6 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The uncertainty of our future follows us from day to day, leaving us sometimes with the feeling of insecurity, exciting us, on the other side.

Sometimes we would really love to know what awaits us around the corner, especially if we find ourselves in a difficult position, seeking the way to get out of it. Future can never be told for certain.

Tarot reading is one specific form of divination, in which a practitioner uses tarot cards as his or her instrument of divination. These decks are very old and were not originally meant for predicting the future. We will talk about tarot cards into detail in the next paragraph. First, what can any divination practice tell about our lives?

Could it really read our past, see through our present and predict our future? The answer would be both affirmative and negative.

While there is no way to predict the exact course of events, although sometimes it happens, divination could give us a deep insight into possibilities of what might happen to us, in our individual lives.

Tarot Suits Basics

This is the most precious effect of divination. It deals with individual people’s lives. Scientific methods could predict many things, but on a large scale, on a big plan. For example, we could predict the weather, we could analyze some basic patterns of changes in nature, but also in societies and so on. However, no science could tell what will happen to you.

Tarot reading is one specific form of divination, for it looks into one’s destiny through curiously illustrated cards. Now, tarot cards are full of mystical symbols and, in that sense, tarot is tightly bound to other mystic, occults and esoteric practices. Symbols found in tarot are also to be found in mythology, in astrology, in art, as well, and so on.

Tarot decks are very large and organized into two basic parts, the well-known Minor and Major Arcana. These two parts are different by number of cards, but also by what they are related to. Major Arcana refers to the major plan, hence the name. It is about the archetypical and it tells about ourselves on an universal plan, so to say.

This part of the deck counts 22 cards. Minor Arcana, on the other hand, deals with the mundane. It is about our everyday life situations, about various stages of our lives, our behaviors and so on, but also about the people whom we meet in our earthly lives. This part of the deck counts the rest 56 cards, organized into four lesser suits.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

Four suits aforementioned are those of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. These could be found under different names, as well. the suit of Pentacles is thus to be found as the suit of Diamonds or the suit of Discs, Stones, Deniers and Coins. Each of the four Minor Arcana suits is associated with a faculty, a class and an essential element. The suit of Pentacles is the Earth element suit.

Each of the Minor Arcana suits are composed of four Court cards, that is, Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages, and ten numbers, from Ace, one, to ten. The suit of Pentacles, the earthly suit, is all about the material aspect of life. Its faculty are possessions and bodily experience; its class are merchants. If we imagine this suit as people, they would be amazing traders.

This is the suit about those who do not mind working hard, if it will bring them prosperity. As people, Pentacles would be those who believe in their own hands and work; they do not mind getting dirty, if necessary. They are very tactile and earthbound, in both a good and a bad way, perhaps. Pentacles suit is about money, prosperity, home, tradition, family, sensual experience.

The suit of Pentacles, the suit of the element Earth, is the one related to our earthly experiences. It is about practicality, efficiency, earning, providing, optimism, stability, being firmly established. The suit corresponds with those zodiac signs that are ruled by the element of Earth. Let us now see into our Six of Pentacles card.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

Before we move onto the detailed description of the Six of Pentacles visual appearance and delve into its core and additional meanings, we will make a very quick overview of the card itself.

The Six of Pentacles is a true ‘trader’s card’, one could say. This card is about sharing and receiving, about trade, exchange and so on.

This card thus also have to do with communication and relations with other people. It is greatly about financial matters, so we will see what it further reveals in a reading.

Let us go through some keywords and basic characteristics of the card.

6 of Pentacles key terms: Sharing, receiving, generosity, financial support (to others), paying in advance, receiving money, receiving a reward in money (or something of the sort), Charity work, welfare, exchange, managing the books, royalty, success

Key essential element of the Six of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 6

Yes/No question for The Six of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed 6 of Pentacles key terms: Losing money, problems with income, debts (especially old ones), poor investment, financial problems in general, not being paid for your work or being paid insufficiently, delays in financial matters, loss of financial support of any sort

Visual Description of The Six of Pentacles Card

Now when we have learned basic facts about the Six of Pentacles, let us see into the imagery of this Deniers card.

As you perhaps know, the Raider-Waite tarot design is the most widespread one, although there could be found numerous wonderful ones. The tarot design has a special form; it has to contain all the basic symbols of the card.

Understanding the imagery of the card is the first and the essential step into understanding the card meaning and all the additional meanings, because it would greatly depend on the individual reading and the combination with other cards, as well as on the very position of the card.

With all this in mind, let us look into the symbols on the Six of Pentacles.

This is an interesting card, depicting a genre scene. We can see three human figures on the card, with the central figure of a man dominating it; the two other people are obviously poor ones, beggars.

The man standing is a successful one, a merchant perhaps; in any case, he is someone who earns and possesses a lot of money, more than he needs.

What is he doing and how he looks like? First, his clothing is rich, dominated by the powerful red color. He could be a rich trader, a noble or else, but it is certain that he is successful.

In his left hand, he holds the scales, while he gives alms by his right hand. He generously helps those in need, but according to their need; hence the scales.

