8 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Welcome to another tarot card analysis! In order to understand tarot, we first must get familiar with the concept of divination alone, as tarot reading is one form of divination.

Our destinies have already been determined and they make a wonderful, precious part of what could be called the bigger plan. Those who deal with the mystical take this as a starting point.

Our lives are generally unpredictable, although we always tend to make them organized, structured and, by that, at least partially predictable.

This makes our lives easier, for otherwise we would probably feel lost and confused all the time. There are things we cannot change and that is the bigger, higher, unfathomable plan the universe has for us.

There are, however, things we could change, avoid, work on and many more. Divination techniques do not actually reveal our future in a way people sometimes imagine; divination cannot say this or that will definitely happen in a particular, very specified way.

Divination helps us understand our life and gives us hints of the possibilities in our future.

Sometimes it takes us back into the past and help us reflect and introspect; all our actions are a choreography, no matter how senseless they might seem at times. Now, tarot reading is a very specific practice.

Through symbols, allegories and archetypes combined, expressed through mysterious imagery of the cards, it tells about who we are, about situations we face in life and people that affect our lives.

Tarot Suits Basics

As you probably know, tarot cards were made as playing cards; in fact, some are still used for playing popular card games. Common playing decks are somewhat connected with tarot.

Tarot cards emerged in the late medieval times and some centuries after, they have been introduced into the realm of the occult and esoteric and used as a divination tool.

Tarot decks are masterfully illustrated, as their images contain tons of very specific and highly meaningful symbols, personifications and scenes. The decks count 78 cards, divided into two parts.

The first part of the deck counts 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21, and it is called the Major Arcana. It is ’major’ because it generally referrers to the major plan, not because it is more important.

The second part counts 56 cards and they are further divided into four equal suits of 14 cards each. This 56 cards suit is called the Minor Arcana, since it is associated with the minor, everyday plan.

The fourteen cards suits are characteristic for their symbols: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each is linked with an essential element, a class and a faculty.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

The suit that interests us today is that of Wands, known also as Clubs, Batons, Rods and Staves. The suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire.

This suit is the suit reserved for artisans, those who create and those who dare do their thing. Wands are all about creative power and energy, self-development, growth, endurance, optimism and high spirit.

The Wands are associated with Fire element zodiac signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. If you think about these signs and their basic characteristics and traits, you will easily get an idea about the suit of Wands and its energy. Nature of this suit is primarily masculine, pro-active, warm.

Wands are also related to procreation, passion, enthusiasm and overall everything that is loaded with energy. Of course, all this could present differently.

The suit associated with ambition, desire, strong will, strong emotions can sometimes present as in a mirror or, rather, as an excess of all these good qualities.

Therefore, it is also related to impulsive behavior, hastiness, thoughtlessness, too risky activities, pride and arrogance, forcefulness and violence.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

Eight of Wands is a curious card, associated with taking immediate actions, with overcoming of troubles and obstacles, with readily using your energy,

This is a card associated with fast, determined, well-conducted pace. The Eight of Wands is about taking opportunities, synchronization, imminent manifestation.

Before we delve into its visual description and various interpretations of its meaning, let us learn some basic info about this tarot card.

This fiery card is associated with Mercury planet, which reflects in its direct link with communication, quick movement and immediate action.

8 of Wands key terms: Taking action quickly, direct manifestation, clear, open and direct communication, practicality, determination, quick reaction, adaptability, making decisions on the spot, attraction, efficiency

Key essential element of the Eight of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 8

Yes/No question for The Eight of Wands card: Yes

Reversed 8 of Wands key terms: Disrupted, chaotic plans, hesitation and delay, communication problems, loss of organization and order, missed opportunities, difficulty in overcoming obstacles, very slow movement and progress

Visual Description of The Eight of Wands Card

Understanding the imagery of tarot cards is more than half of understanding a card’s meaning in an opening.

The most widely used deck amongst English speaking community and beyond is the famous Raider-Waite deck, with illustrations known by many, even those who have never had any touch with tarot as a practice. These illustrations are simple and stylized, but they are a treasury of symbols.

