Page of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

No matter how hard we try, our fate can never be changed!

However, there are many many things we could do to let the roll of our fate unfold in a beautiful way.

Through divination, such as tarot, we do not alter the course of our destiny, but get a much better insight into what is really going on inside our soul and in the world around us.

Tarot and similar practices help us find our place in the universe. What actually happens is that we discover our place, one that has been decoded long ago.

People usually think that divination must be a trick, since it does not provide us with concrete answers and, more importantly, because sometimes it proves wrong.

The key to understand divinatory explanations is to understand the meaning of symbols, to have an open mind and heart for the mysterious and unconventional.

Certain answers that come from prophecies and divination are interpreted in a wrong way, so it appears as if it was completely false.

Divination is more than a technique, it is a skill, an art, a way of thinking. Even though it does not predict our lives in a way we might want to hear, it could be of tremendous use.

Well, there is a good reason why it has been in use from the most ancient days to our time.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot reading is a specific type of divination, one using illustrated cards as the main tool or the main channel.

Tarot cards are loaded with many mystical symbols that could be found in other areas of the esoteric and alternative, such as astrology, alchemy and many more.

These cards, however, were not originally intended for reading the destiny, but for playing card games.

Nevertheless, over the course of time, these medieval illustrated cards have become an essential part of the mystics’ equipment, so to say.

Tarot cards are sets of seventy eight wonderfully illustrated cards, featuring allegorical scenes, archetypical portrayals, various situations and figures, each representing a meaningful imagery.

The decks are composed of two main parts, called the Major and the Minor Arcana. These two are not named after their importance, but after the domain they are related to.

Major Arcana suit explains the major, the bigger, the universal plan and our place within it. Minor Arcana is about the mundane, everyday situations and personalities.

Suit of Cups Major Characteristics

In a reading, each tarot card specifically relates to certain aspects of our own personality and our circumstances.

The part of the deck that interests us is the Minor Arcana and, within it, the suit of Cups. Minor Arcana is divided into four suits of different general quality and meaning.

These for are the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles.

Each of these minor suits are composed of fourteen cards, of which four face cards or Court cards and ten numbers, starting from the Ace.

Each suit is associated with a faculty, a class and an element. Thus, the suit of Cups is related to the class of clergy, the faculty of emotions and the element of Water. Its energy is passive, intuitive, imaginative and creative.

If we would think about Cups as people, we could talk about romantics at heart, people guided by their emotions, rather than pure reason, artists of incredible imagination and talent, who do not express their deep emotions and wonderful ideas directly but through some of their talents; a painter would be a great example for a Cup person.

The Page of Cups Tarot Card Quick Facts

As we have mentioned, in each of the Minor Arcana suits, there are four Court cards. These are the Kings, the Queens, the Knights and the Pages. They, of course, represent the concept of hierarchy.

In tarot readings, they represent people whom we meet in our lives, but they could represent also an aspect of our personality. Our Cup for today is the lovely Page.

Let us also remind you that these Minor Arcana suits could be found by many different names; the Cups are also known as the Hearts, for instance, and it tells much about their nature and energy.

The Page of Cups card is a nice one! This is a card related to chances, good news, youth, romance. Let us see into quick facts about the Page.

Key terms for The Page of Cups tarot card: Romance, romantic encounter, letters and handwriting (especially romantic letters), gentle love, artistic expression, developing artistic skills, young people and siblings, friendship, children

Key essential element of the Page of Cups: Earth in the Water suit

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The Page of Cups card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Lost letters, fragility, troublesome youth and growing up, broken heart, manipulation and moodiness, especially in youth, immaturity, emotional inconsistence, love fading away

Visual Description of The Page of Cups Card

The most important step in understanding the full meaning of tarot cards in a reading is a careful observation of their highly symbolic imagery. Understanding the visual appearance of a tarot card is more than half way to getting into the core of its meaning.

The most popular tarot deck design you have probably stumbled upon is the Rider-Waite deck from the early twentieth century.

Let us look into The Page of Cups card. The card is dominated by a single figure, that of the young, lovely Page. The Page is a young man, quite young and charming. His posture is relaxed, but a bit courtly, so to say. He holds a single cup, the same one as in most of the Cups cards, with an exceptional detail.

His cup is not empty, nor it appears to be filled with wine or something of the sort; in his cup, there is a fish! The fish is not the golden one, although the image curiously reminds of the legend of the fish that brings good fortune, with the Page looking at it. The fish looks back, as if they were in some sort of silent conversation. It appears to be a nice one.

Moreover, the page’s hat reminds of waves and water, and we can see the sea in the background; there is a simple depiction of a wavy watery surface behind him.

The water symbolizes life, change, rebirth, flow, vitality, spirituality and everything inner, intuitive. Water stands for emotions, in the first place, and here we could see they might be turbulent.

This turbulence should be understood rather as exciting, thrilling, inspiring, than troublesome. The page’s robes are rich and beautiful, patterned with flowers, growing upright. This is a symbol of refreshment, of emotional growth, of love and romance.

The Page himself stands for someone charming, romantic, still young, not very experienced, but eager to become.

The Page of Cups Card Meaning Guide

The child within. A romantic at heart.

