Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Have you ever wondered if some ancient divination reading could tell you the secret of your destiny? Human curiosity has never ceased to exist and what is, perhaps, the most fascinating about it is that we still ask the very same questions people have been asking since the dawn of time. Nothing has changed, at least in that sense.

Although divination is considered ridiculous and unreliable by the mainstream opinion, it is far from that. Surely it is very easily manipulated, since divination (take reading stars, palms and tarot cards for example), does not provide concrete answers and if the interpreter takes them as literal, there is a great chance to make a mistake.

Divination mostly offers us an insight into potential course of events and it is different from any other sort of prognosis. Divination is usually highly individualistic.

However, it could be done on a bigger plan, as well. For example, many generals and rulers of the past would consult the oracle, astrologers and others, to provide them with prognoses concerning their military campaigns.

Modern people often think of old times as deeply superstitious and think that scientific research has cleared that up. Well, science greatly contributes our lives, helps us better to understand the world we live in, by using concrete data, statistics, calculations and other exact info. However, it does not answer questions concerning our individual lives that much.

Tarot Suits Basics

Divination could provide us with deeply unique readings that would help us understand ourselves as individual persons much better. Do not get it wrong, for it observes ourselves as a part of a bigger plan, as a soul amongst other souls. Divination deals with energies that cannot be detected by scientific measurement. Where does the tarot stand?

Tarot reading is an old practice, based on interpreting specific combinations and meanings of the illustrated cards we commonly call tarot cards. These were originally made for playing card games. Tarot cards have been widely introduced into the world of esoteric practices and mysticism over the course of time. Today, they are still in use.

Tarot cards are sets of wonderful and meaningful images; each depicts a personification, an allegory, a composition of symbols and figures, a scene, an activity and much more. The total of seventy eight cards of a tarot deck cover up various situations that may befell us, but it also goes deep into our soul, heart and mind.

The decks are typically consisting of two parts, which are known as the Lesser or the Minor and the Major Arcana. The Major is related to the big plan, so it represents various archetypes and archetypical personifications and meanings. Archetypes reflect in our individual lives. The other part, of greater interest for us here is the Minor Arcana, related to the minor plan.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

Lesser Arcana describes our everyday life, representing various scenes and situations, as well as human figures in different roles. This part of the tarot deck is divided into four more suits, the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles. Four cards within each of these are known as Court cards, that is Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages.

The rest are numbers, from our Ace here to Ten. Court cards represent people we meet in life, but they could also stand for the questioner. The suits are associated with essential elements, zodiac signs, class and a faculty. In that sense, the suit of Pentacles is the suit of the element Earth, linked to the earthly signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The Pentacles are known also as Deniers, Diamonds, Coins and Discs. The faculty of this suit are material possessions and physical experiences; we could call it an earthly and materialistic suit. The class related to this suit is that of merchants. The suit of Pentacles is about work, earning, provision, wealth, abundance, success, building, growing, stability.

This is the suit of traditional values, being stable and balanced, leading a harmonious and well-secured life, comfortable and enjoyable. This suit is about both hard work and luxurious lifestyle. Pentacle people, to say so, would be traders, people who have a natural talent for handling business and finances, those who love to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Pentacle people could be great hedonists, but they are also people who really enjoy doing things by their own hands. They feel excellent when they are in charge of the business. They value stability, comfort and realistic, but much pleasurable life. They are physical and materialistic, rather than emotional and spiritual.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Ace of Pentacles, like all the Aces, represents a moment of divine intervention in our lives. You will notice great similarity in all the Aces cards, but we will talk more about the visual appearance of this card later on.

Now, for the quick facts. The Ace is the first number card of the Pentacles suit.

The Ace of Pentacles is overall an auspicious card which gives wind to the sails of your brilliant projects.

First and foremost, this card is an excellent one when it comes to business ideas. It is a great omen in a reading, since it has to do with (unexpected) fortune.

Key terms for The Ace of Pentacles tarot card: Excellent start of a project, promising ideas that could be turned into reality, material fortune, gifts (unexpected, in money or such), better payment, luck and fortune, prosperous period, stable finances, rise of the income

Key essential element of the Ace of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 1

Yes/No question for The Ace of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Inability to keep money, financial loss, complicated beginnings, poorly managed resources, lost opportunities, withdrawn opportunities or investments

Visual Description of The Ace of Pentacles Card

Imagery of tarot cards is the key to understanding each individual and very unique tarot opening.

Tarot designs vary greatly, if you look at them; now you could find numerous designs online, some of which are true masterpieces. Old Tarot de Marseille is considered the standard pattern.

The most widely used and popular deck is that published in the first decade of the twentieth century, well-known Rider-Waite tarot.

Pentacle suit cards all feature – pentacles. Pentacles are talismans that protect from evil forces, disc-shaped and with a five pointed star, known as pentacle or pentagram.

The golden pentacles on the cards are also coins, deniers and so on; the whole suit is about material riches. What the Ace of Pentacles represents, then?

The card imagery is dominated by the hand emerging from a cloud, which is a characteristic symbol of the Aces, holding a large golden pentacle.

All Aces are represented in a similar fashion; a hand from a cloud connected with the characteristic symbol. The hand stands for the intervention from above, the divine intervention.

The hand comes seemingly out of nowhere; it represents forces we cannot comprehend, but those that bless us with certain gifts. This hand holds a pentacle.

