King of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The King of Pentacles promises some really fortunate times ahead, especially when it comes to endeavors one has invested a lot into – both the effort alone and the material possessions. Pentacles are all about the material and physical; we will come to that.

Before we dive into the realm of tarot, let us have a few words about the art and the practice of divination.

To master the art of divination, regardless of its form, one has to be deeply devoted to the study of symbols, as most of the messages obtained through divination are highly symbolical and allegorical.

Symbols one can find in tarot, for example, are far older than the tarot reading practice. They occur in astrology, Kabbalah, alchemy, mythology, numerology, various belief systems and many more.

Therefore, we could say that all types of divination are intertwined and connected. It is not necessary to be familiar with all the principles and details about each of the practices, but it is of extreme value to know their similarities.

The reason why we could call it the art of divination is that it requires sophisticated approach, a passion, focus on fine shades and details that are not always easy to notice.

Tarot readings have become especially popular during the eighteenth century, when wonderfully illustrated decks started to be more and more introduced into the realm of occultism, the esoteric and mystical. These cards were made as playing cards and you certainly recognize parallels with common playing decks. Let us now see into the tarot ones.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot decks are characteristically composed of two parts, the Minor and the Major Arcana. These are not equal, in terms of numbers of cards and more. Major Arcana counts only 22 out of seventy eight cards which form a deck.

These cards are numbered from zero to 21. Major Arcana are ‘major plan’ cards, as they refer to the wider, bigger plan in a reading. Their core meanings are archetypical. Unlike the Major Arcana, the Minor relates to the more common life situations, to the mundane and everyday.

It relates to various life circumstances in the life of the individual in question, to people appearing on our life path and such. We could call this the minor plan. This part of the tarot deck counts 56 cards in total, organized into four equal suits.

Since it is the Minor Arcana card we are interested into, the final card of the Pentacles suit, let us learn basics about this part of the deck. The four equal suits count fourteen cards each.

Four out of 14 are Court cards, the class to which our King here belongs; Court or face cards are Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages of the suit. They may refer to the questioner and to the people in one’s life, while they also represent the concept of hierarchal relations. The rest are numbers, from Ace card to Ten.

Now, each of the four suits is characterized by a specific symbol. These are commonly known as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles and suits are named after them.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The four suits of Minor Arcana are also characterized by the energy and nature of one essential element and, in accordance to it, with zodiac signs linked to the element.

The suit of Pentacles is associated with the element of the Earth, which already tells a lot about its nature. This suit is very materialistic, very tangible, physical, sensible in its core meaning. Its faculty are possessions and material, physical body.

For this reason, the suit of Pentacles is associated with the class of merchants; each of the four suits have their own class and faculty. You would recognize Pentacles as Diamonds and find them also under the name of Coins, Disks or Rings. Suit of Pentacles is about what you possess, about things you do by your hands, about your senses.

If we were to think about Pentacles as people, we would say that these are the ones who do not mind getting a bit dirty if they were to get something.

These people are skillful, they enjoy doing things by their own hands, they love to work, they have a gift for merchandise, for farming and growing crops, leading a family business and so on.

They are very physical, very warm and passionate. Besides that, the suit of Pentacles stand for provision, stability, reliability, strength.

People who are dominated by the Pentacles energy are strong, they value tradition, they are honorable and dutiful, physically active, usually very down to earth and materialistic, which could present in different ways.

The King of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The King of Pentacles already intrigues us with his curious appearance. The very first impression of this card is the richness of its imagery.

Before we get into details about the visual description of this card, we will make a brief introduction and mention some of the keywords and basic characteristics of the card.

This card clearly represents abundance, success, the accomplishment of (materialistic) goals. The King of Pentacles is a very ‘earthly’ king, so to call him. This card is not that about the abstract and intangible, but about things you can lay your hands on.

The King of Pentacles is satisfied, content and triumphant in his causes. He is prosperous.

Key terms for The King of Pentacles tarot card: Prosperity, building and growing, the golden hand, safety and domesticity, patriarchal values, tradition and hierarchy, fatherly role, protection and guardianship, provision and reliability, generosity and kindness, success (in business)

Key essential element of the King of Pentacles: Fire of Earth

Minor Arcana type: Court card, face card

Yes/No question for The King of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Vanity and materialism, exploitation, cruelty and pressure, having no tolerance, avaricious and greedy one, being judgmental, harsh, addicted to carnal pleasures, chauvinism

Visual Description of The King of Pentacles Card

The King of Pentacles card fascinates with is detailed and rich imagery.

The central figure of the card is, of course, the King. He has no beard, which tells about his age; this king is a man in his prime, apparently full of strength and energy to build and to protect. His visible leg is armored, which definitely tells about his spirit of a warrior, even if we see him sitting adorned in all those heavy kingly robes.

The robes are particularly interesting. They are long and all-covering, patterned with wines. Wines always represent abundance, pleasure, good times, richness, prosperity and wealth.

The king has it all. He holds a golden scepter in one hand and the characteristic pentacle in the other, as insignia of power. His golden crown is of rich design, decorated with red flowers and the fabric covering his hair and neck is of bright red.

Take a look at his fine looking face; he is a handsome man and his expression is that of satisfaction and content, but also about duty and responsibility. We could describe his face as noble, right?

