6 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Prepare for your triumphal ride, for the victory is near! This is the message of the auspicious Six of Wands tarot card, of which we are going talk much more in the following paragraphs.

Before we turn our full attention to the Six of Wands card, let us introduce you to the mystical world of tarot and the art of tarot reading. Like many types of divination practices, tarot is quite old.

Divination is a mystic way to get to know your destiny and try to predict future. Although people usually identify divination with precise prognosis, that is not actually the exact case.

Throughout our known history, we have been trying to trick destiny, in a way, and find out what awaits us around the corner, so to make our lives more predictable and our minds content.

Many emperors, kings, queens and ladies of great names have been regularly consulting their magicians, astrologers and prophets, in order to find out the future of their reign and lineage.

Not only one excellent military commander has relied on such predictions, in order to find out the perfect moment to put his troops into action. Sometimes the prophecies turned to be true; sometimes not.

It not that divination is a fraud, although many tricksters would have exploit its potentials to deceive others for their own profit, but it requires great knowledge, wisdom, talent and flexibility of one’s mind to be interpreted in a proper way; not only interpreted, but understood and accepted. Divination is not simply a skill; we could call it an art.

This especially comes to light when we deal with tarot cards, which are, indeed, seventy eight pieces of art.

These richly decorated and beautifully illustrated cards were originally playing cards, but they’ve soon found their place within the realm of the mystical and esoteric. What do these cards look like and what is the secret of tarot decks?

Tarot Suits Basics

Common tarot decks are consisted of seventy eight illustrated cards. One deck consists of two major parts, the Major and the Minor Arcana.

The names of these two sets of cards do not speak about their greater or lesser importance, but of their role in a reading. Major Arcana set contains twenty two cards and they carry numbers from 0 to 21. This set is related to the major plan.

In other words, this set does not tell about our everyday circumstances and situations, but about those that include and affect us on a bigger, the universal plan.

This set is full of archetypes and allegories of this type. The mundane and common is reserved for the Minor Arcana. This part of the tarot contains 56 cards, organized into four sets of 14 cards each.

Of these fourteen, four cards are Court or face cards. They represent hierarchy and personalities in our lives. The rest of the cards are numbers, representing various situations, marked by numbers from 1 to 10. Each of the four Minor Arcana suits is represented by a specific symbol.

Therefore, we know these suits under the names of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

These names vary, depending on a particular suit. Each of these is associated with a specific faculty, a class and an essential element.

Each could also be associated with zodiac signs, in relation to the element, and all these characteristics reveal much about the nature of a suit. Our suit of interest is the suit of Wands.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

The suit of Wands is all about action, vitality, growth and progress. Its cards represent various aspects of these and various stages in our lives, related to these.

This suit corresponds with the element of Fire and related zodiac signs, which tells much about its active, fiery, a bit intense nature. Cards of the suit all feature the characteristic symbol of a wand. Take a look at it.

Wands on the cards of the suit are more than a wooden tool, a stick. They have green leaves growing on them, which tells about the creative energy this suit represents.

The suit of Wands is greatly about our potentials to develop, grow and improve; all through action. The suit is about motivation, inspiration and ambition.

This suit is primarily associated with the masculine energy and the pro-active attitude towards things in life. It is an amazingly powerful energy that is embodied in the figures in these cards.

However, such a powerful potential is always a risk; the negative side of the suit of Wands could be manifested as aggression, forcefulness, stubbornness, defiance, arrogance, pride and sometimes even violent behavior.

Six of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

Six of Wands is a triumphant card! Unlike some cards that follow it, this is a card of glory, success, great energy, unshaken will and determination. In a way, it represents the best of your efforts, its peak, and the reward that comes. This is the card of excellent outcome, although it could present the other way around, depending on the position of the card.

We will pay special attention to its visual description and variants of interpretations, depending on the card’s position and a specific reading. Before we do so, let us go through some basic facts about this tarot card. This will help us get a clear impression of the card’s message in a reading.