The scales are always an interesting symbol, speaking of balance, of fair trade. While scales could be about equality, in this case they are more about the order of things and a balance on a higher plan.

The rich man on the card is in position to have enough so that he is able to share it. He justly earned it, but he is not a stingy man; he is helpful and supportive.

Two beggars also represent gratefulness, looking at the man who helps them in their poor position.

The rich man appears calm and kind; his facial expression is that of a benefactor, not an arrogant man who puts himself above the others, only because he is wealthier than others. Maybe he lacks something else; we could never know.

The overall imagery is harmonious. We see a city in the background, telling us that the rich man has travelled far from his place of dwelling, in order to check out if there were those whom he could help.

There are six pentacles floating above, symmetrically arranged, framing the upper part of the card, as characteristic of the suit.

Six of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

I value the virtue of generosity.

The Six of Pentacles appears to be a particularly benevolent card; this would, of course, depend on the card’s position and combination in a reading, but the core message is this.

This card literally depicts a man who uses his own resources in order to help others, which is a great virtue. It means that the person is not purely materialistic, even though the Pentacles revolve around materialism.

This card represents the importance of supporting those in need, of being kind and generous, without asking things in return. We could translate it to the non-material domain, of course, although in the case of Pentacles, it is more about material possessions, literally. The card represents sharing and exchange.

This card represents the importance of the manner in which we do something and the goal of our efforts. It is not that much about what we do, but how e do it, with what ends.

This card is a very good one in terms of money and finances and it usually tells about receiving a fair share for what we are doing.

But why is that so? It is so, because the emphasis is not on earning more and more, and more, but about earning what we need and about generously sharing what we have in excess. We could help the world by our own doing, because we are above our selfish gains. This is the core message of this amazing Pentacles card.

6 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

Six of Pentacles is a typical YES card. It overall energy is very positive. The generous card, we might say. If it appears in a yes/no reading, it means you should proceed with what you were doing.

There is no risk of losing much. Even if you lose something (material), it would neither destroy your plans or break your moral, for it should never do so.

The Six of Pentacles is affirmative, because, in the material suit, it is sort of above material. It speaks about sharing, exchange, good times, good communication, about compassion and understanding, about unselfishness and gratitude. Your good deeds will pay off.

Six of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

As one would easily conclude, Six of Pentacles in the upright position are quite auspicious.

This card means you will be either able to support someone in need, probably financially, which would, in turn, make you feel good. It is about charity and donations.

It is about good deeds of those who posses much towards those who are in a poor position.

This card also represents your benefactors, financial support that could come in your moment of need.

It tells also about work being rightfully and justly paid, about rewards for excellent work, about sharing with your loved ones and, generally, about exchanging and sharing with good people. It is about clean, stable and successful business.

Six of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

Reversed Six of Pentacles is generally about financial loss and about the loss of financial support.

It is about having problems with finances of any sort, it is about debts and things about money that have not been sorted out.

It is, overall, about the burden of money in its most negative form. This is not a tragic or dramatic card overall, but it indicates certain money issues that have to be resolved sooner or later.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

As already mentioned in the pervious paragraphs, Six of Pentacles bring great news when it comes to earning money.

This card tells about gaining more than you need and investing it in the most humane way.

This is the card about charity work, donations, financial support of any kind, rewards for well executed work and financial success.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

Not that much a love card, but Six of Pentacles is a card about sharing, generosity and kindness towards others, about selflessness and mutual understanding and good communication. We could translate this to a relations/relationships domain.

In general, this is a benevolent and pleasing card, so it could be taken as one bringing balance into shared life; financial balance is also of great importance in here.

Six of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Six of pentacles is a card of harmony and the importance of generosity.

In that sense, this card is more related to the emotional, spiritual well-being than to the physical one.

This card speaks about the importance of generosity and gratitude in our lives, which purify our souls and make us feel good about ourselves, without becoming too proud of ourselves, but humble benefactors.

6 of Pentacles Combined

When tarot cards are combined, their meanings become slightly different. Understanding tarot card combinations is the most important part in any tarot readings.

Here we list several good examples of the combinations for the Six of Pentacles.

  • Six of Pentacles and The Hierophant: Act of mercy
  • 6 of Pentacles and The Sun: Reward
  • Six of Pentacles and The King of Wands: Generosity in terms of finances
  • 6 of Pentacles and The Two of Cups: Charity
  • Six of Pentacles and The Four of Swords: Neglecting your own needs
  • 6 of Pentacles and The Five of Pentacles: Lacking something

Six of Pentacles Message

The Six of Pentacles is one very interesting Pentacles card, since it tells about things that are beyond money gain, while everything here revolves about the finances.

This is the card of generosity and sharing, primarily those possessions of material kind.

This card is a good sign for any business and it relieves one of the material burden in the most positive way.

This card represents financial support according to one’s need, be it yourself or be you the one who provides support to others.

Of course, as we can see, the combination and the position alter the genuine meaning in a specific reading, but, overall, we could think of the Six of Pentacles as a benevolent, generous card.

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