4 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Join us on another exciting journey through the mystical scenery of tarot cards! Tarot can tell us much about our destiny. Our fate has been written on the heavenly vault, long time ago, and there is nothing we can do to change it.

Most of our destiny is concealed from us; we do not know what awaits us around the corner, no matter of how we would like to.

Tarot is one form of divination. Divination practices are many and very different, but they all share things in common.

In order to understand any prophetic answer, you have to be familiar with symbols and their meanings.

Tarot cards are loaded with quite intriguing and sometimes obscure symbols that are to be found in other alternative paths.

Divination, as it is, cannot actually predict the exact future. There is no way we could get the whole plan, but we could obtain answers that would serve us as a precious guidebook.

Divination tells about our lives as they are, it tells about both our past and the future. In fact, it help us to understand our own lives much better; it makes us aware of things we would otherwise ignore.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot cards were first created long time ago, in medieval days, used primarily for playing card games.

However, these cards were soon introduced into the mysterious realm of the esoteric and the occult.

Tarot cards, if you look into them, often feature symbols you could also find in alchemy, in astrology, Kabbalah…they are full of allegories and archetypical depictions.

Decks of the tarot are large decks composed of seventy eight illustrated cards, organized in lesser suits. The major two parts of a common tarot deck are known as the Major and the Lesser or Minor Arcana.

In a reading, these suits represent different aspects of one’s destiny, to say. While the Major Arcana describes archetypes and the major plan, the Lesser is about the mundane.

Minor or Lesser Arcana is the part of the tarot we are going to focus on. This part counts fifty six cards, which are organized into four lesser suits.

These four are commonly known as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. There are other names. For example, in the so called French suit, these are Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds! You are probably familiar with those.

Each of these four are associated with an element, out of four: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The suit of Pentacles is the suit of the element Earth, in this regard. These four suits feature ten number cards, from Ace to Ten and four face cards or Court cards, which are Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. These four often represent people we meet, but could also reflect ourselves.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

Suits of the Lesser Arcana are associated with a faculty and a class, according to their core meaning and energy, to say.

Thus, the suit of Pentacles is the suit of merchants or traders and its faculty are material possessions and, generally, body experience, everything that could be comprehended through our senses. This is an earthly suit.

The suit of Pentacles is associated with all the financial matters and work. It is very useful and explanatory to look at the suits as people.

Pentacle people are hard workers, who do not mind getting their hands busy and even dirty, if necessary; dirty, in the literal sense of the word. They enjoy doing things by their own hands. They are builders.

Pentacle people are gifted traders, they know how efficiently to handle money matters, their focus is on how to provide a pleasant and comfortable life, even more than that. They love luxury and have a tendency towards hedonistic lifestyle.

However, all they gain is obtained through their own effort and good work. They pick the fruits of their efforts.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Four of Pentacles looks quite interesting and a bit perplexing, which is something we will talk in detail in the part about the visual description of this card.

What are some of the main characteristics of this card? This card is about stability, about having good foundations for something you are up to.

It is also related to being protective of what you consider your own.

We could say this is a characteristic materialistic card. All Pentacles cards are about the material aspect of life, but this one represents a sort of a base for future material progress.

In previous cards we have also grown familiar with things that are important for future progress. Now we are building foundations.

4 of Pentacles key terms: Stability and security, budget management and control, balance, good structure, materialistic attitude and focus, cautiousness about finances, savings, protection, edifices, building, good planning (especially concerning money, home budget et cetera)

Key essential element of the Four of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 4

Yes/No question for The Four of Pentacles card: No

Reversed 4 of Pentacles key terms: Poor management of finances, isolation, self isolation, instability in financial matters, feeling of insecurity and helplessness, general sense of instability, poorly motivated or having wrong motivation, losing possessions (especially savings)

Visual Description of The Four of Pentacles Card

Alright, let us try to decipher this strange Pentacles card. Pentacles are, as already emphasized, about possessions.

Well, in this image we clearly see a human figure that is in possession of golden coins, golden pentacles.

However, it does not appear harmonious, it appears a bit odd. The man is dressed like a nobleman or even some sort of a ruler, a king. He embraces one of the pentacles.

The two pentacles are each beneath one of his feet, while the fourth one (as there are four, according to the card number), lies on top of his head, that is, on his crown.

This particular distribution of pentacles on the image leaves us in a confused feeling. The imagery is ambiguous, as it definitely calls in the term greed or selfishness.

The man is enthroned, which tells about the position of power. He holds on these pentacles as his foundation; they are the base of his reign or they represents his accomplishments, his wining of the throne, figuratively speaking. His foundations are obviously only of the material sort. Is it enough? Well, material aspect of life is, indeed, important.

However, it seems, according to the imagery, that everything revolves around those golden coins. The man on the image would definitely not give up on them or hand them over.

On one side, it is good; one should always protect his own possessions. On the other hand, it could be a trap. It binds us to the material alone.

