King of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The destiny cannot be changed. Nevertheless, worry not! There are various amazing ways to find out something more about your own.

At the end of the day, it is not our goal to change the heavenly plan, but to take the best out of it and fill our earthly lives with love and peace within and without.

Since ancient times, people have been trying to learn about the future events.

Divination practices have been in use ever since. Tarot reading emerged in the era of occultism and the esoteric popularity, over the course of the eighteenth century, although the cards themselves originate from earlier times. They have been in use since the fifteenth century and, in some places, they are still being used for playing card games.

Tarot cards are richly illustrated playing cards, commonly used for esoteric purposes and fate reading. They feature archetypical characters and allegorical imagery; each of the cards is carefully and meaningfully illustrated.

A tarot deck typically consists of 78 cards, of which the first 22 form the Major Arcana and the rest 56 are the Minor Arcana.

Tarot Suits Basics

The Major Arcana are the 22 trump cards, numbered from 0 to 21, with The Fool card being the zero and the card of the World being the 21.

The Minor Arcana are the rest 56 cards. They are further divided into four suits, those of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

Each suit out of these four consists of 14 cards, but they are numbered from 1 to 10, while the four rest are the face cards: Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. All of the four suits are also divided into two groups of 28 cards each.

They are divided into ‘straight’ and ‘bent’ or curved cards; the former being Wands and Swords, the latter Cups and Pentacles.

The cards of the Minor Arcana represent the mundane life and the face cards relate to people whom we meet in life. The term ’minor’ does not mean these cards have lesser influence; they are very important.

At last, in certain openings, Major and Minor Arcana cards are combined, which gives a completely new and specific meaning to the reading.

Minor Arcana suits have their own distinctive connotations, relations to essential elements, to specific faculties and domains.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

The suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire, with creative energy and willpower. They refer to the class of artisans. The Wands are associated with energy and growth; in general, the presence of these cards in a reading indicate inspiration, the flow of creative energy and progress. In certain decks, the wands on the cards feature little leaves, green and fresh – the symbol of growth, rebirth and renewal.

The King of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

The King of Wands is the final card of the Minor Arcana Wands suit. This card is a Fire element one, related to creation, birth of new ideas, progress and strong will.

The King is a figure of authority, someone self-confident and wise, but our fiery Wands king is prone to rashness and impulsive reactions. Let us learn some basics about this card.

Key terms for The King of Wands tarot card: Inspiration, drive, strong energy, intensity, innovation, progress, protection, magnetism

Key essential element of the King of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Court, face card

Yes/No question for The King of Wands card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Rashness, extremes, aggression, pride and selfishness

Visual Description of The King of Wands Card

The most popular tarot deck is the famous Rider-Waite one, published at the end of the first decade of the 20th century.

This tarot deck is probably the first one you would stumble upon if searching for tarot designs. There are countless versions of tarot decks, especially modern ones; however, tarot cards have to feature all the symbolic elements that correspond with the basics of tarot.

Now, let us look into the imagery of the King of Wands.

The first thing that we notice and that could appear a bit unusual is that the figure of the seated King is viewed from a side.

The King is enthroned, but he does not look in our direction, nor he appears particularly interested into our business, so to speak. His position is very relaxed and his side is completely exposed to us; the king does not worry about any assault or a threat.

His right hand holds the characteristic wand of the suit; he has only one wand, with little leaves and it reminds of a royal insignia, in his case.

The single wand represents focused creative energy, though even the hand holding the wand is also relaxed; the King is self-confident and he does not see to put special effort in controlling his energy. This is related to the fiery temperament and overall impulsiveness characterizing the Wands suit.

The King’s robes are richly red, the symbol of passion, fire, life, power and energy. His heavy royal cloak is patterned with lions’ heads, a typically symbol of kingly power and authority.

The same is with his decorated throne. The throne also features one particularly powerful symbol, the lizard eating his own tail. This is the symbol of renewal, of never-ceasing energy and of intuitiveness.

His crown is open and golden. Gold always represents something incorruptible and durable. The surroundings appear not to be of particular importance.

