Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Would you like to know your fate? Tarot cards could open a new window into the mysterious paths of your heavenly written destiny.

Although divination, including tarot reading, cannot affect the divine course of events, it could offer us a precious look into the mysterious paths of destiny. Divination has been practiced by various peoples and nations, throughout our known history.

In older times, centuries and millenniums ago, divination arts were practiced alongside what we would label scientific. Many notable figures of the past, such as emperors and generals, kings and queens, heroes of the past and other prominent personalities would often consult their oracles, magicians, astrologers and more, in order to secure their future.

Predictions obtained in such a way were not always correct, though. One cannot blame the heavens for that, but those who perform the act of divination and interpreters. Oracular responses and various guidelines taken out of divination practices could be tricky, since they could be interpreted in many ways and, well, manipulated.

However, as we have no particular case to examine nor a questioner with his or her specific life circumstances, we shall try to offer an objective insight into the meaning of each of the tarot cards and present various ways of interpreting their imagery and meanings. Let us begin with some of the basics.

Tarot Suits Basics

Before we move onto the introduction to the suit in the question, the suit of Pentacles, and our card of the day, the mighty Knight of Pentacles, let us learn something about tarot decks and cards overall.

Tarot decks are lavishly decorated, curiously illustrated cards. Originally they were used for playing games and you will surely recognize similarities with common playing cards decks.

The tarot deck typically contains seventy eight card and is composed of the two main parts, which are known as the Major and the Minor Arcana. Before you conclude that these names explain the worth of the cards in a reading, let us reassure you of that. These names refer to the cards’ field of reflection, to say.

Major Arcana relates to the major plan, that is, the archetypical. It does not have that much with things happening in our everyday lives, but it tells a lot about archetypical meanings we could identify our lives with. The major plan reflects in the minor. This part of the tarot deck counts 22 cards in total.

Minor Arcana is the larger part, related to the mundane. This part of the deck contains 56 cards, organized into lesser suits, which are known under the names of their characteristic symbols. The four suits of the Minor Arcana are the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and our Pentacles here. Each are linked to a class, represent a faculty and are associated with an essential element.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The suit of Pentacles is one of the four Minor Arcana suits. This one is associated with the element of Earth. This particular characteristic explains the nature of the suit for the greatest part, as the suit of Pentacles is all about the earthly, the bodily, physical, material, sensual, tangible, everything that could be felt through senses and all that could be owned and possessed. The faculty of this suit are possessions. The class are merchants.

Each card of the suit of Pentacles features the symbol of pentacle; the suit is sometimes known as Coins, Deniers, Disks, Stones and Diamonds. The pentacle is golden and it has a pentagram inscribed. The pentagram represents not a devilish symbol, but that of harmony and perfection. The suit of Pentacles is about abundance, wealth, work.

If we were to take Pentacles as people, we would describe them as those who are especially gifted when it comes to money, finances, business and trade. These people enjoy working, because their worldview is very positive and optimistic and they work in order to reach the state of comfort, abundance and stability in life.

The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Knight of Pentacles is a personification of an individual self-confident, dedicated to own work, ready to invest great effort into their goals.

This card represent a person who has a very strong self integrity and who is not susceptible to manipulation. We will talk more about the core meaning of this card and, of course, its visual appearance.

Let us first go through this brief Knight of Pentacles overview and learn some basic info about the card, since it could be very helpful in understanding the overall and specific meanings of the card in a reading, taken alone and in combination with other cards.

Here are some key terms and basics about the Knight of Pentacles.

Key terms for The Knight of Pentacles tarot card: Practical approach, determination and stoic attitude, reliability and trustworthiness, steady progress, strength (especially physical), sensual pleasures, travel for work, job opportunities, persistent effort

Key essential element of the Knight of Pentacles: Air of Earth

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The Knight of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Neglectfulness, slothfulness, being lazy and indifferent, missed opportunities (especially those of employment), travel planes cancelled or interrupted, forceful, too much of daydreaming, addicted to pleasures, irresponsibility

Visual Description of The Knight of Pentacles Card

The first glance at the Knight of Pentacles surely makes you think of strength. The full armored knight sits relaxed on his huge robust black horse.

The horse appears calm and steady; there is no need to rush, the Knight has it all in his hands. He holds a pentacle in his red gloved right hand, as an offering and an omen of a bright, prosperous future.

The trappings of his black horse are all red, just as the knight’s top garments are. Red is the color of passion, strength, power and life.

These are crimson, deep red, leaving an impression of heaviness and something that is firmly established. There is no single detail on this image which would make us doubt the knight’s strength and determination.

If you look at the knight’s face, his determination, but also his stoic attitude become obvious. He is in his prime strength, confident, realistic and he does not rush into things. He knows what are his goals and the slow, but steady progress is what he hopes for and works on. The knight is always a rider on the horse, which is associated with travel.

The overall imagery appears to be tranquil and harmonious. It does not seem that the Knight has a troublesome road ahead, which is the result of his ability to think through his plans carefully and thread the path without acting foolishly and in a risky manner. This knight is not a risk taker, but a perfect strategist. He is tactful.

Unlike the higher Court cards in this deck, the King and the Queen, Knight of Pentacles card does not feature that much of the unrestrained greenery, flowers and wines all around; he has some attached to his helmet, though. He still did not achieve such a point of comfort and wealth as the aforementioned two, but he patiently works on it.

