6 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Tarot decks hide many secrets about our destiny! Tarot reading is a popular form of divination that has been practice since several centuries ago.

Divination in general could provide us with some wonderful answers and guidelines we cannot obtain through common knowledge. Divination is both art and science, great wisdom and great mystery.

Unlike how many people think, divination does not trick us, even though some of the answers it offers do not appear to fit our interpretations. Well, the thing is that it greatly depends on the interpretation itself. Therefore, one has to posses great knowledge about the esoteric and mystical, about the meaning of symbols overall.

Divination is another way of looking into our fate. It cannot change it, it will not affect the course of destiny, but it could give us an insight into paths of our destiny we could never discover without it. What most of divination practices and techniques reveal are our potentials, that is the potentials of what might happen in our life.

For this reason, divination, including tarot reading, should be approached carefully, with great dedication and the ability to look at things from many angles. A tarot reading is a highly unique experience, as it tells about the destiny of an individual. Although very different in its tools and technique from, say, astrology, its core purpose is the same.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot cards are treasury of information. Although they were originally meant to be only playing cards, they have been successfully introduced into the world of mystical and the occult and became a powerful divination tool. If you take a look at their wonderful and rich imagery, it becomes easy to understand; tarot cards are loaded with powerful symbols.

The symbols on these cards are not randomly chosen and each of them has its place and a meaning. Many of these symbols are to be found elsewhere, in astrology, alchemy, mythology and many more. In order to understand tarot cards in a reading, especially combined cards, one has to get to know tons of symbols and their meaning in context.

Now, tarot decks consist of two main parts, while, in total, they contain 78 cards.

The first part of a tarot deck is called the Major Arcana and it features powerful archetypical personifications and imagery, counting 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21. It is called major not because it was more important, but because it is related to the major, macro, the bigger plan.

The other part is larger and  it is called the Minor Arcana. Minor Arcana cards are associated with the mundane and they tell about one’s everyday life, situations, experiences and people; it is about what we typically call the minor plan. There are four suits within this one, each featuring characteristic symbols: the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles.

Suit of Cups Major Characteristics

The suit of Cups is one of the Minor Arcana suits and it is sometimes known as Hearts. This tarot suit is associated with the emotional and intuitive. The energy of the suit of Cups is passive and it is associated with the element of Water.

If the suit of Cups was identified with people and their occupations and interests, we would say it is the suit of romantics, artists, poets, those who keep in the background, but would express their thoughts and feelings through a medium of art.

This is a suit associated with love, passion, rich imagination and spiritual insights. The Cups people, to call them so, are in pursuit of beauty and serenity. This is the suit about domestic life, calmness, the quest for balance and harmony. On its bad side, this suit could be associated with neediness, dependency, pessimism, moodiness and more.

Six of Cups Tarot Card Quick Facts

The very first look on this card delights us. The scene appears merry and kind of nostalgic; it inspires positive feelings overall. This imagery of this card is colorful and pleasing, but before we move onto the detailed description of the card, let us get familiar with its meaning through a brief overview. The visual appearance understanding is the most important part of reading tarot.

Here are the most important facts one should know about the Six of Cups. Knowing the basics would serve us as a guidebook through the more detailed account on the card’s appearance, core meaning and the more specific meanings, such as career, love life and health and spirituality meaning.

6 of Cups key terms: Nostalgic feelings, sentimental feelings, joyful memories about a happy past, pleasures of various types, carnal pleasures, ecstatic feelings, family relations, ancestors and being in touch with ancestors, wider family, support and joy, indulgence

Key essential element of the Six of Cups: Water

Minor Arcana type: Number, 6

Yes/No question for The Six of Cups card: Yes

Reversed 6 of Cups key terms: Inability to leave the past behind, the process of leaving the past behind, staying forever a child, being stuck in the past, following tradition, not moving on, not burning bridges, burdened by the past, melancholia

Visual Description of The Six of Cups Card

The Six of Cups is one very richly illustrated image, full of details and symbols. We could understand its imagery as deeply allegoric. What is there to be seen?

The first thing we will pay attention to are two figures in the center of the card. They represent children, an older and a younger one. Their relation is merry, harmonious.

The older child offers a cup full of flowers to the little one, who gladly accepts it. The card, of course, features cups that are characteristic of the suit, but these appear quite peculiar.

All six cups on the image are filled with lovely white star-shaped flowers.

It is, of course, a good symbol, for the flowers are about growth, youth, beauty and flourishing. The children appear as if they were engaged with some kind of a game, they are clearly doing something with the cups, sorting them.

Four cups are aligned in the first plan of the image, like a wall or a garden the children made. One cup stands on a pedestal behind the older child and the last one is in its hands.

The whole playful and merry scene takes place in the garden of a castle; we could see a big lovely house and a tower that accompany it.

Moreover, in the left part of the background there is a guard carrying a long spear; he probably overlooks the place and takes care everything was well and safe. The kids appear as they really have no reason to worry, occupied by their flowers-filled cups.

What is your impression of this card appearance? We would say it leaves one with a pleasant feeling of joy, but, perhaps, it awakens nostalgia and even melancholia.

