7 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Have you ever had a tarot reading? Through the magic of tarot cards, we could take a deep insight into our destiny.

Tarot cards are not indeed magical, but full of meaningful symbols, whose heavenly guided combinations appear in front of our eyes and tell us something about our past, present and future. No one’s fate could ever be changed, but it could be predicted.

However, there are beautiful and very interesting ways to take a glimpse of our future!

Divination arts seize back into unknown times and, long ago they were more intertwined with science and everything we would today consider official and acknowledged, thus more reliable. Astronomy and astrology are a good example.

For ages and ages, people have been trying to find a way to predict the future. We do that in many ways. Acknowledged, official, to say, methods could tell us something about it; many sciences make precise calculations and thus make our overall existence a bit more comfortable, perhaps.

However, none of it reveals the secret of an individual’s life. We can never know what might fall upon us or wait us around the corner of our destiny.

Divination, however, could help us get an insight into potentials that mark our destiny. Divination answers could be tricky, so they are to be interpreted with due attention and care.

Tarot Suits Basics

How can tarot cards tell us about our destiny and future? Tarot cards are wonderfully illustrated cards originating from middle ages, when they were used for playing card games. However, these curious cards soon entered the domain of the esoteric and obscure, thus becoming an instrument of divination.

No divination practice is a magician’s trick; it is an art and a science of its own. Let us now learn something more about tarot decks and cards. These decks typically number seventy eight cards, divided into the suits called the Minor and the Major Arcana. The difference between these two is not their value, but their field of interest.

Major Arcana relates to events happening on the big plan, of which we are part. It is about archetypes that are to be found within ourselves, as a part of the universal plan. This part of the deck counts twenty two cards in total, numbered from 0 to 21. The other part could the rest fifty six cards.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The suit of Pentacles is one of the four lesser suits of the Minor Arcana. Minor Arcana is organized into four different suits, that of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each counts fourteen cards, of which four cards are face or Court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages), while the rest are numbers, from one or Ace to ten.

Moreover, each of these suits has special quality, a faculty related and a class. Thus, the suit of Pentacles is the suit of the element Earth, the suit of the class of merchants and the faculty of body experience and material possessions. We could best describe this suit as earthbound, in all its meaning. This is the suit of the sensual and the material.

The suit of Pentacles refers to everything that has to do with physical experience and material possessions. It is about the finances, trade, commerce, hard work, effort, investments, fortune and wealth, stability, family home, traditional values, provision, comfort and luxury. Overall, it is the suit about a comfortable, prosperous life.

If we think of tarot suits as of people, we could describe Pentacles people, so to call them, as those who are willing to work hard, in order to provide for themselves and the ones they love. They are highly practical and creative, capable of placing their ideas into realization. They enjoy working and building; it is no burden or trouble for them.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

Of course each suit could present in its negative side. Pentacles would turn into gold diggers, lazy people, over-indulgent ones and so on.

What is the case with our Seven of Pentacles? What kind of Pentacles cards is this one? Let us find out.

First we will go through some basic facts and then we will get into more detailed description and interpretation. The Seven of Pentacles is kind of an ambiguous card.

It is not as auspicious as some other Pentacles, because it is all about things that take too much time and we do not like waiting. It does not to be a bad one, at all, but, it takes time.

7 of Pentacles key terms: Slow progress, steady progress, gradual progress, growth with time, delay, wasted effort, effort and work without reward or payment, endurance and persistence, belief into what we are doing, regardless of fruitlessness, not trying as hard as you could

Key essential element of the Seven of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 7

Yes/No question for The Seven of Pentacles card: No

Reversed 7 of Pentacles key terms: Blockage, difficulties with continuing the project, fruitless effort, discouragement, bad investment, business failure and ruin, self sabotaging, relief in the difficult times (a brief one, though), long term problems, difficult to solve

Visual Description of The Seven of Pentacles Card

The Seven of Pentacles does not appear to be a promising card, based on its quick facts and major characteristics. However, it does not have to be totally negative, as we shall see in the following lines.

First, let us see into its imagery. Tarot card images contain all of their meanings. In order to understand the meaning of the card, we have to see through its image.

The most widespread and popular tarot cards design is one from the beginning of the twentieth century, the Rider-Waite deck, illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith, as instructed by the mystic and academic Waite.

This is the most popular one, but there are numerous other ones. The images are stylized, but loaded with meanings.

The Seven of Pentacles represents a single human figure, as many other tarot cards of the Minor Arcana.

Here we see a man, dressed simply, leaning on a hoe. He looks into the some kind of squash or pumpkin leaves, in his field. In any case, he obviously grows these. There are only leaves, while pentacles are scattered over them.

The man looks into them as if he waits for the first fruits to show up; the pentacles here are a hint, a metaphor of what might be, not what already is. The man does not appear exhausted by his work, but a bit bored or even disappointed.

This could be understood in many ways, especially if you return to those quick facts we have enlisted.