Each card represents a specific scene or a personification. Minor Arcana cards represent situations in our lives, certain of our experiences and people we meet in life. Each suit features the symbol it is named after.

Therefore, the Eight of Wands card features eight wands. If you look at them, not only on this particular card, but also on others of the suit, you will notice green leaves.

Wands are not dead wood; they have little leaves growing on their tops. This is all about the creative energy and the process of creation, the principle of growth, pro-activity, but also of rebirth and renewal.

Now, let us carefully analyze Eight of wands card. The first thing you notice are obviously wands. This card is interesting, because the wands are all the focus of its imagery. Most of the cards feature human figures or at least a hint of it.

However, Eight of Wands features no one, but eight wands and a green landscape. What is this about? The eight wands are purposefully the center of our attention. They are pointed downwards, like thunderbolts hitting the ground, like spears or lances in an attack or a heavy rain, take any comparison you like.

In all of the cases, the wands clearly represent action.

The position of these eight wands tells about quick action, about something done right here, right now; no time for waiting.

The wands definitely embody powerful energy. No one holds them, no one throws them or, at least, we are unable to see anyone. These wands are either thrown by the hand on the high or by us; it could be either of options or both.

In both cases, the imagery tells about something that is happening quickly, without delay or hesitation. The whole image is in pleasant, calming colors.

The landscape in the background is all green, which is always a good sign, since it symbolizes flourishing, growth, health, nature. There is a little object on the hill in the landscape; a house, a church or something else.

The river in the landscape is a positive symbol, since the river and water represent life, creation, regeneration, purification, never ending flow of energy, change and also intuition, the inner.

If we think through this imagery, we will realize it represents both the masculine and the feminine principle, both needed, inseparable and creative.

Eight of Wands Card Meaning Guide

I act. I shall manifest my quality.

The eight of wands is all about manifestation, direct activity, externalization of ideas, taking actions that would lead us towards the embodiment of our ideas and ideals in reality. The Eight of

Wands card represent the perfect synchronization of ideals, purpose and attitude; its energy is unstoppable, the determination is very clear, strong and unshakeable. This is the card about acceleration and progress.

The card preceding 8 of Wands was about obstruction and opposition, but this one is about the opposite force, the force of readiness, straightforward, practical action and great efficiency.

It represents actual progress, manifested ideas, but it comes with one warning, of course. Things could easily go out of your control, if everything was happening in a very fast pace.

This card is about synchronization, good communication within and around, excellent organization and one’s ability to handle things at once.

It is greatly about acting in the right time and the right place. Seize the opportunity and bring your ideas into realization, this is what the Eight of Wands is about overall.

8 of Wands  – YES or NO

Readings of ’yes or no’ type are a very simple and practical way to find out an answer to a direct question or resolve a doubt.

These readings require of the questioner to pose a straightforward question that does not need explanation, but a clear answer: yes, no or maybe. Let us see where the Eight of Wands stands.

Eight of Wands is a YES, though a yes with a caution etiquette on top. If you are full of amazing ideas and you also have at least a sketch of a plan on how to make it live, do it.

Maybe you will not have a nether opportunity as good as this one, not only because of the outer circumstances, but because of your current inner positive state. However, be careful.

The caution sign stands for the possibility that all turns into chaos, if you were not practical and well-organized. Do not take too much at once, be very thoughtful.

In order to do what you want to, you have to be well aware of your own capacities; to have a good idea of it. Sometimes you will never know your limits, if you don’t try. Therefore, 8 of Wands is usually a YES!

Eight of Wands Card Upright Meaning

The Eight of Wands in an upright position encourages doing things quickly and efficiently. Slow and gradual progress is generally desired and a good way to grow and develop.

However, certain situations require or are suitable for quick reactions, for the greater good. Some opportunities want you to grab them immediately; certain offers happen once in a lifetime.

When we say offers, we use it in a loose sense; it applies in any area of life. This is a card that inspires action, without any delay. It requires a lot of concentration, very clear focus and an incredible self-confidence and determination.

Therefore, if you have ideas about something or certain desires and dreams you would like to see and experience in reality, do not hesitate.

Many times we miss out wonderful opportunities to express and channel our energy, simply because we are afraid and because we are used to our slow-paced comfort zone.

