3 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

We all long to know what unpredictable Fortuna has in store for us…well, at least at times we wonder! When things appear uncertain or we are feeling as if in a limbo, some reassurance on the part of Destiny would work our way.

Divination has been practiced since ancient times, for such purposes exactly; it was meant to make people’s lives more certain.

The same is in our day. Some of the divination techniques that are being used in our times are very old. This definitely stands for tarot readings.

Tarot cards were made as gaming cards, but they were later introduced into the world of the occult and esoteric. They come from middle ages and they have been more and more used in occultism from the eighteenth century onwards.

Tarot readings do not affect our future or life in any direct way. They represent some sort of guidance, since they could point out people, situations, personal qualities and characteristics we should pay attention to.

Otherwise we would simply neglect them and perhaps miss out an opportunity to do something differently.

Tarot cards are loaded with mystical symbols, carrying powerful meanings, channeling and filtering messages we need to know.

The art of tarot reading requires a devoted and passionate practitioner, with a great knowledge about the cards alone and the world of the esoteric. And a bit of talent, of course. If you want to learn to read tarot cards, you have to love it!

Tarot Suits Basics

Let us make a basics introduction into the wonderful world of tarot. Tarot decks are big ones; they count seventy eight cards typically, divided into two groups.

The two sets are called Major and Minor Arcana and they are uneven. The Major Arcana counts 22 cards, while the rest form the minor Arcana.

The titles of these suits do not describe their importance, only their role in a reading. Their various combinations would lead to very special meanings and messages.

The Major Arcana cards are numbered from 0 to 21, where The Fool card is 0. The Minor Arcana is divided into four parts: the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles.

They are sometimes called other names, but each has a trademark symbol, as their titles say. Each of these suits correspond with an essential element and is of specific quality and nature.

The four suits are even and each count ten Numbers and four face or Court cards. The latter are Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages.

Visual appearance of each of these cards is deeply meaningful. Symbols found on tarot cards are there on purpose; they are mystical, often associated with alchemy, astrology and mythology.

Each personification on the cards carries something archetypical, especially when it comes to Major Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana are specifically related to the mundane life.

Suit of Cups Major Characteristics

The suit of Cups is our Minor Arcana suit of interest! This suit is sometimes called the suit of Hearts, which becomes very logical, when you learn what the suit was about.

The Cups are associated with emotions, relationships, with love, harmony, peace and beauty. The Cups are the suit associated with the element of Water, which explains their link with the intuitive, imaginative, with matters of the soul.

These cards are more about the introspection and the inner world. We could observe them in contrast with Wands, which are of the element of Fire, intense, very active, sometimes very hasty and very extroverted and dominant.

The Cups are like an ever flowing river of spiritual energy and emotions.

Three of Cups Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Three of Cups is a very joyful card! It is associated with friendship, good times, well-being and having fun. This is a card of joining together, in order to celebrate life and share moments of happiness.

The Three of Cups card is also the card of connections, although, unlike the previous 2 of Cups, it is more oriented towards friendly relations than towards romantic ones.

Before we look into the imagery of the 3 of Cups card and analyze its deeper meaning, we will go through some quick facts about the card.

Like the whole suit of Cups, the 3 of Cups card is greatly about our emotions, this time, emotions of happiness and joy that come with togetherness. It has its risky side, though.

3 of Cups Key terms: Happiness and joy, good times, togetherness and goodness, shared happiness, giving and receiving love, celebrations, gatherings, family, female friends and groups

Key essential element of the Three of Cups: Water

Minor Arcana type: Number, 3

Astrological Planet and Zodiac Sign: Mercury, Cancer

Yes/No question for The Three of Cups card: Yes

Reversed 3 of Cups key terms: Gluttony, ribaldry, excess, wantonness, promiscuity, chaotic social life and relations, arguments within family, love affairs and adultery, lascivious behavior

Visual Description of The Three of Cups Card

Tarot cards have characteristic imagery. They represent various personifications, archetypes, allegories and are typically full of mystical symbols.

Standard pattern for the tarot design comes from the old Tarot of Marseille. The earliest preserved cards of this design were made in the 17th century Paris. The name of the deck is, however, younger; it was forged in the 19th century.