6 of Wands key terms: Triumph, glory, reward, goals accomplished, feeling strong, courageous, exalted, excited, adrenaline, inspiration, being highly motivated and driven, feeling as nothing could stop you, believing in success

Key essential element of the Six of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 6

Yes/No question for The Six of Wands card: Yes

Reversed 6 of Wands key terms: Loss of self-confidence, denial, disbelief, being ostracized or feeling so, unfavorable position, fall, being unsuccessful, delay, self-doubt, self-criticism

Visual Description of The Six of Wands Card

The very first look on this card tells you that something big is going on! The card looks very auspicious even on the first glance. What is happening here?

Most of Minor Arcana cards represent a specific scene, a situation which is an allegory of various situations that could happen in our lives in reality. Each card is highly symbolical and no element on them is random.

Tarot designs are various, but cards always feature characteristic symbols and imagery. Tarot de Marseille is a standard pattern for tarot designs and the most popular design is the famous Rider-Waite deck. You have probably stumbled upon its images, even if you were not very familiar with tarot reading technique.  What about the Six of Wands card, then?

The scene represents a procession of triumph, like those triumphant imperial processions of old. There is more than one human figure on the card, in order to make even a more stunning impression of an individual’s triumph – the man mounted on a beautiful white horse. The victor is the center of the image.

The man’s posture is definitely that of a winner; he sits proud, keeping his head high, his shoulders upright and his breasts full of the triumphant air.

On his head, he wears a laurel wreath; in Greco-Roman tradition a symbol of victory and probably the most widely known symbol of victory even in our day. Another laurel wreath he carries high on the wand he holds as he would hold a lance or a standard.

Our champion is nicely dressed, worthy of his triumphant procession; his robes are dominated by the color red, which symbolizes strength, life, power, energy, blood, passion and is one of the common colors related to nobility, imperial insignia, royalty in general. The cover of his white horse is, however, green. Green is the color of life, health, vitality and growth.

The white horse is a good symbol, just like white animals are in general; white is the color of purity, peace, goodness, grace. The arched horse’s neck and the position of its head are graceful and it looks as if the horse shares the solemn glory of its master. There is a harmony between the horse and the rider.

Now, our triumphant noble does not look in our direction; his head is turned towards some other horizons. He does not look arrogant, but solemn and even pensive. He is obviously proud of his success, but he does not embody a champion who has reached his goals enjoying the bloodshed; he looks as if he respects the one’s he defeated and he looks into distance, thinking of the future.

The procession is visited by many; people carry wands in their hands as the symbol of triumph. The champion is glorious, admired, gladly followed. He is someone to look upon to and he might be the deliverer, in a way.

Overall, this cards represent quite an impressive scene. Let us now see deeper into its meaning.

Six of Wands Card Meaning Guide

I shall triumph, by valor and righteousness.

This is what the card represents in its core. The Six of Wands card is first and foremost a card speaking about justly earned respect, glory, praise, admiration.

This is the card that tells you you have all the reasons to feel proud about yourself. You have worked hard to reach your goals, but you were also lucky, in a way. By luck here, we do not mean that the triumph fell from the sky, because, if it was so, you would not feel satisfied by it.

This card tells about an amazing drive, a very bright, well-intended, good attitude towards your goals, which have to be noble and righteous.

Although this is related to individual success, it is not about egoism and selfishness; your triumph brightens the day of many others, because it returns them hope into success, into the possibility of success and in the best case scenario, it should not provoke envy.

Six of Wands is about being guided by the hand on the high, being blessed, being aware of your qualities and using them for good causes.

This is a card about honest intentions, about belief in the better tomorrow, about achieving certain goals, not without trouble, but overcoming pride, arrogance, envy, despair, self-doubt and everything else that could prevent you from succeeding.

The 6 of Wands card is about being full of optimism and being capable of valuing every step to success, every single little accomplishment.

This card is about accepting your triumph; believe it or not, but most of people find it exceptionally difficult to handle the success, even if it does not appear so.

More importantly, the triumph represented here is not the final destination; the champion looks towards new horizons.

6 of Wands  – YES or NO

Six of Wands is definitely a YES card, because, in its core, it is guided by noble intentions and by an honest heart.

If you doubt your strength and capability in any sense, do not; the Six of Wands encourages you to follow your path towards success. This card is an auspicious sign regarding plans, actions and decisions.