As the suit is about prosperity and fortune, this composition is a good sign; it represents our bright opportunities, great possibilities, new ideas, new plans in such a direction.

It is as if someone whom you do not know gives you an amount of money to start a business; a benefactor whom you will never meet, who does not ask anything in return.

Only divine intervention does that (although it could be channeled through actual figures in reality). In any case, the hand offering a pentacle represents a good start.

If you observe the card further, you will notice flowers, grass and a hedge. There is an opening, shaped like a gate. This is the road set before you. The green gate looks promising.

It does not appear as if you are heading towards danger, but towards new and excellent opportunities. You have the coin to start your road to success, to express figuratively.

The Ace of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

I shall build my fortune from what has been given to me.

The Ace of Pentacles is the first card of the Pentacles suit.

Although we have mentioned that this suit is more focused on material possessions and sensual experience than on spirituality or emotions, we admit that there is something spiritual in the Ace of Pentacles.

Well, since Aces represent a touch of the divine, there has to be something more to it.

In that sense, the Ace of Pentacles represents, yes, material enrichment and amazing opportunities you are probably still not aware of, but it also embodies the concept of spiritual development.

At the beginning of the journey, these things are still not in conflict. It would be the best of they never be! The Ace of Pentacles is a true blessing.

All Aces are seeds. It means that you are given something from above, but you have to nurture it and take good care of it, in order to make it grow. This ‘rule’ applies to all Aces, including this one.

The Ace of Pentacles represents great potential, but it has to be used the best way possible, in order to eventually lead to actual prosperity and real fortune.

The Ace of Pentacles  – YES or NO

In yes/no readings, the Ace of Pentacles is a YES card. Why should it be different? This is a card of excellent potentials, especially those related to material prosperity.

It is a good sign for starting a new business or accepting an offer.

Pentacles are not rushing cards, so it is likely that you have already thoroughly examined the offer and everything says it is a promising one.

The Ace of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The Ace of Pentacles upright tells about amazing opportunities, especially in the career field, while searching for job or working.

It represents the potential to find something that would really fill your expectations. Not only that the card is promising in this sense, but it also tells about generally positive vibes around you.

The upright card tells about generosity, about establishing good relations, about being open towards novel ideas and, most importantly, about being selfless.

Pentacles could lead to negative scenarios, those of envy, greed, over-indulgence. The upright Ace of Pentacles sets you on a good track; it is yours to see how you will use such a wonderful opportunity.

The upright card tells about money coming your way. It is a card of new offers, inheritance, even lottery winnings. It is about gaining, but also about sharing.

This Ace is about being content with your possessions, eager to build them up, but not at the cost of others, on the contrary, to the benefit of everyone.

The Ace of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

Reversed card brings bad news in terms of financial matters. It does not necessarily mean that you will lose much money and it neither signifies a financial disaster.

It is generally about new beginnings, so it usually means that such ones will not pay off as expected.

It is about bad investments and spending money on unnecessary things.

The reversed Ace of Pentacles is about smaller purchase, about being in touch with a poor person (it is about marrying into a poor family).

The card is also a warning about organizing your personal savings, spending and budget overall. You should be more thoughtful on your possessions, money in particular.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

What do you think the Ace of Pentacles has to say about career? You got it right! This card is an excellent one in a career reading.

This card is about growth, development, money and enrichment. It is about amazing offers for a job that not only would lead you towards prosperity in material sense, but would also be something you will greatly enjoy doing.

This is a card about great potential for success. Pentacles love to work, especially when they have an idea of where it might lead them.

The Ace of Pentacles is an exceptionally good omen for a new start.

Embrace the opportunity, use it carefully and expect a wonderful outcome.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Ace of Pentacles, being the card of richness, the potential of becoming rich, indicates a prosperous family life.

It could even mean that you are about to meet a rich partner and marry to a well-situated person.

This is a card about grandiose wedding ceremonies and a potential for a stable, secured and well-settled life.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Ace of Pentacles is a prosperous card. It represents improvement of all things, including your health.

It represents the ability to get the best care possible, if necessary.

This card also reflects a clear mind, being satisfied with yourself, which contributes to overall well-being.

The Ace of Pentacles Combined

Now, let us combine the Ace of Pentacles with some other cards! Combinations affect the original meanings of cards and so they provide us with more specific answers.

When you see them in an opening, they become exceptionally personal and very unique.

  • The Ace of Pentacles and The Emperor: Family capital
  • The Ace of Pentacles and The Devil: Filthy money, unjust gain
  • The Ace of Pentacles and Eight of Wands: Quick gain
  • The Ace of Pentacles and The Two of Cups: Fertility, incredibly sensual relationship
  • The Ace of Pentacles and The Four of Swords: Successful physical recovery
  • The Ace of Pentacles and The Nine of Pentacles: Immeasurable wealth

The Ace of Pentacles Message

The Ace of Pentacles represents the purest variant of the Earth element of this suit.

It represents what you have inherited from your ancestors, the soil, the capital and else. These are your given foundations.

The Ace of Pentacles is about good news coming your way, especially in terms of material possessions.

The divine intervention is there to make you aware of that, to awaken the sense of it. This is an incredibly good card.

However, it is still more of a potential than realization. Take it is a sign from heaven and a good start.

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