5 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Brace yourself, for a challenge comes your way! It is not only a challenge, but rivalry and competition, the Five of Wands says.

How can a card tell what lies ahead? Tarot cards are an instrument of divination. Through their symbolism, connection between the symbols and the real life, the tarot practitioner can read a lot.

Divination, such as tarot, is nothing new. It is an alternative way of looking into our destiny and future, if we think of divination as an alternative to sciences that give calculated predictions and prognosis. Well, divination practices also have their principles and rule and are based on a great knowledge.

In fact, both science and divination could be traced to the very same roots and both deal with the unfathomable case of our existence. Back in the past, they were inseparable from one another. In any case, both science and divination live on, although divination is now considered an alternative, underground path, so to say. Nevertheless, it does not fade away.

Answers provided by any of the divination techniques are very flexible and susceptible to different interpretations. That is the beauty of it, if you think better. Divination is not making things up, but being a master of symbols and knowing people. A good practitioner of tarot must have great knowledge of symbols and of the esoteric overall.

In addition, one has to be a great listener and to be able to connect the individual, peculiar case with the symbols that send a message through tarot cards. Each tarot card carries its specific meaning. Combined, they offer even more specific answer. As in many other mystical works, tarot reflects the major plan in our minor.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot decks are decks consisting of seventy eight amazingly illustrated cards. The illustrations are not there for decorative purposes, although some of designs are true masterpieces, but for the purpose of sending a symbolical message. Their composition is peculiar and meaningful; these cards are allegories, personifications of archetypical meanings and much more.

What is the most important to know about tarot? The seventy eight aforementioned cards are divided into two major parts. These two are known as the Major and the Minor Arcana. These terms do not describe their value, but refers to their role. The first part is composed of 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21.

Some of them you have probably heard of or have seen them, The Fool, The Magician, The Emperor, The Hanged Man, Death, Strength and others. These cards portray archetypes and are related to the higher, universal plan. Minor Arcana, however, represents the mundane. This part of the deck counts 56 cards.

These cards are further divided into the suit of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. These four count 14 cards each, amongst which four face or Court cards that tell about the hierarchy in our lives and represent persons we meet and sometimes ourselves. The rest are the ten numbers, from Ace or 1 to 10. Each of these suit has it characteristic symbol.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

The suit of Wands is also known under other names. You may found it as Batons, Staves and Clubs, for instance. Each of the Minor Arcana suits is associated with an element, out of four essential, with a faculty and a class. That said, we could describe the suit of Wands as Fire suit, a suit of artisans, related to the faculty of creativity and energy.

This suit is a powerful one, proactive, loaded with masculine energy and associated with Fire element zodiac signs, which already explains the type of its nature. The suit of Wands is all about taking action, being enthusiastic, daring, ambitious, even prone to risks and impulsiveness. This suit is about having an incredible source of energy and personal strength.

The suit of Wands is associated with the spirit of a leader, with fearlessness, but also with violence and forcefulness; it depends on the card, its position and a particular reading. Overall, these cards are characterized by great energy and drive, with optimism and positive thinking. When in a right position, the suit of Wands cards make us feel as if nothing could stop us.

Five of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

Five of Wands awake mixed feelings, when you first look at it. It seems some sort of argument is taking place, some kind of struggle, by all means.

Indeed, Five of Wands are about struggling and rivalry. Unlike some other cards that are mostly focused on the internal struggles, this one represents both the struggle within and with others.

This is only an introduction into the meaning of this card, of which we will talk in detail later on.

First, let us make a short and simple overview that will serve us as a useful and practical guidance.

Here are some of the basic terms and most important facts you should know about the Five of Wands card, before we move onto the in-depth analysis.

5 of Wands key terms: Struggle, internal and external struggle, arguments, competitiveness, rivalry, enemies, obstacles, challenge, defensive attitude, sports, feeling excited, ecstatic, strong libido, discussion, gathering and brainstorming, arguing, trying to find a solution

Key essential element of the Five of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 5

Yes/No question for The Five of Wands card: No

Reversed 5 of Wands key terms: Violent and aggressive attitude, injury, needing a truce, surrender, resolving an argument, defeat from a rival or another competitor, violated rights and abusive behavior

Visual Description of The Five of Wands Card

Alright, now there we have a situation. The Five of Wands is quite a dynamic card! It depicts an active scene that includes several people, five differently dressed young men, in fact.

The first glance over the image makes you immediately think they were arguing over something, having a dispute.

Take a closer look.  Do you think they were actually cooperative? This is one of the cards that might appear differently to different viewers, which also tells much about who we are and how we observe the world. The five men on the card are obviously trying to do something.

They all carry their wands and it seems that they cannot make an agreement on where which one goes. They may have been trying to build something together, but they are trying to find a compromise; effortlessly, at least at the moment the image takes place.

They wear similar type of clothes, but of a different color, which indicates they share something, they have something in common, while, on the other side, each one is a person of their own.

The whole imagery is concentrated around these fellows and their activity. They stand on the ground without any trees, flowers or whatsoever.

