7 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Would you like to know your future or you enjoy the excitement of uncertainty better?

Most of people, in fact, enjoy both. We all need a bit of security and predictability and a dose of surprises. We can never tell what will definitely happen in our future, especially when it comes to individual experiences and lives.

While there are many things that could be calculated and predicted, like a weather forecast, which, to be honest, not always matches the actual circumstances.

Perhaps the parallel can be drawn between the weather forecast and divination; while, on a big scale, weather forecast might prove correct, on the minor plan it is not always like that.

Divination works in a similar way. It reveals us parts of the greater, universal plan and give us insight into potentials.

However, in reality, these things might unfold a bit differently, especially when it comes to individual lifetimes. Divination does not lie, but it requires great understanding and knowledge in order to be properly interpreted.

Could divination be wrong? It could, of course, if we do not read it well. People make a common mistake, believing that divination, such as tarot, astrology or any other you can think of, should provide us with concrete answers like this and that will happen to you at this or that time.

It does not work that way. Divination tells about the potential of happening.

Tarot Suits Basics

Divination, such as tarot reading, tells about things that might happen, but it also depends on how they are going to happen and what form would they take. In any case, in order to understand tarot, you have to know much about symbolism and, well, people! One has to be familiar with many other divination practices and lore, if he or she was to interpret tarot.

So, tarot decks are large decks consisting of 78 illustrated cards. The rich imagery on these cards is the key to understanding tarot.  Each deck divides into two parts, both of specific importance in a reading. One part is related to the universal, major, bigger and higher plan and it is, thus, called the Major Arcana. This suit contains 22 cards.

The other part is related to the mundane, the everyday life, various people we meet, various situations and individual experiences of the questioner; hence its name, Minor Arcana, related to the minor plan. Therefore, these names have nothing to do with the lesser or greater value. The part that interests us better is the Minor.

Suit of Cups Major Characteristics

The Minor Arcana is divided into four suits, known as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, named after their characteristic symbols. They are known under other names, as well. In each deck, there are four Court cards, that is, Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. The rest are numbers, from Ace or 1 to 10. Each of these suits has its specific quality, faculty, class and an essential element.

The suit of Cups is also known as Hearts, which tells about its faculty of emotions. The suit of Cups is the emotional suit, one could say. It is associated with the passive energy, with the inner world, spirituality, imagination and creativity, expression through (artistic) medium, with aesthetics, beauty and more.

This suit is associated with the mysterious and deep element of Water, which is linked with the concept of feminine principle, with spiritual journey, intuitive and psychic powers. The suit of Cups tells about relations and relationships, it is about love, passion, compassion, searching for tranquility, balance and harmony.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Seven of Cups card is a peculiar one. The very first look at it leaves you a bit perplexed, we believe. We shall describe the card in detail in the following part of our text, for understanding the imagery of a card makes the most important step in interpreting the overall meaning of the card and placing it in the context of the individual case.

One could call the Seven of Cups a card of choices and it definitely appears so, if you carefully look at it.

Before we get into the choices it poses before us and the detail description and explanation, let us go through some rather simple facts about this card. The Seven of Cups brief overview goes as follows.

7 of Cups key terms: Difficult choices, hesitation and indecision, delusional thinking, making bad choices due to being badly informed, vice, alcohol and drugs, being gluttonous, lacking morality, indecent behavior, excessiveness, state of confusion, corruption and fraud

Key essential element of the Seven of Cups: Water

Minor Arcana type: Number, 7

Yes/No question for The Seven of Cups card: Maybe

Reversed 7 of Cups key terms: Coming up with a decision after a period of confusion and indecisiveness, revealing the truth, seeing through trickery and deceit, regaining realistic thinking, recovery from excessiveness of any sort, being unsusceptible to manipulation, gaining valuable information before making decisions

Visual Description of The Seven of Cups Card

The Seven of Cups card is definitely an impressive one. Its imagery is as fascinating as it is confusing.

What we see first are all those cups filled with some quite strange things. They float in the clouds, they are a vision of a human figure which appears to us as a silhouette of a man. The man obviously gazes into his vision, although we cannot se the face.

He is surprised or greatly impressed, probably both. Now, the focus of the card is on the cups in the clouds. There are seven cups, as the card is The Seven of Cups, and each cup has something inside it.

It appears as if these cups are offerings; the man before them is placed before choices. He probably cannot have them all at once, so he has to decide which one to take.

Let us now analyze the cups one by one, starting from the lower right corner. This cup features a creature, a dragon-like one.

The dragon is a powerful, mythical creature, but mythical, indeed, legendary. This choice would probably have to do with chasing dragons, with something unrealistic, with fighting demons that do not exist.

The next one features a laurel wreath, promising triumph and success, which could be the outcome of the choice, but not necessary.

The one next to it is full of gems and pearls and jewelry, a choice of abundance, a choice of pursuing riches, which is always a double sided blade.

The one next to it has a castle on a rock, telling about something that is hard to reach, something distant and requiring a lot of work.

The snake in the right upper one is a symbol of temptation, of poison, as well, but one should remember that the snake is also a healer and an animal representing wisdom and regeneration. The left upper one features a head of a woman, so it might refer to longing for love, for relationship, for someone.

