5 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

There are many symbols, many signs in our lives that we often take for granted or cast them away as a magician’s trick.

Divination is not a trick, but a system of principles, rules, based on great knowledge. In old times, the official sciences we know today were more intertwined with what we deem alternative, divinatory or otherwise excluded from the main course.

Tarot reading is one type of divination, in which illustrated cards are used as the instrument. The cards of a tarot deck are illustrated with many symbols; all these symbols create a complex and the whole deck could be observed as a large complex of symbolical meaning. None of them was randomly chosen.

Good practitioner of any divination reading have to know much about symbols, in the first place. It is not only important that you learn about what this or that symbols means alone, but you also have to be able to connect them and see them in a bigger picture, on both the major and the minor plan. Archetypes, allegories, spiritual beliefs and much more are to be found in tarot.

Divination does not affect our destiny, but help us reveal it; it help us see into ourselves, as individuals that play a role in the universal plan. Our fate has been determined eons ago, but we cannot tell even what tomorrow brings! Tarot and other divination practices and techniques could help us with that.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot uses cards as an instrument. These cards are not simply a tool, they are a treasury of meanings. They reflect ourselves and our destinies, reflect the destiny of the whole humankind and our role in the heavenly plans. Tarot decks consist of seventy two cards, each carefully and thoughtfully illustrated.

Some of the cards represent archetypical personification, various archetypes and allegories. The part of the suit referring mostly to archetypes is called the Major Arcana, because its domain is the major, the bigger, the universal plan. This part of the deck tells about archetypes found within ourselves and in our lives.

The other part, which interests us more, since we are to deal with one particular suit of this part of the tarot deck, is called the Minor Arcana or the Lesser Arcana. It is about the lesser, the minor, the mundane, the everyday plan of our individual lives. This suit is divided into four lesser suits, each containing fourteen cards.

Each suit is associated with a class, a faculty and an element. Four suits correspond with four essential elements and so we have the Fire suit of Wands (sometimes associated with Air), Water suit of Cups, Air (or Fire) suit of Swords and our Earth suit of Pentacles. Based on these correspondences, the suit are also associated with fitting zodiac signs.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The suit of Pentacles, the suit of the element of Earth, is the most down-to-earth suit, in terms of its tight bond with everything that falls under the earthly experience, but mostly with what is material and what has to do with money. The suit of Pentacles is one about materialism, material stability, gain, earning, work, effort, investments. It is related to the class of merchants and the faculty of material possessions.

The suit of Pentacles is related to everything that has to do with money and finances. We could describe it as materialistic. Luxurious lifestyle, hedonism and else also fall under the domain of this suit. This is the suit of wealth and prosperity, about building, earning, providing. This is the suit about achieving great things by our own effort and work.

If we imagine Pentacles as people, we would say this is the suit of those who really do not mind working hard to get what they want, and what they want is material stability, comfortable, secured and safe life. They are handy people, they are creative, but also practical. Pentacle people are those who are capable of bringing their dreams into actual realization.

Having all this in mind, one could think of this suit as the suit of gradual process of building the material stability. Each card of the suit has to do with some of the stages in such a process. Now we are somewhere near the half of our journey, with the Five of Pentacles. Let us move some steps ahead! First we will go through some basic info about the card.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The very first look on this card is not particularly uplifting and it does not leave us with impression of progress and success.

Let us do not make rash conclusions; this card is very complex.

Before we move onto the description of this disturbing scene, we will make a brief introduction into the meaning of the card.

We will analyze these quick facts into more detail in the text.

However, it good to take a look into the key terms and major characteristics before we do so. It could serve us as a guidebook.

Here are some of the most common terms associated with this card, its positions in a reading and some of its most basic characteristics.

5 of Pentacles key terms: Difficulties, hardship, material insecurity, loss of material possessions and money, period of stagnation, losing faith, feeling abandoned, cast away, being unlucky, losing job, inability to find job, poverty, desolation, illness, excommunication

Key essential element of the Five of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 5

Yes/No question for The Five of Pentacles card: No

Reversed 5 of Pentacles key terms: Light at the end of the tunnel, small, but positive steps ahead, little gains/small loss, temporary difficulties, temporary unemployment, sun clearing up the clouds after a long period, hope, return, regain, acceptance

Visual Description of The Five of Pentacles Card

The Five of Pentacles card is one of those interesting tarot cards that appear to be much better if they show up in the reversed position, which becomes easy to understand with the very first look upon it.

This card is disturbing in its appearance and we will try to explain it into detail. Further on, we will get into the core of its meaning and talk about the specific ones.

The imagery of tarot cards is the key to understand the whole tarot and properly to interpret tarot combinations in a reading.

Cards of the Minor Arcana often represents scenes, as book illustrations following the tale. They represents specific situations and phases of our lives. We could even look upon them as a comic book representing our life.

What could be seen in the Five of Pentacles image? The card depicts a scene of a snow blizzard, a cold, dark winter night.