He may be disappointed for his hard work did not pay off, but maybe he did not invest enough time, dedication, work and patience into these crops.

Maybe he expects to be rewarded for the work he did not perform the way it should have been performed. It depends on the scenario, so the meaning would greatly depend on the whole reading.

Overall, this card’s appearance leaves us with an uneasy impression, the impression of waiting for something, but not any particularly happy anticipation.

There is not a slight moment of enthusiasm on this image. The crops are there and abundant, but there are no fruits. The man takes a break or his work has been done, in his opinion.

Seven of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

To success with patience and persistence.

For all these reasons, this card is really an ambiguous one and its meaning would greatly depend on a particular case.

However, in the core of its meaning is definitely some kind of waiting. Now, on a good side, the card could be about patience, about persistence, about belief in our own work, which would eventually reward us with good results.

Sometimes it really takes time for the fruits of our work to grow and be ready for picking; sometimes everything appears as hopeless and pointless.

However, the key is not to give up. We should believe in our good work and never stop trying, this is what the Seven of Pentacles says.

On the other hand, there are times when we should take a break.

This card also tells about brief moments of relief that brighten up our bad days, periods in which we are struggling, especially when it comes to work.

The Seven of Pentacles tell us that the progress does not have to be a steady line nor that it has to come quickly, as we think. We often expect our work to immediately bring us results.

Sometimes things develop gradually. Although such form of success does not leave us with that exciting feeling of accomplishing much on the first look, it actually worth much more.

Slower progress is often steadier and its fruits are much sweeter than those that are picked too early. Let us now see into other aspects of this card.

7 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

Unlike many other Pentacles, this card is a NO. Seven of Pentacles are more about delay, pauses, blockages and waiting. This card does not encourage taking immediate action or deciding on big turns.

This card is about being persistent and patiently waiting. For these reasons, its answer would be no, especially if you were about to make some drastic steps or changes.

Seven of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

In the upright position, the Seven of Pentacles tells us that certain things are really worth waiting, emphasizing those that we put much of our time and effort into.

This card tells about progress, but a slow one, a path that often makes us start doubting our efforts and start questioning our goals. Such a path is commonly accompanied with that gloomy feeling that nothing pays off.

The Seven of Pentacles in the upright position should encourage us to stay on our track.

People are impatient by nature, but it almost always turns out that things that have taken long time to develop were crowned with much better success, in terms of greater stability and our own satisfaction.

Therefore, the Seven of Pentacles praises patience.

This card, even in the upright position, brings some not that pleasing news. This card is about delays related to financial gain, rewards and such.

This could have the opposite effect when you finally receive what you have been owed; because of waiting, you might feel drained and not rejoice that much. This is why patience is of essential importance in such matters.

Seven of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

Seven of Pentacles in reversed position are about great difficulties related to our investments and work.

Things are not developing in good direction, our work is fruitless or we even sabotage our own selves.

If the card appears in this position, you should probably start thinking about changing something; maybe you should invest into something else.

On the other hand, this card also tells about our inability to find a good measure in our work; we end up doing very little, but we expect great reward.

It is as if you have tended to your garden once in a year and you expect delicious, healthy fruits. Well, things never go that way. In addition, this card could be more straightforward and indicate financial loss as such.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

Seven of Pentacles is a card about slow, gradual and steady progress. When it comes to career and work in general, it is not a particularly promising card in terms of fantastic, sudden and glorious success. This card is about fruitful business, but over a long term. It is about growing in a very literal sense.

This card could be a good card for those who really grow something; Seven of Pentacles is the card of farmers, plant growers, gardeners and anyone else engaged with such a calling.

It is also a good card for investors, of course, if the position of the card was promising. In general, this is a card of planning, patience, belief in a project.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Seven of Pentacles is about the investment and gain. If we translate it into the relationship language, this card should make you think about whether you give enough attention to your loved one and vice versa.

It is also about prolonged difficulties between partners, which might be resolved only with time.

Seven of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

As in other readings, the Seven of Pentacles is about patience.

Regardless of what troubles you, some things need time to resolve. You do not have solution at hand, but it does not mean you should stop searching for it. Be persistent and believe into a good end.

7 of Pentacles Combined

When tarot cards appear one beside the other, which is a common arrangement in a reading, their meanings become slightly different, as cards affect one another. Tarot combinations are a key to an overall meaning of a message in a reading.

Let us see into several of the Seven of Pentacles combinations.

Seven of Pentacles Message

Although the Seven of Pentacles leave us with a bit dull feeling in our chest, this is not a negative card overall.

Well, there is no such thing as a negative and positive tarot card, although their meanings, in particular contexts and readings may appear as such.

The Seven of Pentacles is a card about something we people generally do not find pleasant, about waiting.

The Seven of Pentacles is, indeed, a card about delays, especially in results, with an emphasis on those of financial, material nature.

However, this card is also about a very slow, though steady progress, which could eventually turn out as fruitful. Sometimes we have to wait much more than we would like, in order to pick fruits of our work.

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