9 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Have you ever thought of getting a tarot reading? Whether you seriously thought of it or not, you are likely interested into tarot and the mysterious world of divination.

Divination has been performed since ancient times. It seems as if each ear had its own specialty, when it comes to divination arts, but most of them have been intertwined.

In old days, there was no strict differences between what was mystical and what was science, what was purely logical and what was highly spiritual.

Astrologers and mages and seers were consulted by the most prominent figures of the age, such as great rulers and military commanders, kings and queens, but also common people.

In modern times, it only seems as if the pure ratio rules all. Life is far beyond that; we still have no real idea about why we are here, in the first place, right?

This is the main reason why people try to explain things in life to themselves, be it through magic, faith, science or something else. Divination does not predict future or reveals our lives in the literal sense.

Many think a tarot reading or a look into a natal chart would offer some precise instructions, which is not the case.

Tarot, just as other related practices, cannot predict exact events, but it could tell much about the potential events, changes and experiences.

Moreover, all those practices tell much about ourselves as persons.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot cards were originally created as playing cards. Some of the games using these cards are tarock and tarocchini; you have perhaps heard of them.

Tarot cards are medieval, but the widespread use for divination emerged in centuries to come. When you look at them, it is easy to think of tarot as something mysterious.

The curiously illustrated cards are simply loaded with symbols. If you would like to read tarot cards, you have to learn a lot about symbolism.

Tarot readings require great knowledge, willingness to learn and great openness of the mind; and a bit of talent is very welcome! Speaking of learning, let us go through some basics about tarot decks.

Tarot decks consist of seventy eight cards, which are divided into two uneven suits. The smaller one is called the Major Arcana and it counts only 22 cards.

These cards are marked by numbers from 0 to 21. They represent various personifications, allegories and archetypes and typically relate to the bigger plan of the questioner’s life and the overall personality.

The Minor Arcana, not minor in significance, counts 56 cards. The Minor Arcana cards are related to everyday situations, the minor plan, in contrast with the Major Arcana.

This part of the tarot deck is divided into smaller parts, four suits marked by characteristic symbols. These are the suit of Wands, the suit of Cups, the suit of Swords and the one of Pentacles.

The four suits of Minor Arcana count fourteen cards each, of which for face cards and ten numbers, numbered from 1 to 10.

The four face cards are related to the hierarchal order and the people we meet in life, while the rest refer to various aspects of the mundane life, situations, stages and else. Each of the four suits corresponds to one essential element.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

The suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire. And just like the fire, this suit represents energy, passion, inspiration, amazing motivation, ambition, drive, creative power, the spirit of a leader.

In general, this suit is associated with willpower, self-confidence, with a bright outlook, positive attitude, optimism in general.

This suit is sometimes referred to as Batons, Staves or Clubs. When you look into wands on these cards, you will notice that they have leaves growing on their upper parts. This represents creation, growth, regeneration, rebirth.

There are additional symbols of these concepts, seen especially in the face cards.

Wands are fiery, active, related to movement, vitality, passion, getting things done, following dreams, self-development and everything else related. They are traditionally related to the class of artisans, and the faculty of creativity and will.

Sometimes they are associated with the element of Air, while the Swords take up the element of Fire.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

Numbers of the suit of Wands are particularly interesting. Nine of Wands is a card related to situations requiring strong will and strength of the character. They are associated with your accomplishments and things you have invested great effort into. This is a card greatly associated with protection; that of one’s integrity in the, first place.

Nine of Wands is a card of defense and of self-defense above everything else. It implies the time has come not to fight hard, but to protect with all the strength you could gather. This is not going to be easy, as if the card whispers, but you are can endure and preserve. The determination and strong will are the key.