The Knight of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

Through steady progress to prosperity.

The Knight of Pentacles represents an individual with a strong persona, someone who believes in their own strength and abilities.

The Knight of Pentacles is not a foolish hero who would lose his head for that seductive blaze of glory; no, he prefers a steady, gradual progress that eventually leads to stable, comfortable and pleasurable life.

This knight is a good planner and a strategist capable of looking into the bigger picture. What he is interested into are long-term results, not a spark of fame and fortune that would perish as easily as the morning dew. He works patiently and is will is quite unshakeable. In a reading, he could represent a person who will introduce you into a new field of work.

The card is associated with self-integrity, individualism, belief in one’s own abilities, physical strength endurance, patience and persistence and all these qualities could be applied to you or to a person in your life.

The exact meaning of the Knight of Pentacles in a reading would depend on the card’s position and, of course, the combinations.

The Knight of Pentacles  – YES or NO

The Knight of Pentacles answer is YES, in accordance with his King and Queen! This card tells that the dedication and persistence lead to great and solid results.

Believe in yourself and your work would eventually earn you a prosperous and comfortable life. Do not hesitate to do your thing and do not let anyone make doubt it.

Yes/no readings could be an amazing way to resolve insecurities and doubts, as they offer simple yes, no or maybe answers to a simple and direct question posed. Even if the answer does not satisfy you, it would make you more decisive and determined to do one thing or another.

The Knight of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

When the Knight of Pentacles opens in the upright position, the card definitely tells about a promising outcome.

However, it is not about an overnight success and triumph, but about results of a long, patient and slow-paced work.

Therefore, if you feel as if things do not develop as fast as you would like, try not to lose your enthusiasm.

Slow paced progress often proves better than a success out of nowhere and its results are lasting.

The Knight of Pentacles in the upright position is about a person who is realistic and aware of possibilities and own capacities; the Knight neither underestimates or overestimates his capabilities. This is a card about mature decisions.

Methodic approach, precision, persistence and getting things done is what the Knight of pentacles is about.

There is something this non overly demanding materialist lacks; the Knight does not fall for emotions, which has its good and its bad sides. He does not let emotions lead him away from his course.

The Knight of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles reversed is about being lazy, irresponsible, seeking pleasures, instead of making mature decisions and being dedicated to own work.

On the other hand, the reversed Knight of pentacles represents a state of blockage, of delayed progress, of interrupted progress and plans. There could be major difficulties in realization of the plans.

The work appears to be fruitless and the card is not about particularly good news regarding business and finances; it is about financial loss. Depression, indifference and an overall state of apathy may ensue. As other ’bad’ cards, the reversed Knight of Pentacles could serve as a wakeup call.

The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The valiant Knight of pentacles promises wonderful results in the area of work and education. As in the general meaning, this is a card of steady progress.

In that sense, the Knight of Pentacles tells you to be patient, methodical, precise and persistent in your work or study and there is no way you would not experience gradual progress and success.

The Knight of Pentacles encourages you to be persistent and not to rush, because taking unnecessary risk and running headlong into things would ruin all the hard work. In this reading, the Knight of Pentacles reminds you to stay down to earth and realistic and not to let emotions drive you away from your goals.

The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

As we have seen, the Knight of Pentacles is not a particularly romantic card.

However, it is a card of stability, reliability, trustworthiness and, well, all the good qualities of a noble knight – honesty, duty, dignity and endurance.

Therefore, it may represent a reliable, caring and loving partner, though not one particularly romantic in attitude.

The Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles reminds you to be patient and never to lose faith into better times, regardless of if you suffer from some kind of illness or you feel a bit down. Stay on your track and the result will definitely show.

Since this is card related to physical strength, in a health reading it could be associated with training and exercise.

What does it tell? Do not give up your exercise and diet routine; a gradual, slower progress in these terms leads to excellent, healthy and long-term effects.

The Knight of Pentacles Combined

What meanings could we get from a Knight of Pentacles combined with other tarot cards?

As mentioned, combinations create specific meanings and affect the separate meaning of each of the cards. Combinations are to be understood only after we have mastered the meanings of individual cards.

Let us see into the Knight of Pentacles combined meanings examples.

  • The Knight of Pentacles and The Emperor: Discipline and power
  • The Knight of Pentacles and The Hanged Man: Stubborn attitude
  • The Knight of Pentacles and The Four of Wands: Heroic deeds
  • The Knight of Pentacles and The Two of Cups: Enduring friendship
  • The Knight of Pentacles and The Ten of Swords: Overly detail-oriented
  • The Knight of Pentacles and The Eight of Pentacles: Appreciation

The Knight of Pentacles Message

Overall, the Knight of Pentacles is a promising card that tells about a slow paced, gradual, but steady process, which leads to long-term results, instead of the impressive, but very short-lived success and spotlight.

This Knight does not dream of becoming a hero overnight, but he works with patience, dedication and passion on his goals. There is nothing that could lead him astray. If the Knight of Pentacles appears to be a very positive omen in a reading.

This Pentacle Court card indeed tells that the hard work pays off; when we say hard, it should be taken figuratively, for this Knight does not experience it as burdening and difficult. Simply, the invested effort will lead to steady progress and very satisfying results.

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