Ace of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Tarot reading is a form of divination. Through cards imagery, which is full of meaningful sceneries and tons of symbols, we could interpret the course of our destiny in a peculiar way.

Although there is no way to change the characteristic chain of events, unique and specific for each individual, we could get a deeper insight into what might happen.

Divination could be tricky and useful, at the very same time. A practitioner of divination arts has to be a person deeply involved with it, with skill and knowledge about the subject.

Divination is tricky in terms that its guidelines could be interpreted differently, so any of its forms could be manipulated and used for bad ends.

Our goal is to look at it from an objective point of view. Individual tarot reading will always be a very specific and one of a kind experience; what we would like to offer is a better insight into each of the tarot cards, which would be of a great use if you get a tarot reading for yourself or would like to become more engaged with the practice itself.

Tarot reading is an old divination practice, although cards were not originally created for such purposes. They were playing cards and you will easily recognize parallels between tarot decks and common suits you probably use for playing card games. Now, to the tarot deck!

What are the main characteristic of tarot decks overall? They typically contain seventy eight cards, which are separated into two decks.

These are known as Minor and Major Arcana, whereas their names do not tell about their value, but about their meanings. Let us briefly introduce you to these two parts of a common tarot deck.

Tarot Suits Basics

Major Arcana cards are about the big plan, hence they are called the major. These cards feature archetypes and personifications of archetypical meanings, and they are loaded with mystical symbols. Those symbols could be found elsewhere in the world of the esoteric and occult. For example, they could be found in alchemy, astrology, also in mythology.

Major Arcana counts twenty two cards, numbered from 0 to 21. Minor Arcana is a larger suit, and it counts all the remaining cards. They are divided into four characteristic suits, each featuring a characteristic symbol. We know them after their symbols as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. They are related to more specific individual experiences, as they describe the everyday aspect of life.

Each suit is also linked to one of the essential elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Four Minor Arcana suits count 14 cards each, which could be divided into two parts, the Court or face cards and numbers. The Court cards, referring to hierarchy concept, are the Kings, the Queens, the Knights and the Pages. The rest are numbers, from one, Ace, to 10.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

The suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire and its overall meaning is associated with the concept of creation, activity and will. If you take a closer look into those wands on the cards, you will notice leaves growing on their upper parts. Growing leaves, of course, represent creation, growth, development, regeneration, freshness, birth and rebirth.

On the other hand, wands could represent a tool or a weapon, a fence, a scepter, depending on the card. One could say that there are many ways you could employ the wands. In general, the suit is about growing, being creative, being active and daring, pursuing goals, being optimistic and ready to take charge and initiative.

On the other hand, the suit of Wands has its negative side, if we could call it so, as it also represents impulsive behavior, rashness, being too proud, vanity, arrogance, conflicts, even forcefulness and violence. This depends, of course, on a particular card, its position and a role in the overall tarot reading.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Ace of Wands surely appears quite peculiar. This is one of the cards that does not feature any human figure and thus appears more mystical and symbolical.

Such cards are often associated with the divine intervention in a more explicit sense. We will dedicate full attention to the visual description of this card.

Before we do that, let us go through basic terms and inform about The Ace of Wands card. This brief overview offers the most common characteristics of the aforementioned tarot card and, as such, will serve us as a useful and practical guidebook. Shat are the key terms for the Ace of Wands?

Ace of Wands key terms: A bright, new idea, the birth of an idea, sparks of inspiration, enthusiasm about new ideas, passion, a fresh start, illumination, enlightenment, spirituality, spiritual journey, life energy, vitality, aspiration towards the divine

Key essential element of the Ace of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 1

Yes/No question for The Ace of Wands card: Yes

Reversed Ace of Wands key terms: Illusions, delusional ideas, lack of vital force and energy, lack of inspiration or losing it, opportunities missed out, broken dreams, hopeless, lack of will, self-doubt, lacking passion and enthusiasm

Visual Description of The Ace of Wands Card

The imagery of the Ace of Wands is simple in its appearance, while its meaning is very rich.

First, let us just remind you that the most commonly used deck, especially in the English speaking world is the Raider-Waite tarot deck, first published at the beginning of the previous century. There are many beautiful tarot deck designs, some of which are pure masterpieces of art.

The art of tarot design could be taken as a genre of its own, in fact.

However, if cards were to be used for tarot readings, they have to feature the most important and characteristic symbols of a typical tarot deck. Let us now turn the attention to our mysterious Ace of Wands.

As already mentioned, this is one of the cards that does not feature any human figure, but a very mystical imagery. This is the characteristic of all four aces in the Minor Arcana.

All feature a hand holding the symbol of the deck. In case of the Ace of Wands, the hand appearing from a cloud holds firmly a characteristic wand.

What do you notice about the wand? Is it the same as others seen in the deck? Well, yes and no, at the same time.

As we have already mentioned, wands are not simply dead wood; leaves grow on their tops. In case of the Ace of wands, there are even more leaves and some seems to be falling off or, rather, floating around the wand.

The hand, as is all other aces cards, appears out of nowhere, from a cloud. It represents the divine, the spiritual, divine intervention and guidance.

The wand, with its leaves growing on it and floating around represents the birth of an idea; the idea of something that should be put into realization. The leaves represent the creative power, the force of creation.