If you are unfamiliar with ‘yes or no’ readings, they are very practical and simple. Such readings are perfect if you have doubts and direct questions to ask. A card would be pulled and the answer will come in the most simple form, as a yes, no or maybe, in some ambiguous cases.

Six of Wands Card Upright Meaning

If you have pulled Six of Wands card in the upright position, you have all reasons to rejoice.

Now, as the card represents triumph, it is commonly related to some sort of competition, of winning something against someone.

However, this is a stretched view, since it could be understood as being triumphant against your self-doubt, insecurity and all kinds of thoughts that might have been slowing you down. Of course, it also suggests you are the winner in some kind of competition.

The whole life could be understood as a competition, in a rough sense.

However, what is very important when the Six of Wands upright appears is that all actions are conducted by good intentions, by a noble heart, spirited, uplifted, gracious and not forceful and violent. The one gathers his or hers strength, believes in success, does not give up and succeeds.

This triumph, as represented on the card, fills one’s heart with joy and with content, but it is not the final goal. The one should not stop here.

The champion will pick up the delicious fruits of success and enjoy its sweet taste, which will fill him or her with more energy to continue their path towards some new horizons.

Six of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Six of Wands is inauspicious card, as it tells about the opposite. In this case, the card tells about the absence of triumph, of the recognition of one’s accomplishments, even if he or she has worked hard to achieve something, in an honest and just way.

No one recognizes your value or your contribution; you are underestimated and even falsehoods might be said against you, even if your deeds were all noble and good.

The reversed card also tells about some sort of delay, a delayed success, postponed plans and stagnation.

It could also tell about the very negative effects that success and triumph have over certain individuals; egocentrism, selfishness, envy, arrogance, taking more by force, inability to be satisfied with an achievement, riding your horse over other’s bodies, to speak figuratively.

Six of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

In a career reading, Six of Wands and its genuine meaning bring good news. The triumph card speaks about success, about great accomplishments in the field of career and education.

It is the card related to rewords for carefully and properly finished projects. The card could indicate financial gain, an extra gain, as a reward for special accomplishments, a promotion.

Six of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In a love reading, Six of Wands could also be a very positive sign. It tells about new love, about that beautiful, enchanting feeling of winning someone’s heart and sharing all of your love with that person.

This card tells about being admired and trusted by your partner, for you have proved your love in the most noble and beautiful manner.

You have showed the person your heart beats for that you are worth of their love; your partner trusts in your support and rejoices in your personal achievements.

There is no envy or jealousy in such a relationship. Regardless of being single or in a relationship, Six of Wands is a positive, optimistic romantic card.

Six of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

Since the card tells about triumph and success and is also related to strength and vitality, it is a good one for health and well-being.

In a way, this card could be a sign of miraculous recovery, be it physical or emotional.

This card indicates that you are about to find some sort of cure for yourself and it could be understood in many ways, depending on what you were struggling with.

In any case, this card tells about healing, about finding strength within, about believing in recovery alone.

Sometimes it suggests that an aid will come from someone else, because, in a way, you have deserved it, even if the events are not directly related. Your faith and overall good attitude will be rewarded, one way or another, and you will feel reborn.

6 of Wands Combined

Combinations of tarot cards lead to interesting new meanings. Let us find about specific combinations of 6 of Wands and other cards. Here are several nice examples.

  • Six of Wands and The Sun: Receiving reward, glory, triumph
  • 6 of Wands and The Emperor: Victory over rivals
  • Six of Wands and The Seven of Wands: Struggle to find one’s place beneath the sky, being attacked
  • 6 of Wands and The Ten of Cups: Marriage
  • Six of Wands and The Three of Swords: Capitulating, surrender
  • 6 of Wands and The Queen of Pentacles: Enemy

Six of Wands Message

The card of a champion it is! Six of Wands is the card telling of accomplished goals, public recognition of one’s success, glory, admiration and praise.

In its core, this card is about triumph reached through righteousness and just deeds, a success that contributes to the greater good. This is the card of individual success that reflect positively on the lives of others.

A true victor is wise, noble, inspired by amazing visions and capable of making it come true.

However, this one accomplishment is not the end of the road and, what is important, one should keep positive and take this success as a good sign, as s proof of one’s own value and the heavenly guided destiny of us all.

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