Knight of Swords Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Hail to the brave Knight of Swords, the one who dares run straight through the enemy’s line! The Knight of Swords is a card leaving you with the impression of dynamic action, with the very first glance over it.

Indeed so, although the suit of Swords primarily relates to dynamics of mind. We will come to that. First, a few words on divination.

Tarot is a divination practice, specific one, because it uses illustrated card decks as its main instrument.

All divination practices could be seen in the same light. They represent the alternative to the common, acknowledged way; they make prognoses by taking a glimpse of another world, the world of symbols and mystical knowledge.

Many would reject divination as being inaccurate and unreliable. But, what it is, then? Science surely could provide us with amazing insights, with precise calculations and certain accuracy, but not about all things.

Most of people are interested, well, about what awaits them in their own, very personal and very individual life.

Such a life is a unique threading of destiny, one that involves so many things, so many other individual lives, as well.

There are no two same lives, which makes our world astounding, thrilling and even a bit scary. We would like to diminish our anxiety from future, by finding out what the fate has in store for us.

Tarot Suits Basics

That is the core of every divination process, that its main purpose – to read people’s destinies. Now, do not expect exact answers, even if sometimes it could happen that what the prophecy has foretold actually happens nearly the same way. Divination, including reading from tarot cards, offers an insight into potentials of our individual lives.

Tarot decks are medieval decks for playing card games. However, they entered the world of occultism and mysticism long time ago. Tarot cards are richly illustrated and they all contain many colorful scenes and tons of curious symbols. Symbols found in tarot are present in many more ancient divinations.

Decks typically count seventy eight cards, specifically organized. The smaller part of the deck is called the Major Arcana, as it refers to the higher, bigger or major plan, as you wish. The other part counts the rest fifty six cards, which are further divided. It is called the Minor Arcana, composed of four minor suits.

These are the suit of Wands, the suit of Cups, the suit of Swords, our concern here, and the suit of Pentacles. Four Minor Arcana suits count fourteen cards each, four of which are Court cards, that is Kings, Queens, Knight and Pages, and ten numbers, from Ace to Ten. We are specifically interested into one of the Court or face cards, the Knight.

Suit of Swords Major Characteristics

Each of these four Minor Arcana suits are associated with an essential element and, with it, the zodiac signs linked to this element. The suit of Swords is the suit of the element Air, hence associated with the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The faculty of each suit is specific; the suit of Swords is about the faculty of reason and thinking.

Furthermore, these suits are also associated with a class. Swords, quite naturally, represent the class of royalty and military. The suit is associated with intellect, logic and reason. Everything done through the suit of Swords, to express this fitting way, is done by using pure intellect, factual data, exceptional reasoning and logic.

There is not much place for emotions, in the suit of Swords. However, the suit does not exclude relationships with people, on the contrary; it includes them, though in a specific way.

The suit of Swords is about communication, writing skills, verbal expression, speech, arguments, debates, disagreements.

The emphasis is more on the problematic of things, taken in a very philosophical sense. Yes, the suit of Swords is the suit of philosophers.

If we think of Swords as people, we could say this is the suit of excellent thinkers, those who are capable of seeing clearly, by their rational sight, so to speak.

The Knight of Swords Tarot Card Quick Facts

The suit of Swords is greatly about learning, education, about ideas, reasoning, about being very efficient in thinking and capable of using your knowledge in practice.

The suit also about authority, especially when it comes to Court cards, where our Knight stands. What is he about? Let us learn some basic information.

The Knight is more about the surge of inspiration and energy, about burning ideas and eagerness to put them into motion.

The Knight of Swords does not possess the great patience as the King, perhaps.

However, this is quite a daring card, expressing sharp mind and brilliant thinking skills.

Key terms for The Knight of Swords tarot card: Energetic, inspired, eager to bring ideas into realization, bright ideas, new knowledge, new discoveries, assertiveness, agility of mind, openness, efficiency, courage, daring spirit, but capable of keeping feet on the ground, changes, swift mind

Key essential element of the Knight of Swords: Air of Air

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The Knight of Swords card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Conflicting personality, hasty action, impulsive decisions, lies, deceitfulness, impatience, inability to see clear, too many ideas at a time, inability to make priorities and act by them

Visual Description of The Knight of Swords Card

Mount your steed! Sound the trumpets! Charge, ride on the wings of wind! This would be a very fitting way to describe the card representing the Knight of Swords.

Indeed, this is an incredibly dynamic image, one of the most dynamic ones in the whole deck. The Knight of Swords is definitely the most active of all the Knights.

Tarot decks illustrations vary through thousands of decks designs.

However, the most poplar and widely used for readings is the famous Rider-Waite deck; it is very likely that you’ve seen some of its images before you even heard of tarot.

The decks is first published at the beginning of the twentieth century and its been in uses since then.

What does this image represent, then? We clearly see the motion and this is the main effect of this card, we feel like moving. Unlike other Court cards from the suit of Swords, this is very dynamic.

The King and the Queen are firmly established on their thrones, while the Page is standing, although not in such a motionless position.

However, here we see a knight charging. His sword hand is raised, the other holds the reins of his widely running white stallion.

The Knight figure is filled with such a strong energy that even his own horse looks a bit intimidated by such a fury! The Knight is properly dressed in full armor, with deep crimson purplish cloak.

He appears as if literally nothing could stop him in his mission. The scenery behind the knight and the horse is in harmony with the motion of this whole image; even the tree and the clouds are bent under the wind.

