9 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The wheel of fortune ever turns round and round and we can never tell what will it bring to us. Destiny is not something that could be changed, but there is a way we could learn about it more than one would ever assume.

The art of divination, taken in any of its various and colorful forms, could lead us into paths one cannot thread that easily.

Although many would say divination is unreliable and that answers provided in such way are not to be trusted, the truth is a bit different.

Answers obtained through any of the divination practices, including tarot of which we will talk much more, have to be carefully observed and interpreted according to each individual case.

The thing is that divination could give us answers to questions we cannot obtain any other way.

Most of the acknowledged methods of predicting things are focused on the major plan. That is, we could calculate so many things concerning our state of affairs, but only on a larger scale. We can predict how the monetary standards will fluctuate, how certain natural phenomena would play out and so.

However, no one could tell you about what awaits you in your life, how will you feel or even why and how you have found yourself where you are and by that, we do not mean only physically, but as a whole complex that one human being represents. Divination could give you precious information about all these things.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot reading is, as mentioned, one form of divination. It uses tarot cards as its instrument and a tool.

Tarot decks are large ones, counting seventy eight illustrated cards, which are full of symbolical representations, allegorical imagery and scenery, archetypes and so on. One has to know much about not only cards, but also about other mystic disciplines in order to understand tarot.

Symbols we could find on tarot cards images are also to be found in other places; in fact, tarot inherited much from other practices.

There are numerous symbols occurring in astrology, mythology, occultism and much more. Numerology, religious paths and various systems of beliefs could be recognized in its symbols.

Therefore, a master practitioner should possess a wide palette of information about the mystique overall and tarot decks alone.

Tarot decks are composed of two major parts. We know them as Major and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana is not major because it is more important, but because it relates to the major plan.

The Minor Arcana is the part we are interested here, because it is composed of four lesser suits, amongst which the suit of Pentacles. We will come to that. Minor Arcana is also known as the Lesser, but not because of the lesser importance, but because it explains the more mundane, closer to use, our everyday life.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

Minor Arcana contains four suits, which are most commonly known as the suit of Wands, the suit of Cups, the suit of Swords and that of Pentacles.

Some of them often carry other names; in that light, the suit of Pentacles is known as that of Diamonds or Coins, Deniers, Stones and Discs. If you look into it, the names become quite clear. Pentacles are generally about wealth, possessions, money, materiality.

Each of these four Minor Arcana suits are further divided or, better, composed of the four Court cards and ten numbers. Court cards are Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages and they also represent hierarchy. They represent also people in our lives, but could represent the questioner, as well. The numbers usually feature some type of a scene describing our life.

Four Minor Arcana suits are associated each with its faculty, class and an element. The suit of Pentacles is about the class of merchants or traders, about the faculty of possessions and physical experience. Its element, very fitting and descriptive, is Earth. Hence, it is also related to the Earth signs of the zodiac.

The suit of Pentacles is about possessions, comfort, luxury, provision, gaining, sharing, as well. It is about building, working, especially with your own hands, about family home, traditional order and keeping it, about safety and security.

People we would associate with Pentacles are excellent traders, businesspersons, craftsmen, practical, optimistic and people who enjoy working.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

Speaking about specific Pentacles cards, we have come to our Nine of Pentacles. The very first look on this card tells that it is an auspicious one.

Pentacles are all about gaining, prosperity, comfort, abundance and so on. This card appears prosperous, judging on its imagery. Let us not be hasty.

Before we carefully analyze its imagery into detail, let us go through some basics. These are the most common terms associated with the Nine of Pentacles, which is the card of the joy of gain and accomplishment.

The brief overview will be of great use when we get onto the in depth interpretation of the card’s appearance, core and additional, specific meanings.

9 of Pentacles key terms: Justly rewarded, success, results of the effort, realization of plans and goals, accomplishments, independence, stability (especially material and financial), being self-sufficient, joy and leisure, having spare time, enjoying the fruits of your work

Key essential element of the Nine of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 9

Yes/No question for The Nine of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed 9 of Pentacles key terms: Dependent, material and financial instability and insecurity, lack of self-integrity, neglectful of the surroundings and the environment, feeling blocked, caged, imprisoned, hopelessness, wasting of resources without of ability or idea how to compensate

Visual Description of The Nine of Pentacles Card

The Nine of Pentacles card is a card about reaching certain and quite a solid level of material stability.

Let us see first into its visual appearance, before we proceed onto the in depth description of the card core meaning and then, its specific positions meaning and those related to career, love and well-being.

In order to understand the message that the card sends us, we have to understand the meaning on the symbols we see on the image; not the symbols alone, but taken together and representing a symbolical complex, a scene, an allegory. What is to be seen on the Nine of Pentacles? The card is dominated by a single human figure, this time, a lady.

She is a mature woman, beautifully and richly dressed, in a relaxed walk around the wines, with a hand on one of the pentacles and the other hand in the air, gloved, holding a strange looking bird, possibly an exotic specie. This tells about her extravagance and ability to afford things not commonly seen, rare precious birds, for example.

Her posture is relaxed, without any tension whatsoever. She is clearly self-confident and content with what she has around.