However, the head is transparent, which tells about the fragility of this choice.

Finally, the most obscure one is the central cup. There is obviously a human figure inside it, with arms spread and fully covered by a white cloth, emitting warm rays. No one knows who this is; this is a choice, perhaps, of meeting oneself, of getting in touch with oneself, but it remains mysterious.

All these place the man in a difficult situation and all represent both a trick or treat, to say.

These cups may represent not real choices, not even real needs, but desires that could be as delusional as they may be tempting.

The card is all about making choices, but it is a reminder that our choices, no matter how imaginative we were, must have some ground in reality. Intuition and delusion are two diametrically opposite things.

Seven of Cups Card Meaning Guide

The right choice amongst many.

The Seven of Cups is a difficult card, although, at the first sight, it appears easily seducing and alluring. Well, the difficulty lies in there.

The seven of Cups card tells about having many opportunities. However, it does not actually inform us whether our opportunities are good or not, it does not tell about their quality, nor does it actually tell about their outcomes.

This card poses before us a difficult task of recognizing first what would be the opportunities and choices in our real life; not surprisingly, many of us take lot of those for granted, reject them without consideration, embrace those easier or more pleasing ones and so on.

Therefore, the first thing this card suggests is that we, indeed, have many opportunities. What will become of them is not known; in fact, it is, but we do not know.

Once we bring into awareness the choices we have, we should carefully consider them all and weigh them.

This is definitely not an easy task, but it is necessary and inevitable. We cannot have everything at once and it depends on our own intuition and reason to make a wise choice.

Many choices that we make in life would be misleading, but they will, hopefully make us find another path.

There is always a risk of making a bad choice, but it is worse never to make a choice and surrender to choices made by others. Sometimes we have to trust another’s’ choice. See? For all these reasons, Seven of Cups are an ultimate MAYBE card.

7 of Cups  – YES or NO

As mentioned above, the answer provided through The Seven of Cups card could be no other than MAYBE. If you get this card in a ’yes or no’ reading, its answers is a genuine fifty-fifty one.

So, it could be, but it also does not have to be. A bit unfair answer, one would say. Well, it means that your intuition and reason are in a state of confusion.

Even if this ’choices card’ definitely emphasizes the importance of making some, one should not rush into making a decision. In that sense, this card is about the balance one has to find between intuition, reason, the opportunities as they are. Choices require maturity.

Seven of Cups Card Upright Meaning

The Seven of Cups is one of those cards that prove to be better when reversed, than in the original position.

The upright position is the one that tells about delusional visions, obscure information, inability to make up one’s mind, indecisiveness and hesitation, inability to see through fraud and trickery, sometimes even through our own illusions.

It is about making wrong choices, usually those that serve our temporary desires, which typically turn to be a deception of our lustful nature and the need for pleasure and comfort. Such choices turn into over-indulgence, lead to gluttony, alcoholism and even drug abuse, to give a plastic example.

Seven of Cups Card Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the card brings better news. It is about finally making a decision or a difficult choice; the effect, although hard and exhausting is, in its core, that of relief.

This is a card about mature decisions, those that have required many mistakes to be made, many bad choices to be experienced. The reversed card is about the ability to decide.

As related to the excessive nature of the card and especially that of its upright position, the reversed one is about healing and recovery, about staring to think clearly and behave more respectfully towards oneself, but also towards the others.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card – Career Meaning

Seven of Cups card brings sudden changes regarding career path, ones that usually find the individual confused and probably insecure.

Rare are those who would instantly pick a right opportunity and feel super confident about it.

Most of people would not know what to do. Therefore, let the initial excitement or confusion clear up, before accepting the offer or cast everything away.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In a love reading, this card could be particularly confusing, because it is about our desires, which might be terribly misleading.

It is about the possibility to meet someone and completely lose your head over that person, regardless of his or her feelings.

It is about lover’s delusions, about insatiable desire for another, which might occur even of you were in a relationship.

Seven of Cups  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

When the health is in question, this card might be a sign of overburdening yourself with efforts your body and mind cannot take any longer.

On the other end is another for of excessive behavior – over-indulgence. Neither is good for your health. It is time to make priorities and to learn moderation. Moderation is the key to well-being.

7 of Cups Combined

The Seven of Cups combined comes up with some quite interesting meanings. Let us see into several examples. Understanding tarot combinations is vital to interpreting tarot.

  • Seven of Cups and The Emperor: Family plans, business project
  • 7 of Cups and The Tower: Plans fallen apart, broken illusion
  • Seven of Cups and The Ten of Wands: Too much fantasizing
  • 7 of Cups and Page of Cups: Dreamer, daydreaming
  • Seven of Cups and The Queen of Swords: Trickery, deceit
  • 7 of Cups and Three of Pentacles. Lacking experience

Seven of Cups Message

What does this strange card want to tell us? That the choices are many and that they are difficult to be made! You have already knew that, you might say.

Sometimes we need a striking reminder of the fact that we do have many opportunities that we ignore, but also a reminder of the importance of deciding on priorities and making choices that were in harmony both with our intuition and reason.

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