The most recognizable and widespread tarot deck used for divination is an early 20th century one. Most of people are familiar with the imagery of this deck, even those who have never dealt with tarot or any other form of divination.

These are Rider-Waite tarot cards, illustrated by the artist Pamela Colman Smith, as instructed by the mystic and academic Arthur Edward Waite.

The imagery on tarot cards is purposeful and meaningful; no element on these images is put there without a reason. These cards’ images do not have a decorative, but mystical value.

Some of the cards are of very complex combinations of symbols, while others are a bit simpler. The four suits of the Minor Arcana always feature their characteristic symbols, of wands, cups, swords or pentacles.

The Three of Cups card is not that complex, for example. There are no obscure symbols, but the image represents a scene, like a genre painting scene. It could be understood both literally and allegorically. Let us see into it.

The card is dominated by three dancing female figures. They hold characteristic cups of the suit and appear as having a really good time!

The three women seem to be dancing in circles, toasting, celebrating something. All around them fruits are scattered, as symbols of abundance, indulgence, pleasures of life, richness of the earth. They look like ancient bacchantes a bit. One of the women holds grapes in her hand; one would tell their cups are filled with wine.

The faces of these dancing ladies are joyful and happy. They appear as if there are no worries in this world; for a moment, there really is not one. They enjoy their time together while they can, thus representing both the beauty of life and its passing. They celebrate the glory of earthly life and see to take the best out of it. In the most positive connotation, the card overall depicts a celebration of life and togetherness.

There is something else about the three women. The colors on tarot cards are always meaningful; hence the robes these ladies wear are of symbolical value.

The clothes of the Three of Cups women recall female personifications from the Major Arcana suit. The white dressed woman corresponds with Strength from the Major Arcana.

The red dressed woman could be linked with Justice, while the white orange one is associated with Temperance.

Therefore, they embody not simply a thoughtless, unreasonable surrender to the pleasures of the world. They represent what is needed for the true happiness. Although the imagery of this card appears simple, the meaning has many levels.

Three of Cups Card Meaning Guide

Together we are stronger.

The three different women also represent the three aspects of the female energy, the harmonious and protective attitude of a mother, the integrity and strength of a female of power, the compassion of a romantic lady.

In that sense, although the card could be seen as of togetherness in a wider sense, focuses on the unity of women.

The Three of Cups is about celebrating life and about unity, about the importance of forming groups and keeping your loved ones close.

It is about friendship and family rituals; the card is greatly about ceremonies and celebrations themselves. It tells about the importance of tradition that makes people’s bonds grow stronger, especially those within the family and close friends.

This card is greatly about having fun, but it has a deeper and more serious meaning. It tells about sharing everything with your closest ones, not only those happy times of fun and joy.

The 3 of Cups is about staying together in both good and in bad times, but it emphasizes the happiest ones, with a very positive purpose.

This card suggest that we should not waste time on quarrelling amongst ourselves over unimportant issues. The card is about overcoming arguments, making peace amongst ourselves and growing our bonds stronger.

It focuses on close relationships and encourages us never to neglect them. Our lives are happening now and we should not spoil it by rejecting the people who love us because of pride, minor disagreements and else.

Sometimes the card tells about reconciliation, about making peace after some serious argument or someone’s mistake. It tells that the power of unity and friendship could prevail over many things we think unconquerable.

The card says that the time has come to take up our cups, fill it with elixir of friendship and good intentions, forgive one another and share good times, while we are here. The card is very optimistic in its core.

On another level, the meaning could be very simple; the card could be a sign that some celebration is under way. It could be a childbirth, a wedding, someone’s birthday, an engagement, a social gathering for other reasons or whatever of the sort.

In any case, the Three of Cups card should be taken as a herald of good times.

3 Three of Cups  – YES or NO

The Three of cups is generally a YES card. This especially applies if the questioner wanders about engaging in an activity with others, getting in touch with friends or relatives, making agreements or anything of the sort.

The card does not, however, support endeavors made on one’s own, so think again, if you wanted to enter something all on your own.

Now the time is to collaborate and rely on your most trusted ones.