The king sits on a big, carved throne, decorated with figures of bull heads. Taurus is an Earth element zodiac sign and it has to do with this imagery. Bulls stand for strength, stability, unshakeable power.

What is else to be seen? The whole scene takes place on a terrace of a castle, it seems, and we see towers in the background.

The very place where the throne stands is full of flowers and greenery; it appears as a naturally grown garden, speaking of unrestrained growth and abundance. We can notice water behind the terrace wall.

The King of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

I strive for material stability.

The King of Pentacles is a card about prosperity, but one that is natural, not forced. The king is the master of his destiny, the one above others, a powerful, mighty figure, a guardian and the one who provides.

This card is about possessing perhaps even more than you need, so sharing must come naturally, if the card was in the right position.

The King of Pentacles is the great benefactor and supporter; he could turn things into gold, he has the talent to build and gain.

The card could represent a powerful, reliable, supportive paternal figure in your life, but he could also be an embodiment of your own qualities. The King of Pentacles is a good materialist, meaning he handles the possessions reasonably.

This card is related to help and support, especially in financial and material terms. This king is always ready to help; he is kind, generous, enlightened and full of compassion. He does not let the wealth corrupts his heart. This card is an omen of pleasant times, without any material concerns.

The King of Pentacles  – YES or NO

The card of the King of Pentacles is a natural YES. To this king, wealth and prosperity come naturally, he has a gift for it.

Therefore, the card is auspicious omen, especially if your question was related to matters of money and finances. The card tells that you will have the needed support in your endeavors.

Yes/no readings directly answer clear and simple questions, which could be answered with yes, no or a neutral, maybe answer. This type of readings is excellent when you have certain doubts or were unsure whether you should proceed with what you have been planning or not.

The King of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The upright King of Pentacles is an embodiment of a sympathetic, supportive, well-grounded, generous and noble person, satisfied with what they have achieved and, especially, with what they have gained.

In the upright position, the King of Pentacles is about an incorruptible heart, one who is capable of enjoying the riches of the earth, without becoming shallow and vane.

This card represents practicality, a talent for work and enjoying doing your things and earning through your own effort.

The King of Pentacles is not one whom the throne and riches have fell on the head, but the one who have worked to get it.

However, this king here enjoyed doing so. He represents someone who has understanding for others and who is easy on helping others.

The King of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

Reversed King of Pentacles is the other side of being wealthy and powerful. It is about a greedy person who is capable of reaching high grounds, but who is never satisfied.

Such one would exploit his employees, if this person was a boss. This card is about envy, corruption, thirst for material possessions, lust and unhealthy attitude towards physical pleasures.

Such one would lack all the tolerance and understanding, would never share with others, even if the one has no idea what to do with the own possessions. Reversed King of Pentacles is about a very shallow attitude towards people, emotions, life in general. It is a card of the lowest aspect of materialism.

The King of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The King of Pentacles is an expert in his field of interest, which naturally makes him a successful businessman. The card tells about one’s talent to turn their own skills and interests into gold.

Therefore, we could say, without any doubt, that the King of Pentacles is a golden card, when it comes to career!

This is definitely the card promising great financial success and the work that must pay off in an exceptional way.

The King of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The King of Pentacles is an excellent card when it comes to love. Well, it is about sensuality and physical pleasure, like all the pentacles are.

However, there is something more to it. The King of Pentacles has his beloved counterpart, the Queen of Pentacles.

In that sense, this card represents a passionate unity, full of both sensible pleasures and mutual understanding and support.

The King of Pentacles Tarot Card – Health Meaning

As this card is generally a positive one, you would expect to bring good news when it comes to health and well-being.

Well, it is a reminder about moderate attitude towards the material and physical; Pentacles know to be excessive.

Since the physical is important to the King of Pentacles, the card reminds you of the importance of staying in good shape, eating well and so on.

On the other hand, it may come as a warning and make you aware that you do exactly the opposite, maybe because you are in a situation you can do so. Do not overindulge your body, especially with food and drink.

This is a card oriented towards what could be seen and touched; therefore, it reminds of the naturally grown foods, the gifts and riches of the earth that help us stay fit and healthy.

The King of Pentacles Combined

As each of the cards gets a further specified meaning when combined with other cards, now it is the right moment to look into the combinations of the King of Pentacles card and see into their messages.

Here are several very good and useful examples.

  • The King of Pentacles and The Fool: “The King is naked”
  • The King of Pentacles and Strength: Resist to temptation
  • The King of Pentacles and The Knight of Wands: Adventurer
  • The King of Pentacles and The Two of Cups: Reliable partnership, prosperous unity
  • The King of Pentacles and The Seven of Sword: Loss of fortune through deceit
  • The King of Pentacles and The Queen of Pentacles: Date, romantic partner, marriage

The King of Pentacles Message

The King of Pentacles is a golden card. It tells about natural talent of gaining riches of this earth.

In its best aspect, this card is about wealth and prosperity, guardianship, kindness, generosity and achieving material stability, in the first place.

The noble King of Pentacles deems his effort worthy and values his riches, while he is supportive and kind towards others.

The golden hand combined with a golden heart, that is how it should be.

This card is about reaping what you saw, but in a very peculiar way.

The card actually says that if there is something to be reaped, there is something else to sow in its place.

In that sense, this card represents progress, prosperity and being very satisfied with what you gain through your own effort.

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