Ace of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The incredible world of divination art opens new windows towards understanding of our heaven-decided destiny.

True, we cannot change it, but there are good ways to learn how to take out the best out of it, how to recognize the greatest values in life and have a happy, content and, above all, good and righteous life, filled with love.

Tarot reading has become popular in the late eighteenth century, in Europe, during a wave of flourishing of the interest into the occult and esoteric.

It does not mean that tarot and similar practices are some sort of ‘dark arts’, but only mystical. Tarot cards alone are older than divination techniques using them.

Originally, they were created as playing cards. Their rich and somewhat obscure imagery for many, makes them perfect for further use and understanding.

Each of the cards depicts a specific scenery and archetypical personifications. The art of tarot reading is a complex practice requiring great knowledge of symbols and allegories, and a bit of talent and intuition.

Tarot cards do not offer one directions on how to live life. They represent various situations and people in our lives thus helping us to understand what is happening within and around us. They can help us see into the future, although they do not predict events in literal terms, which is how any divination practice should be taken.

Tarot Suits Basics

Let us make a brief introduction into tarot cards before we move onto our suit of interest, that is, the suit of Cups, and the specific card, that of the Ace of Cups.

Tarot decks typically count 78 cards in total. These are divided into two major, uneven sets, those of Major and Minor Arcana. The terms ‘major’ and ‘minor’ do not mean that one is more important than the other.

They simply refer to different aspects in an opening. Alright! The Major Arcana counts 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21. We are interested into the rest of the deck, the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.

These are divided into four suits, according to their trademark symbol: the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles.

Each of the four groups presents with a specific quality, relates to a specific class and an essential element. They count 14 cards each, of which ten numbered 1 to 10 plus four face or court cards – Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages.

In the following texts, we will learn more about the suit of Cups.

Suit of Cups Major Characteristics

The suit of Cups is associated with relationships, all types of relationships, with love and romance, with emotions and feelings. This suit, unlike the suit of Wands, which is all about action and externalizing energy, is more oriented towards the inner self. Its quality is passive, linked with intuition, the psychic, imagination and sub consciousness.

Overall, the Cups are not that about showing off or seeking attention and recognition; the Cups deal with the private more than the public. They are associated with compassion, creative processes within, expression through creation, great flexibility of mind, rich imagination. We could say that the suit of Cups is that of all the poets and romantics, artists of all sorts.

No wonder that the suit of Cups is also referred to as that of Hearts. These cards are all about emotions and building relations, with everything that is done by a passionate heart, guided by an inner voice, very strong intuition and an endless imaginative energy.

People whose characters are expressed through the Cups cards are eternal romantics.

The Ace of Cups Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Ace of Cups is just a wonderful Cups card! This is the first of the Cups suit, hence it represents something refreshing, almost magical in terms of its uplifting energy.

It represents new relationships not only in an earthly sense, so to speak; in a divine sense, rather. The Ace of Cups is about the relationship with the divine, reflecting in one’s everyday life.

Key terms for The Ace of Cups tarot card: Pure love, divine love, flourishing imagination and inspiration, sensuality, the unity of body, mind and soul, new relationships, pregnancy and childbirth, psychic abilities

Key essential element of the Ace of Cups: Water

Minor Arcana type: Number 1

Astrological Planet and Zodiac Sign: Mercury, Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Yes/No question for The Ace of Cups card: Yes

Reversed card key terms: Sadness and the sense of rejection, feeling abandoned and lonely, separation, lack of joy and happiness

Visual Description of The Ace of Cups Card

Visual appearance of tarot cards is the key of understanding their deeper meaning. These cards are loaded with symbols that have to carefully be examined.

The first look into the Ace of Cups would probably perplex you. Each tarot card has a purposeful imagery and characteristic symbols. The standard pattern for tarot decks comes from old Tarot de Marseille.

The most widely used tarot deck is the one known as the Rider-Waite deck, with its recognizable stylized and mystical design. This tarot deck originates from the early 20th century and it is commonly used for divination. Ok, let us look into the Ace of Cups. The card, of course, depicts a cup, a grail, one would also say, and a specific one.