What is also an interesting detail is the wind itself.

If you look ate the image and think about it, you will realize that the Knight rides in opposition to the wind. He is so convinced in his causes, unafraid of any deadly creatures that could come his way, ready to fight against all odds, if necessary.

Let us remember that the suit if about the rational; he is not a dragon chaser.

The Knight of Swords Card Meaning Guide

By my own sword, I will cut through all the obstacles!

Let us see into the meaning. The Knight rides in opposition of the wind, not because he is foolish, but because he is daring and aware of the obstacles he should overcome.

His reasoning is not that of a fool; he is brilliant, clever, but also very courageous and eager to act. The card is literally about setting ideas into actual realization.

Sure, the Knight of Swords might appear too intense, impatient and impulsive. This will depend on the position of the card in a reading, which we will analyze later on.

Taken alone, the Knight of Swords represents the pursuit of goals, the ability to use your knowledge as a sword, which will cut through all the illusions and all the obstacles.

This card represents problem-solving individual and efficient one. The whole suit has to do with that. With the Knight of Swords, everything is about practical use of intellect, in reality.

This card, like other Court ones of the suit of Swords is not inspired by emotions, but by brilliant ideas. We could say that the Knight is a sort of very intellectual visionary.

The Knight of Swords  – YES or NO

In yes/no readings, the Knight of Swords represents a YES answer, which is something to be expected.

Well, this card is about being quick-minded, brilliant and ready to take up action, without losing the sense of reality.

This card is about being convinced into your causes, based on the use of  logic.

For these reasons, it is clear that this card could provide you only with an affirmative answer.

However, try to be cautious about it. Sometimes even the excellent intellectual Knight could make a hasty decision.

This is just an advice. For the most part, the Knight says: YES, charge, fire!

The Knight of Swords Card Upright Meaning

When the Knight of Swords appears in the upright position, it represents the moment of radical changes taking place.

It is about making radical decisions and these are not necessarily risky and thoughtless ones. The card is about a specific combination of having new opportunities and being willing to use it.

However, the upright Knight, with all his powerful energy could represent making hasty decisions, being too impulsive, even being aggressive in your attitude.

The Knight of Swords is definitely about feeling very self-confident and having not a good feeling about your plans, but being convinced into it, based on solid arguments and facts.

This card is also about great independence, which could lead to completely ignoring the others. Sword Court cards are highly individualistic. They are sharp, edgy, independent and self-focused, which could turn out to become a real two-sided blade.

The Knight of Swords Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Knight of Swords is worse, to say. He represents great problems and many difficulties.

This Knight rides boldly against the wind, but in the case of the reversed card, the winds could turn into a severe, destructive storm.

In that sense, the Knight rides into his own ruin. Let us not forget the intellectual aspect of the card.

The Knight is guided by the rational, which becomes really odd in the reversed card. He still uses the reason, rather than emotions, but his convictions are false.

This card is about bad news, about arguments, conflicts, breakups, ruin of plans, destructiveness and aggression overall. There is not a piece of patience within the reversed Knight of Swords.

The Knight of Swords Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Knight of Swords tells about sudden and unexpected opportunities concerning career, particularly those of great changes.

It means that it could happen that you receive an excellent opportunity to learn or to do something you have never done before.

Think through it, but you should definitely consider it as a promising option.

The Knight of Swords Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Knight of Swords does not have much patience and this card is not really promising one for lovers. It is about breakups and broken hearts, rather.

This card is about a partner who is so active and engaged with his or her own things that it becomes really difficult to follow up.

However, the Knight also encourages you to fight for love, as a real knight.

The Knight of Swords Tarot Card – Health Meaning

In terms of health, this card represent being (overly) active. On one side, it is a very good thing, because it tells about having a lot of energy, feeling vital and strong.

It is about overcoming an illness through combat of spirit. It s about keeping your sanity in the physically the toughest times.

On the other side, it could serve as a warning not to cross your limits.

The Knight of Swords Combined

Take a look into these Knight of Swords card combinations. Combinations affect the initial meaning of the card and pairs of tarot cards read a special message, reflecting the questioner’s life.

Although the combinations might have some generic meaning, in each reading they will play a highly specific role.

  • The Knight of Swords and The Lovers: Crisis in a relationship
  • The Knight of Swords and The Justice: Receiving punishment
  • The Knight of Swords and The Knight of Wands: Rivalry and violence
  • The Knight of Swords and The Two of Cups: Not lasting romantic relationship or short-term amorousness
  • The Knight of Swords and The Nine of Swords: Inability to change perspective
  • The Knight of Swords and The Ten of Pentacles: Conflicts with family members

The Knight of Swords Message

The Knight of Swords card should be taken as a message of inspiring curiosity.

The card is, generally, about new horizons, new bright ideas, ones that could turn your life upside down.

The card could be taken half as a good sign half as a warning. It is likely that many brilliant ideas would emerge in your mind, but be wise on deciding priorities.

Research, discover, explore, all of it will greatly contribute your intellect and your knowledge.

What the card also wants to warn you is that you should never lose your critical approach and wise judgment, seduced by too many ideas of all sorts.

The Knight is strong, daring and a bit intense. Such characteristics could be used in a very good way.

This card does not say you should sit still if someone attacks you and your ideas.

Take up arms and return a blow; always play it fair. Use your wittiness and your brilliant intellect.

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