Readings of ‘yes or no’ type are simple and useful when you have a direct question to ask or feel in doubt over something. They require one card to be opened and it offers a yes, a no or a maybe answer.

Three of Cups Card Upright Meaning

The upright Three of Cups carries the most positive message for all who pulled it. When the card appears in the upright position, it is a sign good times are ahead of you.

The times of shared joy, of unity and reuniting with close people, of celebration and happy times spent with friends and family. The card is about embracing people who care about you and being there for them.

This card is about giving love freely, without asking it in return, without weighing it; that is, in fact, the only way the true love between people works.

The card could be a herald of good news; it may happen that someone you have not seen for long, but who is very dear to your heart, returns in your life. It could be a good friend or a sibling.

The upright card tells that you should relax and spend time with people whom you find very dear.

The 3 of Cups is about strong friendships, good times, pleasure and abundance. In its core, the upright 3 of Cups card carries simple and positive message and it definitely proves that together we are stronger.

Three of Cups Card Reversed Meaning

Now, the negative side of the Three of Cups, which comes to light when the card appears in the reversed position, is the excess of some of the good sides presented.

The reversed Three of Cups is about having no limits in celebration, excessive indulgence, surrendering to material and carnal pleasures that corrupt the healthy heart and soul and lead not to unity, but to division.

The reversed card  speaks about non decent behavior, about overindulgence, promiscuity and disorder.

When this card is reversed, it means there is no good balance between joy and bacchanal, between friendly love and shallow relationships, between the social and the private life. It tells about people who are always around, simply because they have no self-integrity.

Partying too hard is never a recipe for a content life which values qualities of a real friendship and real, strong bonds. Adultery, deceit, all sorts of trickery and manipulation are in the game when the 3 of Cups is reversed.

However, as with other ‘bad’ sides of tarot cards, this one could serve as a good warning and a wake up call.

Three of Cups Tarot Card – Career Meaning

Since the card is about good times, prosperity and abundance, along with great relations, this is also a good card for career readings.

It tells about possibilities for making some steady partnerships, amazing, pleasing contracts and, overall, it speaks about cooperation. The wine and the fruits around the women on the card symbolize abundance, so the card is also about gain and promising finances.

The Three of Cups tells about mutual respect and admiration. In that sense, the card implies people you work with will definitely recognize your qualities and acknowledge your excellent contribution to the team.

Overall, 3 of Cups is about a pleasant, cooperative and positive working atmosphere.

Three of Cups Tarot Card – Love Meaning

When it comes to love, the Three of Cups could be a bit tricky.

On one side, it could tell about a wedding on the way, an engagement and a marriage.

However, it could tell that you are going to participate in such a ceremony and meet a potential partner on such an occasion. It tells about people meeting their love at gatherings.

On another side, the card is very good when it comes to family and family relations. It is about building stronger relations with your beloved ones, with siblings, with parents, with kids and everything else.

It is also a good sign for those who plan to start a family. The meaning will depend on other cards.

However, this card also carries a risk of overindulgence and promiscuity.

To active and lively social life often makes people finding it difficult to commit to one person. We have seen it in the reversed card, so this is also something to bear in mind.

Do not play with other’s hearts and do not let anyone does the same to you.

Three of Cups  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

When it comes to health, the card is a good one, because it tells about the unity of the three principles, personified in three women.

As for the health, they could embody the three vital principles that keep us healthy and strong – they represent the unity of body, mind and our soul.

3 of Cups Combined

We have mentioned that the meaning of a card could depend on combinations with other cards.

Let us offer several examples of the Three of Cups combined with other ones.

  • Three of Cups and The Fool: Flirting
  • 3 of Cups and Fortuna: Conception
  • Three of Cups and The Three of Wands: The first success
  • 3 of Cups and The Ace of Cups: Love triangle
  • Three of Cups and The Nine of Swords: Shame
  • 3 of Cups and The Knight of Pentacles: Progress

Three of Cups Message

Together we are strong, the Three of Cups says! Take your good friends by the hand and enjoy sharing the beauty of life. The time of celebration is coming.

Rise your cups for a toast and celebrate life and all its fortunes, mutually shared.

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