The cup is in the center of the image, placed in a hand that comes from a cloud; it appears as an offering. The hand represents the divine guidance, its gesture is relaxed, fingers open, with the cup standing firmly in its palm. The cup appears as if offered for drinking, The cup itself, however, appears peculiar.

It reminds not that much of a drinking cup, but of a fountain. The water sprinkles around and flows in five streams down into the watery surface, filled with lotus flowers. This imagery calls into one’s mind the idea of the Fountain of Life. Indeed, the Ace of Cups offers a cup that refreshes, rejuvenates, regenerates. Its powers are unimaginable!

Just above the cup with water you can see a bird, a white dove. The dove carries a coin in its beak and it appears is if it is going to put it in the cup.

The coin is marked with a cross, a symbol of balance, harmony and perfection; the coin alone, of course, could stand for abundance, fulfillment and richness (with an emphasis on the metaphorical sense of these).

The white bird or dove stands for purity, peace, sensuality, beauty, grace and divinity.

Overall, the imagery of The Ace of Cups card tells about the (re)connection with the Divine, the heavenly intervention and guidance, the spiritual refreshment and getting in touch with your spiritual self. Finally, the background is clear, leaving the whole image harmonious.

What kind of impression do you get when you see this card? The Ace of Cups appears serene and peaceful to the most of people, leaving one with a sense of tranquility and calmness of the mind, while, at the same time, it awakens inner senses and reconnects you with the heavens above.

The Ace of Cups Card Meaning Guide

I gratefully embrace gifts of the Divine.

The Ace of Cups is one super promising card! It deals with what our soul needs the most and, consequentially, a fulfilled soul leads to a content and happy life.

If The Ace of Cups card appears in a reading, know that some good times are coming. This card is filled with optimism and positive energy. It does not breed illusions or false hopes, but an enriching reconnection with yourself and the Divine.

The cup represents an everlasting source of energy, but the energy that is not hot and hasty, but calm, ever flowing, purifying.

The whole set of Cups is associated with the element of Water and, as you could see on the image, the Ace of Cups cards is full of water. The water is clear and calm, save for the many little drops around the streams.

This represents a spiritual flow. The pool or the lake with lovely water lilies is of calm surface and it represents the balance, harmony, peace of the universe.

The water falls gently into the full, in quite symmetric streams. Overall, the imagery speaks of a rejuvenating and refreshing period in life in every sense.

The Cups are about relationships, those of any type. The Ace of Cups is the card that should definitely encourage to build new ones and welcome new people in your life, because there are some good and noble people coming your way.

The relationships you will build could be friendships, companionship, colleagueship, romantic ones and perfectly platonic.

The Ace of Cups card represents divine guidance and reaching deep into your own soul.

These are never things one could plan and the spiritual enlightenment or any sort of similar self-revelation often comes as a surprise, a pleasant one; some would call it a miracle. In that sense, the Ace of Cups is the card of miracles.

The Ace of Cups  – YES or NO

As for the ‘yes or no’ readings, the Ace of Cups is a definite YES! This pure, optimistic, harmonious card encourages you to pursue your dreams in a divine manner.

This is not a card that inspires the type of taking initiative in terms in which it does, for example, the Knight of Wands, the card about heroism, glory, enterprise, even risks.

The guidance the Ace of Cups is calm, flowing, gradual, more intuitive.

There is no doubt that this card is a YES, because its core is pure and harmonious; it leads you forward by the divine intervention.

Now, if you were not sure how the ‘yes or no’ readings work, let us briefly go through it.

These readings require a simple question to be asked and a card to be pulled. Each card could provide you with a yes, no or maybe answer. The technique is simple and very practical.

The Ace of Cups Card Upright Meaning

The Ace of Cups in an upright position suggests all of the positive qualities mentioned above. If you’ve pulled an upright Ace of Cups, relax and let the wings of angels guide you.

Listen to your inner self and you will discover amazing things in life. You will start to notice beautiful things in life, ones that you probably did not pay any attention to before.

The Ace of Cups teaches us to value our life, the overall existence; it does not let us fall into despair, even if times are hard.

This is the card of hope, love and harmony, and, above all, the faith into the higher force. The Ace of Cups helps us see the beauty of life and not only to see it, but to enjoy it. This card is about the spiritual beauty reflected in our lives.

