8 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

If you had an opportunity to see into the future, would you take a glance? Many of us would like to know at least something of our future, so to relieve ourselves of the burden of uncertainty, which is, at times, hard to carry around. We could never know what will exactly take place. However, we could get an idea of what might happen.

No common techniques and methods could tell us what the destiny has in store for us, as individual human beings. No one will tell you if you are going to fall in love, to get incredibly rich, to lose something, to gain something else and so on and on. Scenarios are countless! There is a peculiar way to take a glimpse of it.

Divination could reveal us things we can never now any other way. Although it should always be taken with caution, divination could reveal us our future, in a lose sense. Divination practices are many and there is no other key to understanding the divinatory answers and guidelines than to gain great knowledge about symbols and their interaction.

All our life is full of symbols, which carry something of the divine plan within. We share our part in it and we are engaged with its mysterious paths.

Divination practices could help us to see into our role within the heavenly plan. Tarot cards reading is one of the very common forms of divination. It uses wonderful, richly illustrated cards as its instrument.

Tarot Suits Basics

Reading tarot cards is not an easy task as it might seem in the first place. Interpretation of the complex imagery of tarot cards requires wisdom, knowledge, understanding not only of the separate symbols one by one, but seeing them as a part of a greater picture. Each card is an image, a true masterpiece of symbolism.

A good tarot practitioner must know much about the symbols overall, the cards as such, the tarot techniques. Above all, he or she has to be familiar with the incredible world of symbolical and allegorical meanings. Symbols and allegorical scenes found on tarot cards, as well as archetypical personifications, are to be found in other alternative disciplines.

Tarot decks are very specific. They typically contain seventy eight cards, all with their characteristic images. There are no two same cards in any tarot deck, although some of them present with curious similarities. Each tarot card is a story of its own and for this reason we dedicate our time to each of the cards in detail.

Tarot decks are organized into two major suits, Major and Minor or Lesser Arcana. These descriptive names do not explain their value, but their role. While the Major Arcana, consisting of twenty two cards, represents the major plan and ourselves within it, the Minor Arcana, which interests us here, refers to the minor or everyday plan.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

Minor Arcana consists of four more lesser suits. Each of these is known after its characteristics symbol. You will find them as the suit of Wands, suit of Cups, suit of Swords and, our suit here, the suit of Pentacles. They are different in nature, by faculty and class they represent. Each is related to one of the four essential elements, which tells much about the energy characteristic of the suit.

The suit of Pentacles is the Earth element suit, related to the class of merchants or traders, as it mostly deals with the material possessions, finances and everything related. It is an earthbound suit, so to say, as it speaks about the material, tangible experience of our physical bodies. This suit is not that spiritual or abstract in its core meaning.

This suit is mostly related to matters of possessions. It is about money, earning, payment, investments, work, stability, provision, income, home and tradition, organization and practicality, efficiency, hard work and effort and generally everything that leads to some sort of material success. The energy is optimistic.

This cards suit is characterized by the persistent effort, the belief into one’s work and goals, with the final vision of providing the best possible living conditions to ourselves and the people we care about the most. As people, Pentacles would be excellent investors, handy workers, traders of skill, practical people, all those who enjoy working and building something with great optimism.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Eight of Pentacles is definitely one of those working cards, which is a motif characteristic of the suit. We have already grown familiar with some stages of our life work, to say, expressed through the pervious cards.

Now, what stage in our progress represents the Eight of Pentacles? We shall see. But first, let us go through a quick overview of the card.

We could describe the Eight of Pentacles as a card about learning skills, doing something that would improve one’s work.

It is about a period in life which requires some kind of learning and it definitely does not depend on one’s age. Let us see into the keywords and basic characteristics.

8 of Pentacles key terms: Cautiousness, observance, learning, study and studying, being eager to learn new things, gaining new knowledge and improving skills, productive atmosphere, diligence, orientation to details, careful approach, hard work, careful money management, calculation and well-measured risks

Key essential element of the Eight of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 8

Yes/No question for The Eight of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed 8 of Pentacles key terms: Cheating and gaining something through trickery, skipping steps, wasting time, effort and resources, giving up a course or study, procrastinating with a study, problems in learning, irresponsible attitude towards work, deadlines missed, not trying hard enough

Visual Description of The Eight of Pentacles Card

As we can see from this quick overview, Eight of Pentacles is card mostly about a process of improvement and learning.

Improving skills and gaining knowledge are both essential steps if we are to succeed, to make our ideas real and, well, earn something from it. Okay, let us see into the image. What does it tell about all this?

The Eight of Pentacles represents a scene featuring one human figure, which is a common case in the tarot.

Here we can see a man, a craftsman to be precise, carving a pentacle; all pentacles on the image are common suit of Pentacles ones (they are also known as Diamonds, Coins, Discs, Deniers). He seems to be focused on his work.

There are eight pentacles, corresponding with the number of the card, but here is what is interesting about them.

The six of them are perfectly arranged, hanging in front of the man, as if they were placed in such an order by his hands, as he finished working on them. One is on the floor, still waiting for him to make some interventions over it; the last is in his hands.