There are no castles or other edifices, as we could see on some Major Arcana cards. There is no landscape or whatsoever. The King of Wands represents individual energy and creative force. This card also represent an authority that does not need to be questioned.

The enthroned and side-viewed, relaxed position speaks of trustworthiness, generosity and honesty. The King of Wands card features one strange element, the lizard on the floor.

The King does not appear as if he notices the creature at all. Like the lizard on the throne, this creature represents the intuition, vision, rebirth and enlightenment; qualities that the King of Wands embodies.

The King of Wands Card Meaning Guide

I rule and create by my full energy.

The King of Wands card represents daring spirit and a vital, lively personality. He stands for an actual power over a situation, although he is sometimes prone to rashness.

This is nothing bad, if it stays in limits of what could be considered healthy daring. This figure stands for the enormous inner strength and potentials to externalize wonderful ideas and visions.

This king embodies the powerful element of Fire; in reality, it does not refer specifically to a female or a male character.

In any case, the person represented by this card is someone temperamental, fiery, daring, open, active and self-confident. The King of Wands is a natural born leader and the personification of the masculine type of energy.

In tarot opening, this card represents someone who could be of great help to the questioner, someone trustworthy, honest and reliable.

This King of Wands is a person who could be strong for you when you are not. This active character inspires, gives wind to your sails and encourages you to make a step you are perhaps afraid to take.

This is a personification of a bold, lively and courageous spirit, willing to create, willing to make dreams come true.

The advice the King of Wands has to offer is that you should give free reins to your horses, follow your intuition and your vision. Be thoughtful and purposeful and do not restrict yourself to much. Be brave!

The King of Wands  – YES or NO

If you want to get a simple answer to your question, try a ’yes or no’ reading. Of course, it applies only to straightforward, direct questions that could be answered by yes, no or maybe.

This technique is also suitable for beginners. In any case, what would be the answer from the King of Wands?

The King of Wands is a YES, in most of the cases. This card encourages you to take the step towards what you have on mind and that you have asked about.

However, you should carefully think about the activity; the King of Wands does not encourage anyone to make steps that would potentially harm other people.

Therefore, this YES answer applies to all of your goals and activities that are righteous, noble and that are not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or interfere with their own good work.

In other words, if your intentions are noble, go for it! The King of Wands encourages daring, creative and knightly souls.

The King of Wands Card Upright Meaning

As expected, the upright card of the King of Wands embodies all the good qualities we have mentioned throughout the text.

As face cards of the Minor Arcana represent people we meet in life, those that would affect us, the King of Wands could be regarded as a helpful, noble and encouraging character. In other words, he is a leader and an inspirer.

This card, if seen in the upright position, suggests you should take action towards your goals. Do not be afraid to pursuit your dreams, let your inspiration guides you.

The King of Wands holds a wand with little green leaves, the symbol of creation and renewal. Depending on your circumstances, the card could be interpret as a sign of a turning point in your life, in terms of renewed energy.

As the King of Wands represents personal power and strength, the card definitely suggest you have to embrace your own. You should embrace your talents and not to underestimate your qualities.

The King of Wands is a driving force, an admirable figure. He could represent someone who will enchant you with great positivity and inspire your own optimism.

What is the most important, this power we speak of is a real one; you have it inside. The King of Wands does not represent any illusion, but everything real.

The card also indicates you are likely to successfully resolve problems you might be facing at the time; the solution will soon become clear. The answers you seek will be clear as a summer sky once you recognize and give wings to your personal power.

The King of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed King of Wands represents negative aspects of this tarot card; each of the cards could be interpreted in both positive and a negative context, but it greatly depends on a situation and of the opening itself.

There are no exclusively ’bad’ cards. Anyway, the reversed King of Wands stands for aggressive attitude, forcefulness, rashness, selfishness and arrogance.

As the King of Wands is characterized by the energy of the Fire element, if reversed, it represents the unstoppable force. In other words, he will not stop until he gets what he desires, which is definitely not the path you actually want to thread.

The King of Wands revered tempts you to use force and aggression in order to get what you want.

