2 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Do you often think about your future? Have you ever wondered about your destiny and asked the heavens why something in your life is as it is? Bad times, happy times, funny times or boring ones, the truth is, we usually do not think much about them; we live through them, until there is a moment when we would like to know more.

Since ancient past, people have been asking the same questions. People have been practicing divination since first civilizations and beyond, in order to take a glimpse into the future! We still do so, even in our technologically advanced modern age. Technology might be incredibly useful, but it tells nothing about our personal destinies.

Divination does. Various divination practices all have certain elements in common. Like science, they also have a set of principles and rules to be followed and they are based on the tons of information and on very specific, detailed and deep knowledge. Divinatory answers, however, are not that strict and they could be interpreted in various ways.

In order to understand the answers obtained through divination, you have to be familiar with the technique itself, with symbolical meanings and you have to practice. Practice is the key to brilliance, along with the natural talent, which usually expresses itself as the inclination towards something. What do you need to know to understand tarot?

Tarot Suits Basics

A good tarot reader, a practitioner of tarot reading, has to be familiar with numerous symbols appearing on the tarot cards. Of course, it is only the first step, for symbols found in tarot are to be seen in many other places. Tarot images are riddles that have to be unlocked, deciphered and all that in accordance with a particular case.

Tarot cards feature symbolical compositions, allegorical scenes, personifications, archetypes and much more. The whole tarot deck could be seen as the totality of one’s destiny; the cards are an instrument to read the questioner’s destiny. They represent a story, a tale of your life, in a way. Each image means something.

Now, tarot decks feature two major parts. You have likely heard of the Major and the Minor Arcana. These titles do not describe their value, but their role, to say, in a reading. The Minor Arcana is the part that interests us in our analysis of the card in question. This part of the deck consists of four more suits. The total number of Minor or Lesser Arcana cards is fifty six.

These cards are divided into four; such obtained four suits are known after the symbols they feature, the Wands (Batons, Staves, Scepters, Clubs), Cups (Hearts, Chalices, Cauldrons, Vessels, Grails), Swords (Spades or Blades) and our Pentacles here (Discs, Stones, deniers, Coins or Diamonds).

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The suits are associated with four essential elements. The suit of Wands is the element Fire, the suit of Cups is Water, Swords are the Air and Pentacles are Earth. In case of Pentacles, the element beautifully illustrates the nature of the suit. Pentacles are about this earthly, physical and material domain. It is not a highly emotional or spiritual suit.

Accordingly, the suits are also associated with zodiac signs; the suit of Pentacles, as an earth suit, is linked to the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This further describes its faculty, that of the bodily experiences and material possessions. This suit is about pleasures of earthly life, carnal pleasures, sensual experience, possessions, materiality, earning, provision,  wealth.

The Pentacles love abundance, stability, order and organization, worthy effort, work that brings great income. The suit of Pentacles is about picking the fruits of your just and dedicated work and enjoying their delicious taste. This suit is not about making hasty decisions, but about making solid plans, usually those that would bring material fortune.

The suit of Pentacles is associated with the class of traders or merchants. This is best understood if we think of the suits as of people.

Therefore, the Pentacles suit is the suit of bankers, traders, people who have talent for financial matters, people who work with money and know how to handle it. This suit is about those who lead their own business and know how to make the best out of it.

Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Two of Pentacles appears as an intriguing card. The juggler with golden coins? We will see into details about the image itself.

First we will make a brief introduction and go through the most important terms about this card.

The Two of Pentacles is, as it number says, the second of the Pentacles suit, following the blissful Ace.

The Two of Pentacles represents some sort of playing with opportunities. This card is about changes, flexible attitude and circumstances that could lead to chaos, if not handled a proper way.

With Two of Pentacles, we are still at the mere beginning of the journey towards prosperous life. Let us see into the card.

2 of Pentacles key terms: Maintenance of balance, opportunities, playing with opportunities, initial instability, change that makes us grow, being a multi-task one, working on different fronts, having fun and joy at work, a pleasant change, movement, a step towards a better stage of life

Key essential element of the Two of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 2

Yes/No question for The Two of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed 2 of Pentacles key terms: Losing balance, inability to decide on priorities (especially between work and home or family), inability to accept the change, unpleasant turn, bad move, things unfinished, being overloaded with work, distraction

Visual Description of The Two of Pentacles Card

The Two of Pentacles is definitely an interesting card to look upon. The scene is dynamic and all is in the motion.

The central figure is that of the juggler, performing an act with the two pentacles, characteristic of the suit. He performs an act that requires great balance and skill; in facts, he has to keep them in balance.

The juggler is a young man, dressed accordingly, focused on his performance and his pentacles. He seems to be dancing in harmony of his performance.

The pentacles are in the rope he holds. He did not lose them and the pentacles are still in his hands. However, the card suggests a bit of imbalance or potential for losing it.

Look at the man’s body posture. His one feet is slightly raised, his head bent, as if he trying either to maintain the balance, as mentioned, or he tries to find the balance. We are unsure what is the actual case.