9 of Wands key terms: Protection, defense, perseverance, endurance, strong will, determination, self-belief, great courage, reputation and protecting it, standing for one’s cause

Key essential element of the Nine of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 9

Yes/No question for The Nine of Wands card: Yes

Reversed 9 of Wands key terms: Loss of power, loss of position, being defeated by a stronger enemy, abandoned on the battlefield, reputation ruined or damaged, failure in defending yourself, loss of self-confidence

Visual Description of The Nine of Wands Card

Before we pass on to the core meanings of the Nine of Wands, we will observe the imagery.

This is the most important part of interpreting cards one by one, in order to know how to read them in an opening.

Each card carries specific message, which is altered in a combination with other card. For this reason, it is very important to learn about each specific card.

The most popular decks amongst the English speaking community and wider is the Rider-Waite deck, with its characteristic and easily recognizable imagery.

Those colorful illustrations were made by the artist Pamela Colman Smith, instructed by the mystic A.E. Waite. It was first published more than a century ago.

Cards of Minor Arcana always feature their characteristic symbol, one of four, depending on the suit. Our 9 of Wands features nine wands, but that is not the whole imagery.

Let us take a closer look into this scene and a human figure on the card. On this card we can see a man holding one of the nine wands with his both hands.

He holds it as if he wants to protect it from someone or, perhaps, to use it as a weapon to defend himself and those wands we see behind him.

What is really interesting is that his wands are not of equal length or they are maybe they are not stuck in the ground on the same level. These eight wands, however, stand firm and upright.

The man stands before the wall of wands. The expression on his face tells that he is very determined to protect what he possesses to the last atom of his strength. He has virtually no equipment save for the wand he holds. He is like a soldier stripped bare of his armor and weapon. If you look at his head, you will notice a bandage.

He appears as he has been hurt, but he still stands his ground, unwilling to surrender. He appears to be physically strong, robust, as if he is capable to fight with his bare hands.

The wand he holds could really be used as a defensive weapon. The man, overall, does not look afraid, does not look broken, even if harmed, does not appear as if he will leave his post.

The landscape behind this fence of wands is a bit strange; there are only some green hills, no town, no houses or castles, other living beings or anything else.

However, the color green is the color of nature and growth. Even if he was left alone here, there is hope for regeneration and rebirth. He, for one, would not give up hope.

Nine of Wands Card Meaning Guide

I stand my ground. I shall never give up.

This card stands for an amazing power of will, for the ability to gather the last atom of strength and stand still, even when faced with the unimaginable situation.

In certain sense, this card embodies far greater courage than some cards that immediately make us to think of bravery, boldness, strength and self-confidence. This card literally personifies the concept of not giving up.

Let us remember one amazing, though tragic story from the known history.

Faced with the enemy’s many times larger and better equipped troops surrounding his poorly defended city, an emperor of once the greatest megalopolis of the known world delivered a heartbreaking speech, in which he said that no ruler should outlive his city.

The battle was already lost, but he did not flee; he went out and faced the enemy, falling with his soldiers.

This is the type of courage one drives in the most terrible situations that require the state of defense. This epic example ended the way it did, but it tells about a person determined never to give up, never to leave what he had fought for, nor to abandon his own.

In our lives, hopefully, we will not face the circumstances of the heroic emperor, but there have been and will be many situations in which we would have to collect ourselves, gather the last atom of our physical and our mental and spiritual strength and stand our ground.

9 of Wands  – YES or NO

Nine of Wands is a YES card. This is the card that says: stand your ground! Do not give up your causes, do not let others take what you so fought for so hard!

This card comes as an incredible encouragement in times of crisis, in times one feels lost and abandoned, and hurt and completely exhausted. Nine of Wands tells that you have more strength, you have to fight on and believe in yourself.

Some interpret this card as a MAYBE, because the answer could depend on the real circumstances and the real state of your physical, mental, emotional strength.

Sometimes it is really okay and even more useful to step aside and let yourself heal and recover your strength.

It is also a good advice. However, we would take this card as an encouragement in tough times.

Take this answer with caution and listen to your gut. If you pulled the Nine of Wands card and you really got some hope and some faith back, than do stand your ground.

