Knight of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Our fate has been written in the stars, many would say, and we cannot change it. What we do, living our earthly lives, is to follow our destiny.

However, our journey is still being wonderfully unpredictable and full of surprises. We have no ability to know all of our destiny, which makes our existence both thrilling and a bit scary. Since ever, it seems, we have been trying to get to the core of it.

We cannot predict the future in the literal sense, nor could we calculate everything that will happen. Scientific domain could provide us with fascinating prognosis related to many areas of human life, but it can never tell us about our personal, inner experiences. Even scientific data could trick us, although some of the prognoses are quite reliable.

Divination is something different, although, over long centuries of our past, both the mystical and the scientific were taken as much closer than the case is across the modern world. However, alternative practices, the mystical knowledge, divination and various alternative paths are still being practiced. Tarot is widespread across the globe.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot cards originate from medieval times and were not originally intended for occult practices, but for playing games.

However, those curiously illustrated cards have long ago became an essential tool of the mystics who deal with the alternative ways of looking into our destiny and future. Tarot cards are highly symbolical and could provide us with some quite impressive insights.

They do not change our destiny, but offer us precious information about it. Let us learn something about tarot reading and tarot decks, before we move onto the interpretation of the specific card for today, the mighty and noble Knight of Cups. Tarot decks count 78 cards and consist of two main parts, the Major and the Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana counts twenty two cards, marked from 0 to 21. This suit is related to the bigger, major plan, hence its name. Minor Arcana, which interests us better in this texts, counts the rest fifty six cards, further organized into four suits, named after their ’trademark’ symbols: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

These four suits count fourteen cards each. Four of these fourteen are Court cards: Knights, Queens, Knights and Pages. The rest are numbers from 1, Ace, to 10. Each suit has its specific characteristics, quality and meanings. The whole Minor Arcana is associated with the mundane, the everyday aspect of life, the minor plan.

Suit of Cups Major Characteristics

The suit of Cups is the suit of the element of Water, which makes it primarily associated with intuition, the emotional, sub conscious, imaginary, with dreams and creativity. People who are dominated by Cups in readings are typically introverted, highly imaginative, artistic, spiritual, prone to dreaming and fantasizing.

They have amazingly strong intuition and get in touch with their emotions. This suit is passive, in contrast with, for example, fiery Wands. The suit of Cups is associated with channeling the energy through a medium, such as art, for instance.

The communication is directed through such channels; it is not direct.

This suit is also about patience, love, care and compassion, strictly connected with the domain of emotions. It is quite an impressive suit, linked to the concept of beauty, the aesthetic, the sub conscious mind.

The Knight of Cups Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Knight of Cups is such a ’knight on a white horse’ card, since it is also known as ‘the warrior of love’ card. This romantic noble knight is an extremely interesting card.

The Knight of Cups is a card associated with romance and emotions, with romantic spirits, with those who are idealists and whose dreams could not be that easily broken. This knight is courageous, daring, but gentle and noble.

We will go through some basics about this card, before we move onto the detailed interpretation of its visual appearance and its message. One could easily feel the calm, refreshing and romantic energy that comes from this card. Here is a brief overview of the Knight of Cups.

Key terms for The Knight of Cups tarot card: Courage and charisma, charm and valor, lovable, romantic, chasing dreams, inspired and motivated, guided by love, emotional and sympathetic, caring and protection

Key essential element of the Knight of Cups: Air in the suit of Water

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The Knight of Cups card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Delusions and falsehoods, too much fantasizing, weakness of mind, lack of self confidence, not believing in own qualities and worth, dependant, vane and arrogant, moody, being needy, being unfaithful

Visual Description of The Knight of Cups Card

Well, just look at him on his beautiful white horse, rising his golden cup! Knight of Cups immediately brings in some positive vibrations, for the card appears to be very calming in its appearance, leaving, at the same time, an impression of strength and noble spirit. Indeed it is. Let us see into symbols featured on this interesting card.

The knight wears full armor and the armor itself is quite interesting. The first thing that you probably notice are wings on his helmet and his shoes, reminding of certain Greek heroes and gods, such as Perseus and Hermes.

The wings have to do with inspiration, with flight of the idea, with this hero’s optimistic spirit, ready to pursue his dreams.

He is fully armored, but his noble face is uncovered and he looks handsome. His eyes are focused on the road before him, that is, on his goals, which are inspired by love and not by the need to conquer, destroy and occupy. He is brave and he definitely has strength to fight; but his strength comes straight from his heart. He appears to be content and calm.

He rises the hand holding a golden cup, characteristic of the suit, as in a toast. Indeed he holds a toast to love, to life, to dreams that are about to become real; he will make them real through love, compassion and noble deeds.

The horse beneath him is a beautiful animal, elegantly arching its neck. Similarly to another of cards in the minor Arcana, there is also a harmony between the horse and the rider.

Now, what else do you notice on this card? The Knight’s interestingly decorated robes, patterned with red fish! The Knight’s robes are bluish white, with red fishes all over them.

The wavy pattern clearly represents water, which is the element of the whole suit of Cups, the element associated with intuition, emotions and never ending flow of energy.

Fish are quite interesting; they represent silence. You know how people say for those who do not talk much. In this sense, fish stand for keeping secret, for trustworthiness of the Knight. They also stand for his focus on the inner world, his imagination, his visions and ideas.

However, these are red and red is the color of passion, strength, life and love.