However, he eagerly performs his act. This means that the juggler, the personification of the questioner here, likely, tries some new tricks!

He tries to improve his skill and he is willing to try new ones. On a deeper level, this card indicates indecisiveness when being faced with two equally attractive opportunities.

It represents one’s willingness to manage more things at a time, because he or she thinks they can do it. It greatly depends on a situation.

While multitasking is very common in the modern world, it is not always the best path to thread. What is else there to be seen.

In the background, we see waters, sea or ocean with big waves and ships; troubled waters, not a calm see.

These wavy waters reflect the overall ambiguity of the image, the sense of dynamic, thrill, the need to maintain the balance.

Two of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

Balancing between opportunities.

The Two of Pentacles are the next step after the potentials seen in the blissful Ace of Pentacles, to say. This card indicates a stage in which one balances between more than one opportunity, trying to accomplish more than one.

The card is about the ability to do so, but it is also a sort of a warning of the troubles such a path could bring.

The Two of Pentacles is a card that is mostly positive and optimistic, but it could be interpreted in so many ways. This jester brilliantly performs his act, which indicates talent, skill, practice.

It is about playing with opportunities and having good times with your work. One of the keys to success is being flexible and taking things lightly at times.

This, of course, means one has to be either greatly intuitive or to have excellent reasoning, so to know when to take up things seriously and when not.

Exploring more than one opportunity is good for you; you should always stay open for new ones. Sometimes new opportunities build up what you already work on.

This card is about balance and adaptation, it is about one’s ability to adapt to new conditions, to changes of various sorts, but most likely those related to work and the life path.

Some people get stuck in life, because they have no courage even to try something new, even if there is no risk that they would actually lose the former.

The Two of Pentacles is about being in a stage of revaluation, about trying to decide what course would be the best to take.

The card is not about making final decisions, but about consideration. And yes, it is about troubling and unstable, but not in a bad way.

2 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

The Two of Pentacles are a YES card, even if the energy seems a bit ambiguous and you would probably expect a maybe answer.

Well, this card encourages exploring, trying, experiencing changes, playing a bit. Nothing of these would bring you harm, but you have to keep reasonable.

Yes or no readings a re great when you are in doubt of something, because they provide you with simple and direct answers. Sometimes it will happen that you actually decide to do the opposite from the answer obtained, which is also a proof that the answer was effective and that it has cleared up your mind.

Two of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

In the upright position, the Two of Pentacles represents having more than one good opportunity and it also indicates having time and space to try more than one. You are about to experience something new and to learn things that might be of great use in the future.

As the Pentacles are about the money and possessions, let us see what the card says about that.

The upright card is auspicious. It tells about an individual who is very gifted when it comes to dealing with financial matters; a person who knows how perfectly to balance finances, how and where to invest them or spend them, without any damage.

Two of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

When the card appears in reversed position, it indicates an inability to balance finances and inadequate money management.

It tells about the individual who has taken too much on his back, eager to use the most of the opportunities, but he or she is not grown to that; they just cannot handle everything at once.

Two of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Two of Pentacles tells good and new opportunities are coming your way.

Perhaps you will have to work on two fronts, but it would not be too burdening, it will be a bit exhausting, though exciting and fruitful.

The card represents a person who is perfectly capable of multi-tasking, a person who earns from more than one jobs, an individual who is very capable, flexible and adaptable.

Two of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In a love reading, the Two of Pentacles is about playfulness, about romance and having fun.

This card is not related to deep feelings and tight bonds, but it could be a bout a start of relationship that would eventually grown into that.

However, it is about more (potential) partners, so it indicates that sooner or later a choice has to be made.

Two of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Two of Pentacles, being a dynamic and playful card, generally indicates good health, a lot of strength, sudden flow of energy which makes you feel as if you could climb the highest mountain, walk on a rope over a gorge, balancing your two pentacles in a rope, as the juggler here.

Just be cautious, that is the only good advice.

2 of Pentacles Combined

Now we shall see what answers the combined Two of Pentacles bring. Combinations are of especial importance, because they alter the initial meaning of a sole card as they strongly affect one another.

  • Two of Pentacles and The Fool: Chaotic finances
  • 2 of Pentacles and The Empress: Gain from more than one source
  • Two of Pentacles and The Queen of Wands: Troubles with balancing private life and work
  • 2 of Pentacles and The Page of Cups: Writing letters or exchanging notes with someone (romantic ones, usually)
  • Two of Pentacles and The Ace of Swords: Searching for a challenge
  • 2 of Pentacles and the Six of Pentacles: being an entertainer, a job that brings fun

Two of Pentacles Message

The Two of Pentacles encourages you to take up those wonderful opportunities coming your way. Try more than one, if you have it! The card has a positive vibration and it says that you will have good times and fun while exploring not only opportunities alone, but also your talent, skill, your abilities. This ’game’ will help you improve them and learn many useful things.

This card is the second in the row of Pentacles number cards; if we take the suit as a process, you are still fresh, there are so many things you should try, before deciding your final course.

Therefore, this juggling card brings multiple offers, multiple sources and resources and multiple tasks you should not reject at once.

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