This card makes us value friendships we have built, make us more caring and compassionate towards the people in general. It embodies the purest form of love, the divine love.

Therefore, it makes us incredibly strong; a person whose heart is pure and filled with love is unconquerable and such an individual brightens up the day of the world, without seeking glory or reward.

The Ace of Cups Card Reversed Meaning

If the Ace of Cups appears in a reversed position, brace yourself for a more difficult period. However, even the darkest storm passes, the clouds are being chased away by the bright sunshine.

In order to find ourselves and the divine, sometimes we have to thread a gloomy path. The reversed Ace of Cups tells about loneliness, sadness, feeling hopeless and abandoned.

If the card appears in such a position, it tells that, at the time, you cannot handle everything in life, no matter how your intentions were good and pure. Your cup is emptied, but it does not mean it cannot be filled again, for the divine hand is somewhere there and it will pour fresh stream of life-giving water into your goblet.

However, the time has come for self-journey that requires isolation, stagnation, time to heal wounds, if any. You may feel as if nothing makes any sense in your life, you may even lose your faith and despair over your destiny.

However, the Ace of Cups is generally a card of miraculous spiritual journey. Even if reversed, it gives hope for better times.

The Ace of Cups Tarot Card – Career Meaning

When it comes to career, the Ace of Cups is a promising card. Since Cups are greatly about the intuition, the quest for beauty, very emotional and poetic people, the Ace of Cups is an especially good sign for those working in artistic field, the great romantics and dreamers.

The art, at last, is immortal, no matter how our world order changes.

Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. If you have a talent for art, any type of it, and, more importantly, if doing it fills your heart with joy, go for it. The Ace of Cups encourages those who strive for beauty of the world, cause such people are needed.

Now, in general, regarding any business, the card is also a positive one.

As this card is about fruitful and fulfilling connections, it also applies to the career field. You are about to get new opportunities and, what is more, to meet some fantastic people to collaborate with.

The Ace of Cups is an auspicious card when it comes to business contracts, teams and partnership in general.

The Ace of Cups Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Ace of Cups is primarily about refreshing start. In that sense, it comes as a perfect omen both for those who are in a relationship or married and those who are single. If you were in a relationship, the card tells about some new, refreshing moments in a relationship, about stronger bonds, deeper love and better connection.

If you were single, the ace of Cups is a good sign; you may finally meet a person of your life.

What is most important is that this is not a card of physical connection as much as it is about the spiritual one. It tells about two souls bound to one another, the purest form of love, the love that lasts eternally. It is also about platonic relationships.

Overall, this is a card that inspires love, that makes us look on the people with grace and compassion.

It nurtures all sorts of loving relationships, between friends, families, romantic partners and beyond.

Moreover, it is a good sign for those who plan to start a family; a true, wonderful new beginning!

The Ace of Cups  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Ace of Cups is a particularly good one to get in a health reading. This is the card of purity, hence it speaks about healing, about being cured and recovered.

It is good both for physical and emotional health, because it is about the purification of both body and soul.

The card is especially a good one for females and future parents. It is about pregnancy and childbirth, in the most positive sense.

The Ace of Cups Combined

When tarot cards appear alongside others from the deck, their meaning becomes more specific. Each of the cards affect the meaning of the other, when combined.

Let us see into several combinations of the Ace of Cups with other cards from the Minor and the Major Arcana.

  • The Ace of Cups and The Fortune: Big change
  • The Ace of Cups and The World: Peace
  • The Ace of Cups and The Eight of Wands: Promising news, return of a beloved person
  • The Ace of Cups and The Two of Cups: Building of a relationship
  • The Ace of Cups and The Knight of Swords: Inspirational person
  • The Ace of Cups and The Ace of Pentacles: New level of a relationship

The Ace of Cups Message

The Ace of Cups represents new beginnings, especially in emotional and spiritual terms. It stands for new relationships, be it a marriage, a new friendship or a partnership, with all of these being deep and lasting.

The Ace of Cups is greatly about reconnecting with yourself through the divine intervention and inner guidance.

Like a fountain that offers life, the Ace of Cups offers new opportunities in life, opening new horizons, opening your soul towards amazing discoveries. This is the card that emphasizes the beauty of life, the harmony and peace within and all around.

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