Red fish could be understood as the Knight unconquerable energy that comes for love. He will fight for what his heart commands and he will fight by all of his strength and keep his head high and believe in his good, bright causes and ideals.

The sky on the image is blue and clear, an auspicious sign for his journey.

The landscape is interesting, because it features some trees, but, overall, it looks rocky and reminds of a desert. However, there is a river of fresh flowing water, the symbol of change, of feminine principle, of youth, rebirth, growth.

The blue river is also a good symbol; the Knight might decide to follow its course.

The Knight of Cups Card Meaning Guide

I shall do as my heart commands.

This beautiful figure is an ideal of the knight in the shining armor.

This card represents a person of great courage, a visionary, perhaps, someone daunting and spirited, charismatic and irresistibly charming, but not an arrogant one who would use his charms in order to seduce and abandon. This knight is a person guided by an ideal.

The ideal is true love. This knight is energized by his strong emotions and his dreams. It could be a person you have in your life or someone you are about to meet; in any case, it has to be an individual who brightens up your day, who returns your faith, who lifts your spirits.

It could be a good friend, a new friend, a relative, a partner; it could be a dream knight for ladies!

The core of this card is the Knight’s noble and gentle spirit, his endurance that comes from his strong belief in the power of love.

This person does not win other’s affection, sympathy and admiration because they were loud enough, but because their aura is pleasant, noble and valiant. It could inspire great things in you.

The Knight of Cups could represent an aspect of yourself, if you feel it. In any case, it diminishes the hatred, it gives importance to goodness and love.

Moreover, this card is greatly about living for one’s ideals, but without losing the touch with reality. The Knight of Cups is a chaser of dreams, with his mount’s feet confidently threading the firm ground.

The Knight of Cups  – YES or NO

The Knight of Cups is YES, yes, yes. This is an auspicious card that inspires you to listen to your heart.

However, this is not about being impulsive; it is about understanding yourself, being in touch with your emotions, communicating within. Never give up on your dreams, be brave and be noble.

Yes/no readings, for those who do not know, are very simple ones. They typically mean you have to pull one card, after posing a direct question, that is, a question that could be answered with yes, no or maybe. The cards provide specific answers depending mostly on their overall quality and the nature of their core meaning.

The Knight of Cups Card Upright Meaning

If the Knight of Cups appears upright in your reading, it could represent a charming, loving and lovable person in your life, someone you know or someone to be known by you.

It is a person who is extremely reliable, a friend who will never deliver your secrets to anyone else, someone who will never stop believing in you, even if you have lost all of your courage and faith.

Such one could return your faith and help you restore the belief into goodness in this world and your own ideals. The Knight of Cups could be the knight within, as well. The card tells about the importance of love in our lives, about the romantic spirit and the one guided by honesty, honor, love and compassion.

The Knight of Cups Card Reversed Meaning

If the card opens in the reversed position, it represents other things. It tells about losing faith and abandoning of the belief that you will find love in your life; in fact, it often appears in situations in which people do not value the love of others, are rude towards those who show us love and so on.

It could, however, represent the person who negatively affects us and make us lose faith in the power of love.

The reversed Knight of Cups is also associated with laziness, irresponsibility, giving over, letting your horse roaming aimlessly, without food or water. It is associated with surrendering to vices, in order to avoid responsibility and to face with your deepest feelings. The reversed Knight of Cups is associated with broken dreams and suppressed imagination.

The Knight of Cups Tarot Card – Career Meaning

When the Knight of Cups appears in a career meaning, it tells about the possibility of some quite attractive new offer or certain news regarding job, and pleasant ones.

This card tells that dedication, love for what one does and an honest intention pays of.

In that sense, this card indicates some new and positive developments in the field of professional growth.

The Knight of Cups Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The brave and romantic Knight of Cups is literally the knight from a fairy tale for ladies.

In general, this is an extremely positive love reading card, because it tells about relationships in general, about happy relationships and marriages, marriage proposals, about kindness, warmth and understanding between two souls.

The Knight of Cups Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The same stands for health readings – this is a positive card. It tells about the importance of love for our overall well-being.

Open your heart for love and by that, we mean love in general, not necessarily romantic one.

Love yourself and you will certainly feel much better, love the people around you, the place where you live and so on. Love mends both broken bodies and broken hearts, and fills our souls with heavenly bliss, that is for certain.

The Knight of Cups Combined

Let us now see what interesting meanings come from the combined Knight of Cups with others cards from the tarot deck.

Combined, cards create special meanings and such combinations are often crucial for us to understand where we stand.

Here are several examples for the Knight of Cups.

  • The Knight of Cups and Justice: White flag, truce
  • The Knight of Cups and The Lovers: Marriage proposal
  • The Knight of Cups and The Three of Wands: Excellent cooperation
  • The Knight of Cups and The Ace of Cups: Romantic encounter
  • The Knight of Cups and The Knight of Swords: Practicing skills, professionalism
  • The Knight of Cups and The Eight of Pentacles: Job or college offer

The Knight of Cups Message

There is a beautiful saying that goes something like this – battles are not fought by shiny swords, but by the heart of a hero. This is exactly what the valiant Knight of Cups has to tell us.

This is a gentle, romantic, generous knight, inspired by love, not by the thirst for trophies and victories won by blood. If the times require, he will definitely stand his ground.

The Knight of Cups is a romantic idealist. Although it ha sits risks of living in dreams, our knight and the knight within our soul seeks the path to harmony and balance.

Never let your dreams fade away, believe in them, but be wise and stay realistic enough.

Above all else, believe in love.

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