2 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Mysteries of our destiny shall never cease to intrigue and inspire us. People have been trying to unravel the secret of the existence in many ways, while, at the same time, each individual is interested into knowing the own fate. Could it ever be known for certain?

The answer is no, but there are different ways to deal with such uncertainty and make life a bit more predictable. Knowing your future would certainly make your time a bit more comfortable, but then all the magic of the surprising destiny would be gone.

Perhaps that is the reason why we can never predict our individual future precisely. Divination arts could help us, not in discovering the exact chain of events that would come our way, but to understand the chain better.

We will try to look at it objectively, as there is no actual questioner and specific circumstances we would know about. Tarot divination is what interests us here, one of the many forms of telling the future.

Tarot is specific for its use of cards. These cards hide many symbols and allegories that would help us understand the life and get an idea of the possible future events.

Tarot Suits Basics

What is tarot, anyway? How these cards look like and why are they so intriguing? Tarot decks are large suits consisting of seventy eight cards divided into two major parts. We know them under their names of Major and Minor Arcana. It has to be said that these title do not describe the value of the suit, but only their role in a reading.

In that sense, the Major Arcana is a suit of twenty two cards representing archetypical personifications.

These cards refer to a wider plan, they tell about archetypes we could recognize in ourselves and our lives, but they do not deal with our everyday life. That is the task of the Minor Arcana cards, the other and a larger part of a tarot deck.

Minor Arcana consists of fifty six cards divided into four suits more. Of these four, each counts fourteen cards. Of these fourteen, four are Court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages), while the rest are ten numbers, from Ace to Ten.

These cards are associated with the everyday life, with specific situations and phases, with people in our lives.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

Each of the four Minor Arcana suits is marked by its characteristic symbol. These suits are named after the symbol they feature as the suit of Wands, suit of Cups, suit of Swords and the suit of Pentacles. There are many variants of the names. For example, the suit of Wands here is known as the suit of Batons, Clubs, Scepters or Staves.

Four Minor Arcana suits have characteristic traits and qualities. Therefore, each represents a certain class and a faculty and it is related to one of the four essential elements. The suit of Wands represents the class of artisans and its faculty are creation and will. The element of the suit of wands is Fire, although some associate it with Air.

What would be the major characteristics of the suit of Wands? Well, according to their basic description, Wands are about the power of will, activity, optimism, daring spirit, courage and positivity, creation, leadership, taking charge, self confidence and many more. Of course, it can present in a negative light, so it could be about forcefulness, arrogance, rashness and so on.

Two of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

Let us see into the second card of the suit of Wands, which would be Two of wands. Now, the image of this card already looks quite interesting and makes us wonder about its meaning. Before we go into details about this card, we will run through some basic facts about the Two of Wands. This card is about being convinced into your causes and wanting to achieve more.

The Two of Wands is a card that tells about seeing a bigger picture and being ready to take up a wonderful adventure that would lead you to your goals. If we look into suits as some sort of a growing process, the Wands definitely can tell much about our life path, for they are, indeed, cards related to growth and development process.

2 of Wands key terms: Visionary, bigger picture, bigger plan, convictions, readiness, courage and optimism, positive attitude, being centered and focused, having ideas, control, wanting more than you already have, believing in yourself and your worth

Key essential element of the Two of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 2

Yes/No question for The Two of Wands card: Yes

Reversed 2 of Wands key terms: Lack of courage, not being sure about your causes, being subjected and controlled, helplessness, feeling weak and having no power, plans broken, low self-esteem, doubtfulness, greed and envy, wasting energy, inability to concentrate

Visual Description of The Two of Wands Card

The main and the most important part of interpreting tarot cards in general is knowing their imagery and being able to understand their symbolism.

For this reason, any tarot practitioner should be a master of symbols and to posses a great knowledge and the ability of seeing the symbols as a complex of meanings.

The most famous tarot deck design is the Rider-Waite tarot, speaking of the imagery.

Let us observe The Two of Wands tarot card and examine its imagery very carefully. What is the first thing that you notice when looking into the card?

It would probably be the central character of the image, a man wearing long red cloak, holding a model of the Earth in his right hand and one of his two wands in his left hand, in a relaxed gesture.

The man appears to be in his prime age and he is dressed like a noble. The red color of his robes reflects the energy of the Wands deck, the element of Fire.

It represents passion, courage, life, creation; crimson is the color of royalty, as well. Overall, his red robes and red hat tell about his optimistic spirit, his vitality and strength, courage and power.

The two wands are poles in the composition of his surroundings, which is a terrace of a mansion or a castle, perhaps. They stand upright, firm and give us an impression of stability and harmony.

If you look into wands, you will notice a few green leaves growing on their upper parts; this is a characteristic of all the wands in the suit.

The growing leaves symbolize creation, growth, development, regeneration and many more. Now, the most interesting element of this card’s image is the globe the man holds in his hand.

It represents a wider perspective of reality, a big plan, ability to observe things on a big plan and from a higher perspective. This is a symbol of a visionary and a one in control.