There are two people we can see in the image and they are not in a very pleasant situation. They are poor, perhaps homeless. One figure is a crippled man. They both rush through the cold night, in search for warm shelter.

The central part of the card is dominated by a wonderful shiny window, with stained glass and pentacles in it.

The colors leave the impression of light and fire behind the window; it must be very warm and cozy inside. We do not know for certain whom it belongs; it could be a window of a castle or even a church window.

Whatever place it was, it is closed for the people walking through the cold, snow covered streets, abandoned and poor. They at least have each other and that is not the detail to be ignored. They are outcasts, beggars, people who have lost everything, poor people, those lost, wounded, damaged in any sense.

Five of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

Time for reflection.

The distressing scene of this tarot card have certainly upset you. Where are you in the card? Are you inside the building with the colorful window or are you one of those people outside?

The combination of cards and the position of cards would give more info on that. Let us talk about the core meaning of this card.

The Five of Pentacles definitely represents hardship, times of stagnation, times in which there is no progress, only troubles and loss. As all Pentacles, it mostly relates to the material aspect of life.

However, this card also tells about something else, it tells about one’s place within the society. It tells about the religious and the social.

This card is about being excommunicated, being, for one reason or another, deserved or undeserved, exiled, cast away, banished, isolated.

If we look into this card as the part of our road, this one represents the stage of stagnation and loss. In one form or another, it is inevitable.

In the previous card, we had a man obsessively protecting his golden pentacles. In this one, it seems that pentacles are no longer in our possession.

There is a chance, however, that we are the ones who own the window. In that case, what you should think about is sharing, generosity, mercy towards the outcasts.

5 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

The Five of Pentacles is obviously a NO card. it is about stagnation, hard times, problems with money, loss of money and possessions and it is a bout a long period of instability. It is even about losing hope and faith. For this reason this card can never give you affirmative answer.

However, it does not have to discourage you. It might simply mean that now it is not the time to start new projects, to invest into something.

Generally, this card tells that you should take time to reflect, before proceeding in any direction.

Five of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The upright Five of Pentacles is the worse version of the card, if we could say so. The Five of Pentacles in the upright position represents everything that could be seen in this image.

It is about bad, poor times, in which it seems as we will never be able to consolidate our position within the society.

This card tells about times of hardship or work that does not pay of or inability to work or take care of ourselves properly, because we lack material resources to do that.

The upright Five of Pentacles tell about the loss of money, even about others taking everything from us.

If this card appears upright, it indicates some sort of public rejection, excommunication, which is followed be the loss of security, financial stability and such.

In reality, it does not have to be that serious, but this card represents the turning point in one’s attitude towards the material.

Five of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

Reversed card is a better scenario. It does not represent wealth and fortune as an opposition to the upright version, but it is at least hopeful.

If the card appears reverse, it means there will be some baby steps towards a better end.

This card is about slowly getting out of the dark period. It is about the joy of a lost sailor who sees the coast after many gloomy, lonesome days at the stormy sea.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Five of Pentacles, as expected, is not a card you would really like to see in a career reading, because it is about unemployment, inability to find job, being put aside, neglected, even punished or exiled in a way.

It is a card that does not allow you entrance anywhere; it forbids it. This card indicates business failure, bad investments, bankruptcy, loss of earned possessions.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

This card could be interesting in a love reading. Although it is not that much about romance and relationships in a common sense, this card, in its strange, gloomy way, reminds us of the importance of having love for others, of being kind towards those who are abandoned, exiled, who have lost everything.

The Five of Pentacles also tell us that it is of essential importance to have someone by our side. You know the famous Latin proverb, real friends show up their faces in the times of the greatest need, not in the happiest of times. Take this card as a reminder of that.

Five of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

Five of Pentacles does not bring good news when it comes to health.

It tells about neglected needs and health, not because one is unwilling of taking care about themselves, but because he or she cannot afford it, be it literally or because there are so many problems that have to be resolved.

5 of Pentacles Combined

As we have mentioned many times in our tarot card interpretations, combinations of tarot cards are of vital importance in a reading.

Combined cards create specific new meanings and make the reading unique.

There are no two equal readings, even if basic meanings of the cards appear to be the same.

Five of Pentacles Message

The Five of Pentacles is a halfway through the numbers of the Pentacles suit and, thus, naturally, it represents some kind of a turning point.

A breaking point one might say, the moment in which we feel as if everything falls apart.

Now, the message and the imagery might appear very disturbing, but there are various interpretations in an individual reading, depending on a case. This card brings us back to basics.

The Five of Pentacles actually reminds us of how it looks like to fight for bare survival, how it looks like to have nothing, how it feels to lose even the basic necessities of life.

Of course that things do not have to play out that dramatically in reality.

Nevertheless, this card actually prevents us of becoming greedy, arrogant and spoiled due to our possessions and status.

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