3 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Mysterious paths of our destiny will never stop intriguing and inspiring us, making us feel a bit thrilled and a bit afraid, at the same time. There are times in which we would be the happiest if we knew what the unpredictable Fortuna has in store for us; at other times, we simply enjoy its uncertainty and live our life with full lungs.

There is no certain way to know your future, but we could take a look into it. Divination prognoses could tell us a little bit more about our fate; more than we would otherwise know.

Although prophetic answers are not exact and do not offer us concrete information, regardless of how we experience them, they give us amazing insights.

What divination actually reveals is how we live our lives, what are our potentials, what could happen to us, analyzing both our past and present and taking a glimpse into the future. Some would say prophecies and divination are quite unreliable. These answers greatly depend on the ability of the practitioner to interpret them.

Divination is not that different from science, if you think through it. Each alternative practice has its own principles and rules and is based on an impressive knowledge; it is not guessing, it is the art and the skill and, one could say, science of interpreting symbolical meanings. Tarot definitely falls under this category. Let us see into it.

Tarot Suits Basics

Tarot divination, tarot reading is quite an old practice that still lives nowadays. Tarot reading requires of the master practitioner to be familiar with tons of mystical symbols, which occur in many other practices and alternative paths. Symbols one could find on tarot cards are to be found in, for example, astrology, alchemy, mythology.

Therefore, to be a good tarot reader, you have to gain a lot of knowledge. Tarot cards are full of archetypes and of allegories; it takes time, dedication and will to understand them to become an excellent practitioner. Each card has its own specific meaning and cards combined give even more specific ones.

Now let us talk about tarot decks. These are large ones, consisting of seventy eight cards, organized into two major parts; you have probably heard of the Major and the Minor Arcana. These two parts are uneven, different in number of the cards and, more importantly, in their role in a reading. Major Arcana reflects the – major plan.

It consists of twenty two cards in total, starting from The Fool card, the zero one, ending with The World, the card 21. Minor Arcana counts all the rest and it reflects the minor plan, that is, our everyday life and people we meet. It tells about common life situations, phases in or lives and more. This suit is divided into four lesser ones.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The four suits of the Minor Arcana are very characteristic. You would find them as the suit of Wands, of Cups, of Swords and that of Pentacles, which is the suit we will concentrate all of our attention to. Each suit counts fourteen cards and out of these fourteen, four are Court cards or face cards, which would be Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. The rest are ten number cards, from 1 to 10.

Four suits carry characteristic symbols, as mentioned above; their titles say it all, although we could find them under different names. Our suit of Pentacles is also known as the suit of Diamonds, also as Discs, Coins, Deniers, Stones. Each of the four are associated with one element, out of four essential, that is, Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

The suit of Pentacles is the suit of Earth, associated with the Earth zodiac signs. This characteristic greatly describes the nature of the suit. Pentacles are all about things that are related to our earthly experience, about material possessions, physical experience, everything we could recognize and feel through our bodily senses.

This suit is about prosperity, progress, material stability, richness, safety, security, abundance, building and working. This suit is related to everything we could build and gain in this earthly life. This is not a very emotional or spiritual suit, but one associated with our physical and, even more, material well-being. This is the suit of tradition, order, comfort and luxurious life.

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The suit of Pentacles could be observed as the suit of a gradual progress, mostly related to material success, including all processes related.

The Three of Pentacles card is quite unusual one, since it does not display ‘traditional’ pentacles we see on other cards. We will talk much more about its visual appearance.

Before we do so, let us talk about basic characteristics of this deck. We will go through the Three of Pentacles keywords, major characteristics and take a look into various different meanings we could associate with this card, based on its position.

In the next paragraphs, we will deeply analyze its imagery and meaning.

3 of Pentacles key terms: New start, new job offer, consultation, conversation, cooperation, advices from others, using an opportunity, teamwork, progress, practical approach, being productive, enthusiasm for work, being open to other’s help and support, creating something, effort and dedication

Key essential element of the Three of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 3

Yes/No question for The Three of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed 3 of Pentacles key terms: Efforts neglected from others, being ignored, wasted efforts, being unsatisfied with work or results, inefficiency, lack of good organization, lack of support and cooperation, misunderstanding (at work, especially), delay, inability to completely projects, being cast aside

Visual Description of The Three of Pentacles Card

Let us take a look into this curious Pentacles card. This one is a bit different from others, since it does not feature typical golden pentacles, but ones that are made of stone and actually represent a rosette, a decoration in the arch of a hall in which this peculiar scene takes place.

Second, the scene plays out inside, in a dark hall, unlike many other cards’ scenes that take place on the outside.

The most famous and widespread tarot decks design is that of Rider-Waite, wonderfully illustrated deck from the beginning of the twentieth century.

Minor Arcana cards represent various scenes that are related to situations that happen in our everyday lives and people whom we meet in life. All cards feature symbols that are characteristic for the deck.

Now, in the Three of Pentacles, we see three stone pentacles. They are on top of the arch in a hall, above human figures we see on the image.

These three pentacles are harmoniously arranged, speaking of the importance of balance and harmony; in the image, it could relate to those three persons we see on the card.