On one side, the image is an artistic and allegorical depiction of material foundations, stability in finances, management of money matters (though a bit strict and possibly with greater restraints than necessary), protection of our own possessions.

On the other hand, it represents greed, stinginess, being stuck within the materialistic domain.

Behind the king with pentacles, there is a large city, with many buildings and towers. It could be the man’s realm. He might be a ruler of this city, but it could also represent his desire to take it all over, to be the one in control of all the matters, especially to be in control over all the possessions in the city. Let us get deeper into the meaning of this curious card.

Four of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

My possessions are my foundations.

You probably know about the One Ring from Tolkien’s famous book. If not, well, it is a magical ring promising all the power one can imagine.

It corrupts the heart of the weak, especially of human beings, because, in truth, rare are those who could handle such power. It turns us against one another, all because of greed, vane glory, envy and the thirst for power.

In this manner material foundations turn us to bad people. Not everything in our lives should revolve around them. We have to find a balance between the material and immaterial. Material stability is an excellent starting point for many things and of course we should have it.

However, we should never let them seduce us and turn us into Uncle Scrooges.

This card represents one who has all the potentials to build up a very comfortable, stable and pleasant domestic life, but only if he or she does not exceed their need for control.

What people often do wrong is that they believe that they should be in charge of literally everyone’s business. Well, that is not correct.

This card tells about being a bit limited, limited by this need to control possessions, to feel as a king in the own little domain. That is fine, but only to certain point.

In this manner, you will never progress, you will never develop. While it is great to be satisfied with what you have, that is not exactly the scenario here.

With the Four of Pentacles, the person remains in the own little realm, which they have founded, provided with all the necessities and maybe even something on top, because it is their comfort zone. Moreover, there is a suppressed fear of losing it all. Hence the stingy attitude.

Even though the person possesses more than needed for a good life, he or she would never spend any coin on anything for pleasure.

That is not a good attitude, because, in this way, the one actually does not enjoy anything he or she owns. None of those accomplishments, possessions, if you wish, do not make them happy and satisfied.

4 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

For the reason of ambiguity of this card, its answer is NO. The Four of Pentacles, although it could tell about financial stability, security, good and stable income and more, it is a quite restrictive card.

It does not allow for any experiments or whatsoever. It is a no card and it does not encourage taking up any new steps at this particular moment.

Yes/no readings could be of great use, even if you do not like the answer. Sometimes the answer could even prove you that you had a right feeling about something, if it was the opposite of what your intuition tells you; in that sense, it could intensify your initial feeling and help you make a decision over something.

Four of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The upright Four of Pentacles is a card that tells about the importance of being cautious with money and about being in control over your possessions.

This card is related to everything that brings your own personal savings and possessions into focus. It is about saving plans, managing your home budget and such things.

In the upright position, it generally tells things are going to be fine.

Four of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed card tells the opposite. It is about losing your savings and poorly managing your finances.

It is about financial instability on a larger scale; it tells that you are or you will not be in a position properly to distribute and manage your money.

This card is about losing your savings. The Four of Pentacles reversed is about greed, envy, restrictions, selfishness.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

In career readings, this card is about money management, so it could indicate a job related to such matters; banking, trade, sales, stock market et cetera.

The Four of Pentacles tells also about reaching a level of financial stability, so it could indicate finding a regular job, having steady income and everything related.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In love readings, this card does not have to tell much about emotions. It is more about a family life, about stability in terms of your home budget and finances.

It is about planning family budget and carefully distributing money.

The card also tells that you could be the one in charge of such matters at home.

Four of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Four of Pentacles is the card that tells about stability and balance.

Although associated mostly with finances and stability in such terms, we could translate it into the language of the physical body, as Pentacles are about everything earthly and material.

In this sense, the Four of Pentacles could be understood as having a good base, good foundations to build up your health and your physical form.

4 of Pentacles Combined

Combined Four of Pentacles bring us some new interesting meanings.

Combinations are the most important element in a tarot reading; we have to understand each card in order to know them, but it is a combination of cards that provides us with the most important message.

  • Four of Pentacles and The Hermit: Stagnation
  • 4 of Pentacles and The Sun: Saving for future projects
  • Four of Pentacles and The Eight of Wands: Inheritance
  • 4 of Pentacles and The Six of Cups: Inability to leave the past behind
  • Four of Pentacles and The Two of Swords: A contract
  • 4 of Pentacles and The King of Pentacles: Obsessed with control

Four of Pentacles Message

The Four of Pentacles is a card of many meanings, all about your material foundations, your throne made up of gold coins. The card has sort of a restrictive energy, so it has its good and bad sides, to say. This card could definitely be a good sign, telling about reaching certain level of financial stability, comfortable and balanced life.

This card focuses the attention to matters of money and finances. It tells about being in control of finances, but also about being a bit too obsessed with it.

It deals with all activities related to personal material possessions and money; the Four of Pentacles is about selling and buying, with a general focus in the direction of getting rich and financially settled.

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