It may tell about things that are long gone; it tells about the happy times of our childhood, when everything seemed less complicated and far more cozy and safe.

Six of Cups Card Meaning Guide

Growing through memories of our lives.

This lovely card is the card of good memories. It is a card that tells about the importance of keeping the memories alive, but not in terms of living in the past, being unable to move on.

The Six of Cups is a card that inspires us to make balance between what was left behind us and our current life, as well as our future.

This is the card that returns us to happy days of our past, with a calming effect. Sometimes we forget about so many beautiful things that we have experienced in our past days, being, perhaps, overburdened by current misgivings.

However, these things have really happened and they happened to us, we have them!

Even if they are gone, we should not act as if they have never been. This card tells us about value of the past, in the most positive way.

Our ancestors, our family, culture, tradition, the experiences from childhood days or simply days that have passed, there is much to be recognized as good and beautiful and worthy of our purest love.

Of course there have been bad times and bad memories, but this is a card that tells about those better ones. The Six of Cups card is a card reminding us to learn from our past. Everything we have experienced should serve us as a lesson and, as such, it should be seen as something positive.

Even negative memories could be seen as such, without depriving them of their definitely negative consequences. We have come this far through all that we experienced and we should value everything.

This card is also about nurturing tradition and respecting ancestors and heritage.

People often forget about this, lost in their busy lives, while they all have time to stop for just a while and give due respect to those who were there before them, to those from whom we originate, those who have, on a way, made us.

6 of Cups  – YES or NO

The Six of Cups is a YES. This merry, a bit nostalgic card is about positive vibrations, about a positive attitude towards life, without rashness, without aggression and forcefulness.

So, it gives a green light to what you asked for. This card is about the ability to value important things in life, which makes it very affirmative overall.

As for this type of a reading, yes/no readings are simple and practical, offering clear answers to simple and direct questions and doubts that could be answered through a card pulled and in a short form of yes, no or maybe.

Six of Cups Card Upright Meaning

The Six of Cups in the upright position is a card of pleasures. This card tells about good times and generally remind us of good times, but it could tell about happy times that are just around the corner, those that will turn into amazing new memories.

It is the card of indulgence, periods without any serious problems and reasons to worry.

As this is the card related to ancestry, it could be a sign of a great family gathering, about getting in touch with relatives you haven’t heard from for ages or, even, meeting distant relatives you did not know you have.

For those more inclined towards the psychic, this card could be a sign from the ancestors or make one pay attention to the signs along the road, for those might be messages from ancestors.

Six of Cups Card Reversed Meaning

If the Six of Cups was reversed, it illustrated the gloomy saying of ‘having skeletons in the closet’.

It tells about the hidden past, about trying to hide something from our past because we were ashamed of it or feel guilty about it, but it will be of no use to use in the long run. In this position, the card tells about the burden of the past and inability to let it go, one way or another.

The more we try to hide, more anxious and uneasy we would feel; this should make us consider speaking things up.

The reversed Six of Cups is about living in the past, be it good or bad, it does not matter. It is about inability to face the real world and the present time, because something constantly drives us back into the past.

On the other hand, it is about keeping traditions and following the old ways. This could, actually, be good and it is similar to respecting ancestors from the above description.

In this case, however, it relates more to forms, established practices, habits of the past and such.

Six of Cups Tarot Card – Career Meaning

When it comes to career, Six of Cups is about fruitful collaboration, friendly attitude at the workplace and, generally, a more playful atmosphere.

In some situations, even if serious business was in question, a more relaxed, playful approach could be of the greatest benefit and actually greatly contribute to the overall productivity. This card indicates teamwork.

Six of Cups Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In love readings, Six of Cups is a card about passion, indulgence, carnal pleasures, playfulness, being in love, being excited about someone or about the relationship.

This is a card that indicates first stages of relationship or the period of dating. It is about having butterflies in your belly and feeling like on the seventh heaven.

Six of Cups  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

We could say that The Six of Cups card is a healthy one!

This card inspires positive thinking, reminds us of the good sides of life, tells about the importance of nurturing happy feelings and positive emotions, especially when it comes to sharing love.

It overall contributes to a healthy life, including both physical and mental state.

6 of Cups Combined

Combinations of tarot cards reveal fantastic possibilities and could tell much about our current situation and about what potentially awaits us.

It is of essential importance to understand tarot combinations, if you want to get a full messages through a reading.

Therefore, here are several examples of the Six of Cups standing along other cards of the tarot deck.

  • Six of Cups and The Fool: Childhood memories, traveling to places of youth, caring about children
  • 6 of Cups and The Devil: Childish fears
  • Six of Cups and The Four of Wands: Graduation
  • 6 of Cups and The Knight of Cups: Long-term lover
  • Six of Cups and The Six of Swords: Leaving the past behind, letting go
  • 6 of Cups and The Ten of Pentacles: Inheritance

Six of Cups Message

The Six of Cups is the card of memories, of childhood, ancestors and the past overall, though seen in a good light or as a lesson.

This card is about both leaving the past in the place it belongs, but not about forgetting it and devaluating it.

The past is very important and nice memories should serve us as a fuel for our future endeavors. They should fill our hearts with love and joy and remind us of the beauty of life.

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