There are three human figures, each dressed very differently, which speaks perhaps about their different occupation, status or whatever else. They are in a conversation, it seems.

Two figures are listening to what the third person speaks. The whole scene does not appear tense and problematic; they are discussing something together.

The three different people represent three different classes that are in need of one another’s advice and help. In order to create something good, they have to cooperate.

Now, the scene takes place on the inside and the hall is very dark. It tells about something playing out in secret. This could be taken as an ambiguous scene.

It represents creating plans, thinking through something together. The Three of Pentacles is an ‘early’ Pentacles card, if we look at the suit as a road, a path to the crown of success.

So, what takes place is something that is in process of consideration and a good start. The three figures could be taken also as an executor, a planner and a leader.

Three of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

Good plans equal good structure.

This card is greatly about organization of work, about cooperative attitude, openness to ideas and readiness to share those with others.

All these aspects are needed for good results. This card is about teamwork. Even if, sometime in the future, you develop your skill and knowledge to the point that you become your own boss, the initial cooperation is the key.

This card is about learning through the process of creation. It is also about learning from others, but also about keeping up to your role in a task.

Good organization means everything and each person could greatly contribute by their own skill and talent. The Three of Pentacles is about mastering your own skill, without trying to become someone else.

Good work and dedication is valued and it pays off; it is essential in any cooperative process, in any collaboration. Someone could be an excellent leader, but not that great planner.

Another person could be an amazing, handy, skilful worker, but without any trait of a leader. Someone else could be the best in organizing others, another at planning the steps of the process.

This is a great card that tells about the importance of cooperative attitude, openness for advices from other people, valuing your own skills and work, being friendly, while keeping your integrity intact. Working completely on your own might be the next step.

However, we should learn from others and also allow others to learn from us. Every good plan needs a good structure.

3 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

Three of Pentacles is obviously a YES card. It encourages learning, developing skills, cooperation, asking others for advice and help.

This is a good card, telling you that there is no reason to doubt your own talents and your work and to be willing to consult someone else. There are always good advices that could improve our own skill.

Yes/no readings are very useful and simple. If you have doubts or a direct question to ask, yes/no reading is an excellent choice. One card is being pulled and, based on its overall nature and energy, it provides you with a simple and straightforward yes, no or maybe answer.

Three of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The upright Three of Pentacles brings good news, especially when it comes to work and, particularly, planning.

This card means you are likely to get an excellent job offer, one you should not refuse.

It is usually about a teamwork. It does not have to be a job offer exactly, but some other situation that engages you in working with other people.

A great advice will come to you from someone else; it does not even have to be a person you know.

There are moments when it feels as if the heavens have sent a good person to us, someone we could learn from.

On the other hand, you could be the one to provide advice and guidance to another person. These guidelines are likely to be related to progress, work, occupation and such.

Three of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed card is not that auspicious, because it represents everything opposite of good cooperation and teamwork.

It indicates refusal, being neglected from others, being ignored, even if your advices and skills could be useful.

Somehow, you do not work with people who value your worth and your effort.

This card could be about any sort of problems at work, but also about misleading, bad counsel, be it purposeful or random.

Problems with organization, feeling chaotic, feeling abandoned in your plans and ideas, work unfinished…all these situations are reflected in the reversed Three of Pentacles.

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

Overall, the Three of Pentacles tell about working in a team, in a collective, in which your ideas, skills and work are valued, if the card was in a proper position.

This card is generally about great collaboration, new jobs, new opportunities and new business ideas.

This card is about you and your friends coming up to a ingenious business idea, for example.

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In love readings, this card mostly refers to friendly love, rather than romantic.

This is a card of mutual understanding, support, willingness to take advice and to give one. It is especially about keeping harmonious and friendly relations at work.

The Three of Pentacles is about good, fruitful consultation and conversation.

Three of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Three of Pentacles is a card that suggests you should consult the experts, that is, doctors, professionals, if there was something that torments you, one way or another.

If you would like to improve your life habits and become even healthier and feel better, seek for an advice from those who are familiar with the matter that interests you.

3 of Pentacles Combined

The Three of Pentacles will provide us with some quite amazing meanings when it appears combined with some other cards of the tarot deck.

Combined cards actually give us insights into what interest us the most. Each tarot reading is a unique experience. The sets of combinations tell much about our destiny.

  • Three of Pentacles and The Court: Assistance, support in business
  • 3 of Pentacles and The Hanged Man: Wasted effort
  • Three of Pentacles and The Ace of Wands: Excellent cooperation offer
  • 3 of Pentacles and The Three of Cups: Fruitful collaboration and celebration
  • Three of Pentacles and The Two of Swords: Refusal of cooperation or a loan
  • 3 of Pentacles and The Five of Pentacles: Poor collaboration

Three of Pentacles Message

The Three of Pentacles is a card that praises cooperation, good organization and structure, divided duties and obligations that, when put into realization, play amazingly well.

It is about openness to advices from the outside, another’s counsel and help and vice versa.

The Three of Pentacles value mutual understanding, positive attitude towards colleagues and a plan, work ethics.

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