The leaves that are falling off the wand-branch represent the abundance of creative energy and the very process of growth, the cycles of creation, the regeneration.

The landscape appears peaceful and harmonious. There is a valley, a river, some hills and a castle. All these appear to be in perfect harmony, which is always an auspicious sign.

Ace of Wands Card Meaning Guide

Enlightened.Guided by ideas.

The Ace of Wands is a card of new beginnings and new journey, as Wands are all about some action.

However, before taking up any action, one has to have an idea. This card literally represents the sense of enlightenment, the idea born seemingly out of nowhere. It is like a torch in the dark, even though there is no darkness on the image, nor there is fire.

However, the wands are Fire; this card represents the spark of inspiration that drive us towards amazing new ideas and gives wind to our sails.

Such inspiration and a vision, to say, comes only through the divine intervention. In the next cards, you will notice how ideas play out, how they grow and change. This is the start; a completely new one.

Overall, the Ace of Wands is a blessing from above, needed to move an individual forward.

This card represent great amount of energy, enthusiasm about new ideas, courage and willingness top pursue those. It stands for that magical moment of enlightenment and it also tells about the individual’s spiritual journey.

The Ace of Wands is always about something new and fresh, something that never was before.

Even if you have gone through all kinds of life stages and have tons of life experience, there is always something that could move you in an entirely different way. It could completely change your course or, sort of upgrade your current one in the most refreshing manner.

Ace of Wands  – YES or NO

For all these reasons, the Ace of Wands is a card of the most affirmative energy.

The Ace of Wands is a YES. It is a spark of energy and inspiration that should not be missed out; grab the opportunity, seize that wonderful idea that has been occupying your mind recently.

The Ace of Wands is a card that gives a green light to the journey that awaits you.

As for this type of a reading, it is very simple. It requires of a questioner to pose a simple question that could be answered with yes, no or maybe.

A card is being pulled and you get the answer, based on its nature.

Therefore, this reading is very suitable for those who are in doubt of something, insecure about proceeding with something and so on.

Ace of Wands Card Upright Meaning

The Ace of Wands in the upright position stands for fresh energy and new ideas. This is one of the auspicious cards, as it represents a promising start.

This card is related to the incredible amount of creative energy and the birth of new ideas.

Therefore, if you have been feeling a bit stuck recently, especially in terms of inspiration and drive, the blockage will be gone soon.

The upright Ace of Wands is not simply about having an idea on doing something or starting something new, but it is also about originality, uniqueness.

This is, indeed, a card related to divine intervention in our human inspiration. It happens only once in a while, so, if the Ace of Wands appears in your reading upright, you are blessed!

Ace of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Ace of Wands presents a bit differently and it is not that auspicious card. It tells about losing motivation, drive, passion for doing things, lack of energy, a state of depression and feeling lost.

It reflects the uneasy feeling of being stuck in the moment, without any idea on how to proceed.

It usually refers to some kind of creative blockage; you are simply out of ideas and it bothers you.

This card tells about a period without any special ideas, without that blessed feeling of being inspired, passionate and motivated. It is about a phase of a bit grayish routine, boredom, lack of energy.

On the other hand, it could still be about having quite unique ideas, but, if card was reversed, those ideas might be quite unrealistic and delusional. This is a card of chasing the unimaginable.

While this card greatly supports one’s imagination, when in the right position, if reversed, it is about losing touch with reality to the point of completely losing ground as a consequence.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Ace of Wands brings some fresh ideas related to career! This is a promising card, as it tells that you are about to come up with a brilliant idea or a solution no one ever proposed.

It could be a genuinely new business idea and a start of a new business or it could be something that would entirely change the ongoing work for better. Your fantastic ideas could motivate and inspire others, as well.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

When it comes to love life, the Ace of Wands is a card of passion and enthusiasm.

It is a card about those surprising moments of meeting a person that would instantly make you happy without ever thinking of such a possibility.

However, it sometimes refers to the initial obsession that blurs one’s mind and does not let him or her see that the other one is not exactly the right person.

Ace of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

Speaking of well-being, health and spirituality, this card encourages you to try new things. For example, you could try a new sport, reorganize your routine, try some new diet or else.

If you have any health problems, do not be afraid to try some alternative ways of healing, if what you have been doing does not give you any results. Of course, be wise and consult the experts.

Ace of Wands Combined

Tarot readings are greatly based on interpreting the combinations of cards. Each card carries its own messages, while combined, they form a very specific meaning.

Let us now look into some of the combinations of the Ace of Wands and other cards.

  • Ace of Wands and The Fool: Desire for traveling, creative flow
  • Ace of Wands and The Chariot: Wishing to reign
  • Ace of Wands and The Page of Wands: Enthusiasm for studying
  • Ace of Wands and The Ten of Cups: Sharing interests
  • Ace of Wands and The Seven of Swords: Seizing the initiative, double motives
  • Ace of Wands and The Queen of Pentacles: Pregnancy

Ace of Wands Message

Ace of Wands is a card of fresh, bright, optimistic ideas, personal enlightenment and illumination.

This is a card of an incredible amount of enthusiasm about something, it is about the passion and drive.

In any case, the Ace of Wands is about something new and unique. It is about an idea that would change your life forever.

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