If it brings you more insecurity and actually shakes your determination even more than retreat; your time will come.

Nine of Wands Card Upright Meaning

When the Nine of Wands shows up in the upright position, it is a good sign, though it definitely does not suggest things will go easy.

This card suggest to continue your path, despite feeling drained; it is as if the card says: just a little bit more, you are very close, do not give up now. Some goals require a lot of effort and a great use of energy.

Even if we work on some good things and generally feel positive about the outcome we are hoping for, sometimes it seems as if it is just too much and our goals seems miles away.

This card puts a specific pressure on us not to give up what we have already built. It keeps us alerted. It could also indicate someone will try to attack us, so we will have to stand for our causes.

In the upright position, the card suggest we are capable of doing so, even if we could suffer for it. In this case, the 9 of Wands suggests it is worth our struggle.

The man on the card does not leave his wall of wands, nor does he put down the one he holds, even if he was obviously injured. It is worth it. Stand strong.

Nine of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

If the card shows up in the reversed position, it represents a similar situation as the upright one, but the roles are different.

While the case with the upright card is that the questioner is a person in state of defense, attacked from the outside, so he or she has to stand their ground and defend what is dear to their heart, in this case the questioner causes all the trouble alone.

Nine of Wands reversed speaks of blaming others for our misfortunes and struggles, while it also represents unbelievable level of stubbornness and arrogance.

This card represents someone who will not give up things he or she is aware are causing all the trouble, simply because they were to proud to admit they were wrong.

Sometimes it is necessary to step back and think about your own decisions and actions. Think about what were you fighting for, in the first place.

Sometimes our own causes are not actually as good as we once thought. This card speaks of ruined reputation, due to our unwillingness to change our ways, convinced we were the best of people.

The reversed Nine of Wands definitely illustrated a state of personal crisis, in which an individual holds onto something simply because he or she has nothing else left, even if it was bad and even if slowly, others abandon them, because they cannot reach any compromise, let alone an agreement with anyone.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

When 9 of Wands appears in a career reading, it means the times will not be great, but you should not give up.

It could represent a status quo, a stage of stagnation, not particularly pleasant or financially satisfying one, but the one that should be endured for the greater good and the more promising future.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In love readings, it could also represent a status quo, a phase in which you have drained one another’s energy and now have no idea what to do.

The relationship becomes tense and tiring, but it does not have to be that anyone is really guilty. Maybe you have gone through a particularly bad time together; maybe just one of the partners was.

Such times could be very difficult to bear, but give yourself time; if you have gone this far together, maybe it is really worth it.

In another scenario, it could really be that you were fighting for something that is not worth it; a partner who actually does not really value any of your effort. It happens that love blinds us.

Nine of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

In terms of health and overall well-being, the Nine of Wands card encourages us to practice affirmation thoughts.

It applies to all kinds of our struggles, be it mental, emotional, physical or all intertwined, which is the most likely case; it happens to us all.

Nine of Wands is about staying strong, even if you struggle with your health, your faith, your emotions.

9 of Wands Combined

Here are several interesting examples of how other cards affect the meaning of Nine of Wands. Here they are, combinations with Major and Minor Arcana cards.

  • Nine of Wands and The Emperor: Duty, honor associated with the uniform, the rank
  • 9 of Wands and The Court: Learning from past mistakes
  • Nine of Wands and The Knight of Wands: Losing Temper
  • 9 of Wands and The Two of Cups: Distrust in a relationship
  • Nine of Wands and The Page of Swords: Being attacked
  • 9 of Wands and The Seven of Pentacles: Analyzing invested effort

Nine of Wands Message

Nine of Wands is a card with a strong message of staying positive, of standing your ground, even if the times are hard, because what you have worked on for long and so passionately is worth it.

Be cautious about wasting your energy, for you would sometimes have to use it for defense, not only for achieving, creating and building.

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