4 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Heavens work in mysterious ways and there is not much we can do to change it. Our destiny is written in the stars and not to be altered by human work, even though we often get the impression that we greatly affect it. In true, all that we do is following our own destiny.

However, much of it is concealed from our minds and eyes.

Divination has been practiced ages into the past and it is still in use. It will ever be. Divination is a peculiar way of looking into our unchangeable fate; it helps us understand it much better and discover certain pieces of it we would otherwise never be able to know. Tarot reading, as other divination techniques, tells about the life of an individual.

Long time ago, divination and what one would call science were intertwined and practiced side by side or taken as one and the same. Today, divination is considered an obscure alternative field, although it can provide us with certain answers science cannot. The thing with divination is that it does not work with exact information.

Tarot reading is a very interesting form of divination, using illustrated cards as its medium or instrument. Through cards, the practitioner, could see much about the questioner’s destiny, that is, he or she reveals the potential of the destiny of the questioner. Of course, a tarot practitioner must have great knowledge of symbols and a passion for tarot.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot reading is not a simple technique. It is both a skill and an art, a path and even a sort of alternative science. Tarot, as other divination practices, is based upon certain principles and knowledge. Tarot cards are instrument of divination. These cards are richly illustrated and abundant in symbols.

They represent allegorical scenes, archetypes, personifications of various concepts, situations and stages and relate to different levels of our being and existence. Understanding tarot is not a work of a simple fortune-teller, but of a true master of symbols. Tarot readings are based on understanding of the symbols featured on the cards.

Let us learn some tarot basics, before we move onto the details about the suit of Wands and the card in question, the Four of Wands. Tarot decks are large decks composed of total seventy eight cards. These are divided into two major, though unequal suits, the Major and the Minor Arcana. Of these, the Minor is divided into four more suits.

Major Arcana is related to the higher, more universal, major plan, hence its name. It does not mean this part of the deck is of greater value. The Minor Arcana is related to the minor plan, the mundane. It is about situations and people in our individual lives. Both parts together are equally important.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

Tarot reflects the old principle of as above so below, in a way. Moreover, it is full of symbols one could find in other mystical works, such as astrology and alchemy, for example. Suits that form Minor Arcana have specific symbols, after which they were named. We will call them the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles.

They are to be found under different names, as well. For example, the suit of Wands which we will talk about more, is known as the suit of Clubs, Batons or Staves. Minor Arcana contains four suits, each associated to one of the four essential elements, to a faculty and a class. The suit of Wands is associated with the faculty of creation and the class of artisans.

Its element is the element of Fire and, through it, we could associate it with the energy of the Fire zodiac signs. The suit of Wands is fueled by the masculine energy. This suit has to do with power, leadership, ambition, driving force, enthusiasm, energy, optimistic attitude and personal strength.

In addition, it is about growth, creation, rebirth and regeneration, flourishing. If you look at these cards and the wands that characterize them, you will easily notice how they embody all of the aforementioned. The wands are not dead wood, although they certainly could be used as a weapon and a tool.

They have little growing leaves on their top. It represents the ability to create, to bring into life, to regenerate and to be reborn. In that sense, this suit is associated with the process of personal growth, personal overcoming of obstacles in life, and energy within, optimistic point of view, a daring and courageous spirit.

Four of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Four of Wands is the card of success, though only initial success. Following the Three of Wands with its crystallized ideas and well-prepared plans, the outcome that the Four of Wands promises is quite expected.

This card represents the first ‘level’, the first stage of something we have got ourselves into, with full attention and dedication.

Before we deepen this brief description, let us make an introduction into the Four of Wands, through basic facts about the card.

After we learn the basics, we will describe the card into very detail and analyze its core message, its specific meanings related to career, love and well-being, as well as specific meanings related to the position in which the card shows up.

4 of Wands key terms: Progress, the wind into sails, completion of a stage of a project, encouragement for continuation, growing inspiration, new ideas, feeling worthy and proud of achievements, a cause for celebration, harmony and balance, rejoicing

Key essential element of the Four of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 4

Yes/No question for The Four of Wands card: Yes

Reversed 4 of Wands key terms: Delay, too many obstacles, inability to finish the process/stage of the project, feeling incapable of bringing something to an end, seeing no way ahead, feeling stuck, a blockage, accidents and inconveniences, ruined celebration, arguments at home

Visual Description of The Four of Wands Card

There are probably thousands of tarot deck designs, including many modern ones that surely look impressive.

However, in order to serve the tarot purpose, they have to feature characteristic imagery.

Each tarot card is full of meaningful symbols, which are well-understood by a master practitioner. The symbols of tarot cards occur in other places, as well, and they are not chosen at random.

The most popular tarot design is the famous Rider-Waite tarot deck, published at the beginning of the previous century.

Now, let us see into our Four of Wands card. What is there to be seen? What kind of a scene does the card represent? This card immediately leaves the impression of something good taking place and it, indeed, is so.

The Four of Wands card represents a scene of celebration. We can see more than one human figure on the card, unlike in most of the cards, where the central figure is commonly alone or should attract all of our attention. We can see people in the background and two figures in the center, but they all serve the purpose of leaving an impression of a celebration.