There is nothing in the background, the sky is clear, there are no distant mountains, rivers, castles or anything else. This means that the whole focus is on the activity, as they were definitely deeply engaged with it. Wands are a symbol of both struggle and growth.

As you can see on many of the Wands suit cards, they can be used as battle sticks or walking sticks, you could build a fence out of them or turn them into a scepter or a triumphal pole.

The wands are even more than that, for each features little, newborn green leaves, symbolizing new beginning, creation, regeneration and growth.

This particular image represents both aspects of the Wands vividly. The five men could create something big, but only if they were cooperative.

The rivalry amongst them, the competitiveness that does not allow them to do so turns the wands into weapons. We shall see where it will eventually lead.

Five of Wands Card Meaning Guide

Growth through struggle.

The Five of Wands is obviously a card of struggle, both internal and external.

On one side, one has to defeat the inner demons, self-doubt, insecurity and else, in order to progress.

One has to cast away pride, arrogance and forcefulness and try to be more understanding and ready to cooperative and make compromises, without losing self integrity. Yes, we know it is difficult.

The card before this one assured us we are capable of doing great. It proved we are capable of making good, efficient plans and, being thoughtful, careful and dedicated, well-prepared and equipped, putting them to realization towards the successful end.

However, it was one a stage; the ‘battle’ has only began.

Now when have faced new challenges to which we were not that well-prepared. Other people are involved, as expected; we are social beings. We have made enemies, perhaps, or, better, rivals. We have to defend what we care for, we have to stand up for our causes, at the cost of others only to the point of fair play and fair competition.

True, sometimes others will not play fair, but the key to long-term success, at heart, is staying on the right course, being noble and valiant.

This card is about struggling to stay on our good course, saving our integrity, defending what we hold dear, playing fair and being capable of making agreements and compromises when necessary.

5 of Wands  – YES or NO

This card is a NO. being a card of struggle, it does not actually encourage you to take up a particular action, because you already have what to deal with. You have to rearrange your forces, so to say, and act tactfully.

It requires patience, collected mind and strategy. Deal with your current challenges, before you head into something new.

Five of Wands Card Upright Meaning

The Five of Wands in the upright position tells about struggles and competition, but generally those of a healthy sort and those internal ones we will be able to overcome.

Everyone reaches such a point in life, except if the person was completely isolated from the world. Even then, the internal struggles take place.

We can think of this card as of another stage in life, a one tough in comparison to the previous, illustrated by the cards preceding this one.

If you think through it, you will realize these cards represent a process of growth, learning, development, improvement. Now is the time of challenges and competition.

In a way, this upright card is about the effort to establish your own views, but also about maturity needed for fruitful cooperation with others. You have a lot of energy and much to offer.

Now you have to defend your causes, to make an argument, to be a skillful debater, to be both a fighter and a diplomat.

Five of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

If the cards appear in the reversed position, it tells about tons of vanity and egocentrism that blur one’s reason and are a common poison to those struggles we talk about.

Jealousy, envy, violence and aggression may take place, both from your side and that of your opponents.

If the card was reversed, it is very likely that you will be engaged in an unfair game, tricked and defeated.

This could be very discouraging and it could get you out of track in two ways.

It could make you lose all of your self-confidence and lose your faith into yourself, into goodness and justice.

On the other hand, it could make you embrace the unfair play; if others play so, why would not you? Resist such temptation.

Five of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The card of struggles brings struggles in the field of career. It means you will have hard times reaching a solution and a compromise with people you are working with.

However, it does not have to lead to a dead and, on the contrary.

Through brainstorming and discussion your collaboration might improve and lead to great success.

Five of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

This card tells about arguments with the partner or your loved ones, or there could be a struggle with others over your beloved ones. You may feel the need to protect them and defend their cause and you will do your best for the ones you care about.

In addition, this card tells about very high physical desire, so something quite fiery may take place!

Five of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

This card tells about incredible strength, great energy that has to be channeled.

This is also a card about sports, especially team sports, but also refers to injuries and physical harm in general, due to over-activity and crossing your physical limits.

Even though you were vital and feel fueled, be careful.

5 of Wands Combined

As each tarot card has its own meaning and a message, it is logical to assume that combined cards offer a new, very specific one.

The key of understanding a whole tarot opening is to understand the combinations of cards, which are greatly based on combining and connecting their symbols.

Here are combinations for the Five of Wands, some interesting ones.

Five of Wands Message

The five of Wands is a card reflecting a tough stage of life, both exciting and difficult at the same time. Stand for your cause, for your ideals and your achievements. Do not let others undermine your success, fight back if necessary, but always play fair.

If you face an enemy, a malefactor who does not care about morality, step aside, for your victory lies in your valor and nobility. If you face a decent rival, a fair competitor, treat him or her justly. Always respect a rival and others’ deeds; if you learn to do so, others would recognize your value.

Do not give up as long as you have strength, but do not waste it away. A great strategist know when the time is to retreat and recollect their forces so to engage with the enemy or a rival with fresh strength and even greater optimism.

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