The page of Cups is a card related to gentle emotions of love. It is primarily about good news, especially those of romantic sort, though not always literally romantic, in terms of romantic encounters.

This card’s energy is turbulent, but in a good way; you know, the butterflies you feel in your belly. This is a card of great inspiration and the belief. The Page of Cups is a young poet of life, so to call him.

The Page of Cups is an artist’s card, one could say; a card of a romantic young at heart. Therefore, t is related to the birth of new inspiration and wonderful ideas that would guide you through life.

The Page of Cups us about channeling your emotions through various mediums. It is also about communicating feelings towards another person.

For this reason, the Page is associated with love letters and written communication in general; a person would find a beautiful, romantic way to tell someone he or she cares about them.

Someone could open up their heart to you and tell you that they love you. It could be the other way around, as well.

The Page of Cups is also a card that represent the inner child of the questioner. It represents all the childish (in a positive sense) fantasies, dreams, imagination.

This card perfectly embodies the child we have within, the child within that we have perhaps neglected, the child within we should nurture and believe in. If a person has children, then it could represent them.

The Page of Cups  – YES or NO

The Page of Cups is a YES, because this card generally represents nice, gentle feelings and encourages us to express our emotions in a way we find the most comfortable and pleasing.

If you are not sure if you should tell someone you are in love with them, the Page encourages you to do so. Do it in your way, do not suppress the romantic within!

Yes/no readings are good for questions of this type, for doubts and concrete ones. You would have to pose a question and pull a card; depending on the card’s overall message and quality, taking into account the nature of your question, the answer comes as yes, no or maybe.

The Page of Cups Card Upright Meaning

The upright Page of Cups inspires your inner child. This position of the card tells you freely to surrender to your dreams and fantasies; not to get lost within them, of course.

As adults, we often believe that everything in life should be taken with grave seriousness, while, in fact, it is quite a sad way to think about the life.

We should never stop dreaming, our age is not important, as long as we are aware of the reality, our circumstances and else. Our inner child should energize us and motivate us to take the best of the life we live.

Now, this card is not about being immature and foolish and making risky steps you might regret later. This could happen if it was reversed.

On the upright position, the Page of Cups inspires us freely to express our emotions and thoughts – in a way we find the best.

If you feel as if writing love letters or a beautiful poem inspired by someone dear to your heart, do not suppress your imagination, do so! Enjoy the flow of new ideas, embrace them do not cast them away.

The Page of Cups Card Reversed Meaning

If the Page of Cups appears in the reversed position, then it is about immaturity, recklessness, moodiness and being foolish.

In this case, the card tells about the inability to communicate emotions to another person. This could come from the troubled youth, problems in the family, lack of support during young age, leading to underdeveloped self-esteem and inability to process emotions properly.

The reversed Page of Cups also tells about a broken heart, broken especially when it comes to love and, probably, at young age. This card is about emotional trauma and being disappointed in love, very likely as a young person. Such a scenario often make some highly insecure when it comes to romantic relationships, expressing emotions and generally forming relationships of any sort.

The Page of Cups Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Page of Cups brings good news, when it comes to career. It tells about of settling arguments at work through communication and friendly approach, if there were any. This is also a card that could speak about new opportunities, perhaps a course that would help you improve your skills and learn something new.

While, in general, the card is auspicious both about the career path and finances, it comes with a warning. The Page is a great romantic, so it tells about certain level of naivety.

Therefore, the card of the page of Cups reminds you not to be overly romantic in the area of work and money; it requires clear mind, good and realistic plans, in addition to optimism and idealism.

The Page of Cups Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Page of Cups is, indeed, a messenger of love! The card brings good news and it tells about the expression of the most gentle feelings. Someone could soon approach you and finally say they were in love with you.

It could be a person you have never looked at as a potential partner, because they could not find a way to show you how they feel about you.

In that sense, the card could also be an inspiration for you to finally tell someone you were in love with them, in your own, romantic way.

Overall, the card is a good sign and it tells about gentle, fresh and young love.

It is also about amorousness and the fragility of love between young partners, but also about its indescribable magic.

The Page of Cups Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Page of Cups brings good news in the area concerning health and well-being. This card inspires a lighter approach to life, suggesting we should abandon all the anxious thoughts that were completely not grounded in reality.

Think about things that are a reason to worry about for real, but leave behind all those unnecessary burdening thoughts.

Fill your heart with love, embrace all the inspiration you get, let the child within heal you.

The Page of Cups Combined

Tarot cards form very specific meanings when they appear in combinations. Let us see into several interesting combos that include our romantic Page of Cups and see what they can tell us about our destiny.

  • The Page of Cups and The Magician: New idea
  • The Page of Cups and The Star: Hope for the acceptance of an offer
  • The Page of Cups and The Three of Wands: From words to deeds
  • The Page of Cups and The Three of Swords: Settling of an argument in a relationship
  • The Page of Cups and The Queen of Cups: Revival of a friendship
  • The Page of Cups and The Nine of Pentacles: Emotional growth, maturity and balance

The Page of Cups Message

Like other Cups, the Page of Cups is about letting your emotions guide you and not being afraid of expressing them.

The page of Cups inspires a romantic approach to life and supports the youthful spirit. Nurture your inner child, that is what the Page of Cups is greatly about!

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