This globe in a hand represents being in control over things; it does not mean the man would literally rule the world, but it reflects one’s self-confidence, the sense of being in charge of one’s life.

The Earth is a symbol of unity, balance, harmony, understanding, peace. The man looks into the distance, wondering where to go next.

However, we do not have the impression he doubts his strength or lacks confidence. He examines the options, as he firmly believes the whole world has so much to offer to him.

The landscape in front of him appears promising. It is fertile, there is water, there are mountains and a lot of greenery.

Two of Wands Card Meaning Guide

The world is mine.

This would definitely be the credo of the Two of Wands. It reflects an eagerness to discover what the world has to offer, to explore its corners and many of the possibilities it might set before one’s feet.

This card represents that feeling as if your lungs were full of fresh air, the feeling of life being promising and beautiful, despite of all the possible obstacles and challenges.

The card of the two Wands stands for a visionary spirit, one whose ideals have not been broken apart.

Since the man depicted on the image does not appear to be an inexperienced boy, but an adult, in his best years, the card is not about foolish dreams. It is about already knowing life and the growth of the ideals and ideas.

There is still a long journey ahead, and the options are uncountable. This card is about having a good starting point, optimism, strength and willingness to start a new journey or to continue one; it is not a card about making a drastic change and the world being turned upside down.

Not at all, it is about the notion that the whole world is beneath your feet, that you are a part of it and that there are various possibilities for you.

In its best, this card is, indeed, about not being satisfied with what you have, but not in a greedy way; it reflects one’s self-recognition and the firm belief that one can and should do better.

2 of Wands  – YES or NO

The Two of Wands is, as probably expected, a YES card. This is generally an auspicious card reflecting a harmonious atmosphere between the questioner and, well, the whole world.

It reflects a relaxed, though confident and focused attitude towards life. For this reason, the answer is affirmative, whatever was in the question.

Yes/no readings are quite fitting for those who have simple and straightforward questions to ask the tarot deck! One card is to be pulled and, according to its general value, the answer comes in the simplest form possible, as yes, no or maybe.

Two of Wands Card Upright Meaning

The upright Two of Wands represents virtually all the positive characteristics of the card and serves as a n encouraging guidance.

The upright card is about feeling powerful and ready to pursue your vision, but in a noble, benevolent manner, never against something, but for something.

This card is about the feeling as if everything is in harmony; it is about the ability to recognize and experience the harmony of the universe.

One has to agree that it is not an easy task, for there are many things in life that discourage us and make us feel as if the whole world is falling apart.

This card represents the opposite; it reflects an unconditional love for life, the unbreakable optimism and a spirit of a visionary.

It is greatly a card of idealism, in its best sense; Two of Wands inspire us to pursue better future.

Two of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

Reversed Two of Wands represent the other side of the coin. On one side, it still reflects the world is mine credo, but in its negative form; it is about an insatiable appetite for conquering, for owning things, for taking everything for yourself. It is greatly about envy, greed and vanity. The reversed card is about manipulating and dominating by force.

On the other side, it could represent the complete absence of any power or even illusion of power. In this sense, the card represents helplessness, discouragement, feeling deeply insecure about one’s own ideas.

This card is about feeling not in control over your own destiny, but about being lost in life and the world.

Two of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

In terms of career, Two of Wands are a promising omen. They do not actually tell about the execution of the plans and completed projects, but about having a solid ground to start one.

This is the most important part of any project. This card is about being optimistic about your good work and feeling as if there are still many options to observe and choose the best and the most efficient path.

Two of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

Although the Two of Wands is not that much about an existing romantic relationship, it is about a very promising romantic future.

In any case, it should be taken as a positive sign. If you were single, it means there is definitely someone out there waiting for you.

If you were in a relationship, it could represent thinking about taking up a next step, feeling content with your loved one, but wanting more of it.

Two of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

In general, Two of Wands are a good sign, speaking of health and well-being.

As it represents the feeling of being in control over life, its meaning is uplifting and should be taken as a positive sign.

It tells about many new options. If you feel out of balance or suffer from an illness, this card reminds you that you should not give up searching for solutions.

2 of Wands Combined

Each tarot card presents with yet more specific meanings if it was combined with other cards.

When it comes to The Two of Wands card, meanings become quite interesting. Let us go through several good examples.

  • Two of Wands and The Fortune: New horizons, new points of view
  • 2 of Wands and The devil: Dangerous plans
  • Two of Wands and The Knight of Wands: Impulsive decision
  • 2 of Wands and The Nine of Cups: Being dreamy
  • Two of Wands and The Ace of Swords: Analyzes
  • 2 of Wands and The Eight of Pentacles: Searching for a job

Two of Wands Message

The Two of Wands is a card of having many options in life and about general optimism that should accompany such a notion.

The world is still there, waiting for you to explore it and take the best out of it.

The Two of Wands is a card about inner peace and being content, but also the awareness of something more awaiting for you.

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