This card tells about enthusiasm, passion, willingness and general positivity over taking action and doing our thing. In an upright position, this is an auspicious card.

Eight of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

When the Eight of Wands appears reversed, it means that things will not go as swift and quickly as we might have hoped for.

It is very interesting to look at the card in this position, because the wands now appear to be directed upwards, but the imagery does not give us an impression of a rocket speed. It is as if the scene has slowed down, which is correct interpretation.

The reversed Eight of Wands is about delay in plans, delay in actions, hesitation about taking action. It is about having to concrete plan, indecisiveness and lack of concentration and focus.

While the upright card is all about manifestation, quick reaction and high motivation and determination, the reversed card suggests the opposite.

As the card is associated with travel and communication, when it shows up reversed, it means some travel plans could be cancelled or delayed. It also means that the individual finds it very difficult to verbalize and express the ideas or communicate with others; it could be followed by a feeling that no one understand us.

On the other hand, the card could suggest the state of complete chaos that comes as a result of making too quick, too hasty decisions and being unable to weigh one’s own capacities and capabilities.

It is about being disorganized, taking too many things at once, rushing into action without thinking through it and ending up in a state of chaos, losing control, losing the sense of purpose and else.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

Concerning career, the 8 of Wands card could be a very auspicious sign, telling you that amazing opportunities are right in front of you and that they will not wait for you eternally.

Therefore, it is about perfect opportunities that require quick, immediate response. Those could bring you financial success, a great new position, realization of your business ideas and overall success.

This is a card of risk taking, which could be a double-sided blade and requires an excellent evaluation of current circumstances.

Therefore, in a career reading, this card tells about a need to focus, concentrate and grab an opportunity. This is a card of efficiency, practicality and well formulated ides.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

When it comes to love, the Eight of Wands is definitely about taking action and about being suddenly hit by Cupid’s arrows. Sometimes a sudden love-arrows find us confused, surprised, lost in a way.

However, this could be an amazing feeling! Of course, do not lose your head. In any case, this could be an amazing new chapter of your life.

We could actually say that the Eight of Wands card is a tarot equivalent of Cupid’s arrow.

The card is generally about romance and amorousness, but it does not mean that it would end that way, that this would be only a sweet love experience and nothing more. It could lead to something big.

This card is also about communicating your feelings; it is about saying the person you care for that he or she means a world to you.

It is not only about romantic love, but about expressing your affection directly in general. Show the people you love that you think about them; now it is a good moment to do so.

Eight of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Eight of Wands brings some good advices when it comes to well-being and health. This is a card about acting quickly, so, on one side, it advises not to wait until certain problems progress.

Some people avoid consulting a doctor or a therapist, because they are afraid or ashamed. Well, when it comes to health, there are no excuses.

In general, it is a card of being focus and concentrated; do not let anxiety overwhelms you, be it due to actual physical difficulties or emotional and other ones.

Concentrate on what you want to achieve, practice meditation, affirmative sentences and anything that would help you stay concentrated, but also calm.

8 of Wands Combined

When tarot cards appear side by side, they form specific meanings. Let us see into several examples of meanings provided through combinations of 8 of Wands and other tarot cards.

  • Eight of Wands and The Fool: Unexpected journey, spontaneity
  • 8 of Wands and The Moon: Schemes, deception
  • Eight of Wands and The Three of Wands: Fruitful period
  • 8 of Wands and The Knight of Cups: Romance
  • Eight of Wands and The Five of Swords: Provocation
  • 8 of Wands and The Page of Pentacles: Scholarships, positive news related to finances

Eight of Wands Message

Overall, Eight of Wands is a promising card, but not without a bit of warning.

This card is all about bringing ideas into realization and about making proper moves in a situation that requires quick reaction.

The Eight of Wands card tells about optimism, concentration, focus and readiness to take action.

In a way, it tells of a bit tense state, that in which one is ready to act at any given moment.

Eight of Wands is about having amazing potential and willingness to express it.

As we have seen in the upright card reading, the card is about efficiency, excellent communication of our ideas, expression and flow of energy.

In reversed position, there is a risk of chaos and poor evaluation of one’s own abilities.

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