They have wreaths on their heads and carry flowers and probably some grapes in their hands, in a gesture of welcoming, toasting, waving or otherwise expressing their joy and paying respect to someone, celebrating someone’s success.

The four wands are harmoniously and symmetrically aligned in the first plan and they make some sort of a gate.

They could be understood as triumphal arch, in a way. Two of the wands are wrapped with red ribbons, carrying an wreath of flowers. Flowers represent flourishing, fruitful work, success, growth, everything that is positive and pleasant.

The whole scene including wands and people with their hands raised in the air represents a feast of triumph.

In the background, there is a big, impressive castle, at which this celebration takes place. The castle definitely suggest something big is going on. What is very important is that the scene suggests everyone rejoices in the feast.

The gathering on the card is harmonious, benevolent, pleasant. It is something like a welcome party for a successful individual.

Four of Wands Card Meaning Guide

I rejoice in my success and share it with others.

The card of the Four of Wands represents a stage of being very satisfied with what one has achieved so far.

As we have mentioned, this card naturally follows the previous one, in which the individual got well-equipped and prepared to get onto something.

Now, the work proved excellent and successful; it was fruitful. Not only it was good for the individual, but also for others.

This card represents the initial, noble and pure success; there was no time for things to become corrupted or otherwise distorted.

Of course, we do not want to say that it has to happen so, if one was successful, but it is a risk. At this stage, one feels proud about their own achievements and celebrates it.

The card also represent the recognition of one’s success, even if the person did not think their success was that important or valuable; even if you have underestimated your achievements, others did not.

By acknowledging your success, they encourage you to become even better and to appreciate yourself and believe in your causes.

In that sense, the Four of Wands tells about a celebration into your honor; it could even be a party of surprise, organized by people you love.

It could also be some sort of welcome party, for this card is associated with returning home after a time during which the individual was working on their goals elsewhere.

The success we speak of could be of literally any sort. It does not have to be a career success, a graduation or those things you would first think of.

It could be a success in terms of personal enlightenment for which you have to separate from your common ways and people in your life; now you have completed this important stage of your road and returned.

4 of Wands  – YES or NO

The Four of Wands is a YES card, thanks to its generally very positive energy. This is the card of encouragement, in terms that it proves you are definitely capable of achieving amazing things.

Therefore, now is the time to move on! Although you have achieved something, do not give up now when you know you can do well.

Four of Wands Card Upright Meaning

When the Four of Wands appears in the upright position, the card speaks about a great individual success, recognized by others, as well. It proves your intentions and efforts are good and that your plans were well-elaborated.

In brief, the card proves you are capable of bringing something to an end and in a brilliant manner. If you have been insecure about your skills and work, stop being so, for you have a proof of the opposite or you will soon receive it.

What is great, others recognize your talent and it will still happen even if you had doubts into your own quality. The Four of Wands should give wind into your sails and make you feel proud and very happy.

Four of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

If the card was reversed, there is probably some kind of delay in the process.

Perhaps your plans were not that well-elaborated and they do not suit your cause very well.

Maybe you were too insecure into your quality or someone else tries to convince you your efforts are worth nothing. Others do not believe you were good enough and it greatly affects your willingness to continue.

Four of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Four of wands is generally a very promising card when it comes to career. It definitely speaks about some kind of success, the one that should make you proud of yourself and inspire you to do even better. Your colleagues greatly appreciate your work and it is likely you will be rewarded, get a promotion, a better salary or something of the sort.

Four of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The card of the Four of Wands is associated with celebration, so it could have to do with engagement, as it is related to the initial success and the completion of a first stage of something.

In love relationships, it could be associated with proposing someone or being proposed, with the affirmative response and all the joy that comes along.

Four of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Four of Wands is a good card in health terms, for it tells about a state of feeling content, successful and capable.

If you suffer from anything, be it physical or emotional, you will soon experience improvement and you have all reasons to feel good.

4 of Wands Combined

When the Four of Wands stands along other cards from the deck, its meaning gets a specific form.

Let us see into several interesting examples on how to read the Four of Wands combined.

  • Four of Wands and The Magician: Becoming a professional
  • 4 of Wands and The Moon: Illusion of harmony
  • Four of Wands and The King of Wands: Big deal
  • 4 of Wands and The Two of Cups: Marriage
  • Four of Wands and The Knight of Swords: Dispute over real estates
  • 4 of Wands and The Page of Pentacles: Graduation celebration

Four of Wands Message

The trick with the Four of Wands is that the initial success, actually, the completion of one stage, the first stage of something feels like being at crossroads.

One could be encouraged to do more, but now there are no elaborated plans, so this phase requires either a new period of getting prepared and planning or it will drive you into rashness and impulsive reactions.

It could also give birth to greed, which would be a negative outcome.

Although the initial success should normally make you feel good and content, it does not mean it should become the last stop; it should inspire continuation of the process, but gradual. Time to recollect and build up new plans is vital.

The Four of Wands is a promising card. It means you should rejoice and celebrate your achievements, but it should not turn you into a greedy, insatiable person or become the point at which you give up on your project, be it a deeply personal and spiritual one or practical and material.

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