The image clearly represents the process of creating, improving, working on something with patience, with dedication and determination.

The man intervenes on the pentacles, as if he would love to improve them and make them perfect. The very pentacles on the Pentacles suit coins represents perfection and talismans.

The surroundings are relaxed, there is a town in the distance and not much to be seen otherwise, as our focus should be on the man and his great work. He is dressed in working apparel, which also tells about his responsibility, organization, order and else.

This is the time for work, so everything should be concentrated around it.

The perfect arrangement of the pentacles in front of the man tell about his good sense of organization, order and patience. He works in a steady manner, following certain principles, his working area is all tidy and very harmonious.

This figure definitely represents one who knows how to use his hands, who values his own work.

Eight of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

I shall build my own fortune.

What is the core meaning of the Eight of Pentacles card? The Eight of Pentacles tell us there are times we have to take things in our hands, not that much in terms of taking up control in opposition to someone else or being in charge over others, but in order to improve our own skills and thus become more successful.

This is the card about building up our practice, improving skills and knowledge.

Practice makes things perfect, it is said. Practice definitely makes things better and certain tasks that were once very difficult to perform become a piece of cake.

With practice, we do difficult things as a routine work, which opens more time for learning more and getting better. The Eight of Pentacles is card about building by one’s own hands.

The emphasis is on the work done by our own hands, by our own effort.

The Eight of Pentacles reminds us of the importance of learning at any age; this card is not about studying as a formal step in education alone.

It is about improving your skills at any moment you feel like it. It should be encouraging, as it also suggests that it is never to late.

8 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

The Eight of Pentacles is definitely a YES card. Whatever you have been up to, go for it, do it, learn it, improve it! There are no limits, in terms of studying.

A human being could learn for as long as he or she lives, that is the only truth.

Do not be afraid to enroll a school, take up a course or whatever else.

This card is am affirmative answer to all questions related to learning something new that could improve your life conditions and help your progress.

It is not exactly about doing something only for pleasure, but about doing something meaningful, something that would pay off.

Eight of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The upright Eight of Pentacles card is, as you will likely assume, an auspicious one.

This card tells about a stage of life in which you are going to learn something new and it would most likely be something practical, something that would help you become more successful, especially in terms of career and finances, in the future.

This card tells that time invested into learning and improving skills eventually always pays off.

If you have an excellent idea of starting a business, something that would make you more independent and let you express your creativity, then go for it!

The Eight of Pentacles is a card that assures you of your talents and potentials.

Eight of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Eight of Pentacles is, as expected, less promising. It is about not trying enough, basically.

It tells about an irresponsible attitude towards your work, in the first place.

However, the reason for such an attitude is most likely the fact that the individual actually underestimates their own talents and skills or that others make him or her thinks like that.

As a result, one gives up things that have great potential, misses good opportunities, fails to finish the work.

The reversed card should serve as a reminder and not a punishment; well, no tarot card is  punishment and things, in most of the cases, could be corrected.

Therefore, gather yourself and continue where you started.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Eight of Pentacles is a great card for career readings, as it tells about improving, studying, learning to the effect that one come sup with excellent results.

Now it is the time to study and improve your skills! On the other hand, this card is about having amazing ideas and a practical mind that would help you bring them into light.

This card is excellent for those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, crafts of all sorts, people who are creative and love doing things by their own hands and on their own. A great business idea could emerge from that and bring you fantastic results.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

Speaking of love, this card is simply about improvement and invested effort and time to learn that pays off.

Although not focused on romantic relationships or any relationships specifically, we could see it in such a light.

It takes time, effort and work to build up a solid and stable relationship, and it pays off.

Eight of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The same if with the health reading. This card emphasizes the importance of learning, good organization, improving skills.

For example, it could be a very good card for sportspersons, as it indicates an improvement.

If you are a sportsperson, you might experience some sort of breakthrough and polish your skill.

8 of Pentacles Combined

Let us see into several interesting Eight of Pentacles combinations. Tarot cards could only be understood in combinations with others, if we speak about a reading.

For this reason it is essential first to get familiar with the meaning of each of the cards alone, of course.

Here are our Eight of Pentacles combinations.

  • Eight of Pentacles and The Emperor: Own a business, building a family, protecting interests
  • 8 of Pentacles and The World: next level, promotion, goals achieved through hard work
  • Eight of Pentacles and The Ten of Wands: Too much work to be done
  • 8 of Pentacles and The Four of Cups: Choosing work as a priority
  • Eight of Pentacles and The Page of Swords: Over thinking
  • 8 of Pentacles and The Seven of Pentacles: Training, exercise, awaiting results

The Eight of Pentacles Message

The Eight of Pentacles encourages you not to give up. It is a card about the period of learning and improving skills, which would eventually prove to be wisely spent time.

As the suit of Pentacles is about material gain, finances, money, work and such, this card indicates a financial success made through very own and apparently very independent effort.

As some other Pentacles suggest as well, this card is not a bout an overnight success.

It is about a steady, slower progress, but one about the individual is very confident and actually passionate about.

While in the preceding card there was some insecurity about it, the Eight of Pentacles is definitely about believing in one’s own work.

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