The reversed King of Wands is a personification of an arrogant, selfish and impulsive character; the one who believes everything is for the taking.

This figure possesses and amazing creative potential and energy, but does not use them the way it could be used. This person does not care about the needs of others and fully concentrates only on their own goals.

For example, it could represent a friend or a partner who seems to neglect others’ feelings and needs, because he or she stubbornly insists on getting what they want.

Such ones are often very impulsive, rash, arrogant, dominant and commanding. They do not value others’ qualities and time.

Think about the people around you. Is there someone who styles themselves as being royal, above all others, disdainful? You should not let them underestimate you, but you should definitely not waste your energy on their prideful attitude.

Just keep to yourself and focus on your goals – in a much nobler manner than theirs.

While it is completely fine that someone pursues the dreams and focuses on their goals, investing much times and energy into their activities, even sacrificing something else, it is not good that you lose others from your mind and sight.

Such behavior is devastating in the long run, even if it appears quite alluring at the moment. Such a model is not one to look up to.

The King of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The King of Wands is a positive card when it comes to career reading. It represents growth and progress and all that is related to one’s personal talents, ideas and energy.

In other words, it means that you have all what is needed within. In addition, it represents good, trustworthy, reliable and honest business partners. Overall, this is the card of growth and progress.

The card does not feature obvious signs of richness and wealth such as the case is with pentacles – coins. However, the king is a king! And this one is the king of creation and personal creativity.

In a career reading, this card promises success through personal effort and inspiration; it is more a matter of personal fulfillment than material wealth alone, which is even better.

The King of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

When the King of Wands appears in a love reading, he represents a reliable, loving, protecting and fiery, passionate partner.

The King of Wands represents a daring lover, a person who is not afraid to approach and express the feelings that lie in the innermost recesses of the heart; a characteristic of the Fire element, amongst else.

Such a person loves to death and cares about the partner. If the questioner was a male, the card encourages him to express his gentle feelings towards the woman he fell in love with; if the questioner was a female, the card suggests her partner would definitely win her over, be nice and passionate and deeply loving one.

When it comes to the fiery King of Wands and love readings, there is something one should pay attention to. Playing with fire is exciting, inspiring, seducing and enchanting!

However, while the sparkles of amorousness could take one’s breath away, it is good to set things straight in the beginning. The King of Wands is passionate and impulsive.

Therefore, partners should work on their communication, think of mutually shared values and, generally, see to be honest, trustworthy and respectable of each other.

These are, indeed, qualities of the card, though they initially represent personal values. Those, of course, apply in every relationship, one just has to keep that in mind.

In simple terms, surrender to the flame of love, but do not become completely dependant on the relationship; do not lose yourself.

On the other hand, do not try to dominate the partner and become too authoritative and forceful. Follow your hearts and be nurture both your mutual passion and respect.

The King of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The tarot card of the King of Wands is also a good sign when it comes to health readings, in both physical and spiritual sense.

This card is especially about renewals; we have seen the regenerating lizard symbol and the sprouting wand, in the first place.

The card represents physical and mental and spiritual rebirth and healing.

Therefore, if you suffer from any ailment, the King of Wands is a good omen.

The King of Wands Combined

Each card of the tarot gets a special meaning of combined with others. This is one of the most amazing things about tarot cards and their rich meaningfulness.

Let us see what meanings we could get if the King of Wands appears along some other cards from the Major and the Minor Arcana.

  • The King of Wands and The Fool: Capricious, irresponsible person
  • The King of Wands and The Devil: ’Casting pearls before swine’
  • The King of Wands and The Eight of Wands: Receiving news and orders from higher places
  • The King of Wands and The Ten of Cups: Fruitful partnership
  • The King of Wands and The Ace of Swords: Visionary decisions
  • The King of Wands and The Seven of Pentacles: Some sort of delay

The King of Wands Message

The King of Wands card strongly advises to take up action. This is a good omen promising fortunate times, especially in terms of starting a job or meeting some influential and admirable people.

It is also a promising card for love and marriage. Do not sit still, but follow your dreams; do not miss out good opportunities.

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