The wines, with ripen, sweet grapes appear to be in her possession, which pentacles on top of them definitely confirm. In the distance we once again see city with towers, as on several preceding cards.

Her stroll around the city, amongst the delicious wines tells about her leisure time: she can afford it.

If we think of the cards as a chain, as a gradual material progress, characteristic of the Pentacles, we could say that this lady enjoys the fruits of her own work. She has built it by her own hands and now she enjoys what she has.

The card is dominated by the color yellow or we could take it as golden, the color associated with the sun. This is the color of glory, success, accomplishment, light, optimism and fortune.

The dress of the woman is in yellow or golden shades, patterned with lovely flowers. Everything appears to be bathed in the light of the sun.

This card leaves an impression of mature success, of something that comes as a result of long time effort, patience, dedication, following the tradition and keeping it up.

This card does not make us think about success that comes in a spur of the moment, not at all. The wines do not grow such abundant fruits if no one tends to them.

Nine of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

My desires have come to life.

This card clearly depicts times of joy, of satisfaction, of enjoying something that is rare, luxurious, unique, in a way. This is the card of wealth and fortune, but not those that come out of nowhere.

The Nine of Pentacles is the card about being self-confident and being materially secure and stable, thanks to your own work.

This card represents the stability in all affairs that are somehow related to money, property, finances overall. It can even represent a time in which one does not even have to work much in order to provide a comfortable life.

It could be about some excellent investments that have proved a jack pot, a perfectly developed business or anything of the sort.

Now it is the tame to reap what you sow and what you reap is abundant, there is even more than you have hoped for. This is a card of extravagance, the exotic, the luxurious.

As such, we could say the Nine of Pentacles is a bit tempting card; it can lead you astray, if you do not pay attention. However, there is more to it.

Is there any card you could associate with this one? The Empress and certain Queens might remind you of this one. This is a figure of feminine power, a mother, a woman independent and accomplished.

It is a card that represents a powerful maternal influence, in a good way. It is a figure of a mother who provides both for herself and her loved ones.

9 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

The Nine of Pentacles is another YES card. There is not much that has to be said about it; the card of abundance, fortune, wealth and joys of life at your hand is affirmative on its own.

This card encourages us to enjoy our life, to use some time simply to hang out with our loved ones and friends, to travel, to try new foods, even to buy ourselves some beautiful things.

Nine of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The upright meaning could beautifully follow this yes/no reading explanation. This is an affirmative and auspicious card, speaking about good, leisure, joyful times ahead; times in which you should relax about money matters and finances. Indulge yourself, for you have deserve it. This is not exactly a card of modesty.

However, you should always keep in mind there are things that worth more than any material wealth, do never forget about it! In fact, the state of financial stability, indicated by this card, should not make you greedy and never satisfied, on the contrary. This card should awaken the good feeling of being satisfied with what you have accomplished.

The Nine of Pentacles represents something on top of that, a reward for your great efforts. It could be an actual financial, material reward. However, the reward is also to enjoy your time, to feel relieved and content. Both things matter.

Nine of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

When reversed in a reading. Nine of Pentacles represents insecurity, material instability, wasting of money.

It usually represents some kind of excessive behavior, typically related to money.

It might be that you spend more than you earn, for one reason or another.

Now the time has come to sit down and actually organize your finances, in order to prevent disaster.

This is not a very promising card concerning money matters. it is especially related to dependency in financial terms. You feel trapped, because you cannot live on your own; reasons could be many, and this explanation is flexible. You are financially bound to someone or to some place you do not prefer to be, but currently you do not see a way out.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

Overall, it is clear that the Nine of Pentacles lady brings good fortune when it comes to career. As simple as that, this card excellent results of a business, fruitful investments, work that brought you even more than you hoped for.

The card is about luxurious lifestyle, material stability, financial matters all organized, resolved and settled.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In love readings, this card is about harmony, family life, comfortable shared life, having good time with loved ones.

There are no problems of any material sort that could spoil your family peace or that of a romantic relationship. This is the time to live with full lungs with your dearest.

Nine of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles could be taken as a card pleasing to your health, but with a little sign of warning.

As this card represents a state of being which allows for a bit extravagant lifestyle, just do not cross the border.

Focus on things that could actually make your improve your health and overall well being.

9 of Pentacles Combined

Let us now see what interesting meanings emerge from the combinations of the Nine of Pentacles.

Each card affects the other and the true explanation of the signs in a reading actually come from such card combinations.

Here are some interesting pairs with the Nine of Pentacles.

Nine of Pentacles Meaning

This card is associated with material abundance, fortune and satisfaction. It relieves you of all the worries related to the financial and related matters and gives you more time to enjoy other aspects of life, love life, friendships, hobbies and whatever else you like. This is an opportunity you should definitely seize. We happen to miss out such times, in fear we might lose something.

There is no need to worry about it, the Nine of Pentacles suggests. Of course, it does not mean you should neglect your obligations and surrender only to pleasures of life.

Be cautious of your money, enjoy as much as you like reasonably, see to invest into good things that would fill your heart with joy and, at the same time, make others happy.

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