresponsibility and laziness, about lack of organization or willingness to organize. Like other reversed Court Pentacles, it is about a very shallow materialistic approach to life.

The reversed Page of Pentacles could also be about one’s inability clearly to express what they have in mind, which leads to misunderstanding and isolation, depression and introversion as a consequence. It could also be about narrow-mindedness and problems with studies. Difficulties into finishing studies are related to this card, as well.

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

For the greatest part, the Page of Pentacles is associated with knowledge and education. This card is about new courses, scholarships, college, communication and information and all of these are important in the career field.

This card is about receiving some rather welcoming news related to education and work and finances, so it is very good to have it in a career reading.

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Page of Pentacles is a ‘communicative’ card, so to say. It tells about direct and open, but eloquent and quite impressive, expression of one’s thoughts, which could be applied to expression of emotions.

This is a card about friendships and colleagueship, rather than romantic relationships.

When it comes to romantic ones, it is about partners who share same interests, for example, in their studies.

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The young Page of Pentacles is overall a good health card. It does not offer any specific advice when it comes to health and well-being, but its overall positive nature is promising.

It suggests, however, that you should get informed on some new ways of healing, for instance, read newest researches on particular health and well-being tips and such.

The Page of Pentacles Combined

Let us look into the several examples of the meanings obtained through combinations of the page of Pentacles with other tarot cards.

As in a reading you will get very specific combinations, this could help you get an idea on how they work.

  • The Page of Pentacles and The Star: Finding your true calling
  • The Page of Pentacles and The World: Graduation, degree, diploma
  • The Page of Pentacles and The King of Wands: Leading position
  • The Page of Pentacles and The Nine of Cups: Enjoyable study
  • The Page of Pentacles and The Queen of Swords: Diligence and dedication to a project
  • The Page of Pentacles and The Ace of Pentacles: New goals to work on

The Page of Pentacles Message

The Page of Pentacles tells you to embrace the positive impulses in your life and eagerly pursue your path, through learning and improvement of your knowledge.

The Page of pentacles is a card that encourages you to elaborate your ideas and express them in a methodical and practical manner. The card is about openness to new information and a willingness to research.

The youngest of the Court of Pentacles is a refreshing, positive card that tells about the ability to practically apply the knowledge gained. As Court Pentacles are all about steady and gradual progress, the Page is on the right way. Openness to learning, learning and applying the learnt is a recipe for success.

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