2 of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Tarot cards are one of the popular ‘tools’ for those engaged with the art of divination. Tarot reading is an old practice, although tarot cards are older than divination. They were originally playing cards, used for various, though similar card games.

Cards are wonderfully designed and each of them contains deeply symbolic imagery.

Over the course of time, tarot cards have been being used for esoteric purposes. The art of tarot reading is an interesting way to get closer to knowing the path the Destiny has imagined for you.

Tarot cards stand shoulder to shoulder with other divination practices; not one of them can change the future or one’s fate.

However, we might have an impression as they could do so, because, indeed, such practices help us see the parts of our destiny we would otherwise miss out.

In general, people take many things for granted, not because they are unwilling to dig deeper into it, but because many things require a closer look, that is, a look of a mystic, so to say.

Tarot cards are on the table! Combined or alone, tarot cards carry special messages. The imagery is not random or put there only to our amusement.

Although tarot cards do not possess magic to intervene with our lives, their magic lies in what we are going to do with the information they channel to us.

Tarot Suits Basics

Let us begin with some basics. Tarot decks consist of 78 cards. Of these, 22 form the Major Arcana, the trump cards. These are numbered from 0 to 21 and they commonly refer to the personality of the questioner.

The remaining 56 cards form the Minor Arcana, with the term ‘minor’ having nothing to do with the importance of the cards in a reading.

Minor Arcana cards typically relate to personalities we meet in life and with the mundane aspect of life. When combined, Major and Minor Arcana cards get a more specific meaning.

The Minor Arcana, the suit that is of our greatest interest here, counts 56 cards divided into 4 suits. Each counts ten Numbers and four Court or face cards.

These are numbers from 1 to 10, plus the four face cards: the Kings, the Queens, the Knights and the Pages. Now, each of those four fourteen-cards suit is marked with a characteristic symbol that determines their overall quality and type. They make them the suit of Wands, Cups, Swords and the Pentacles.

Each suit is related to a specific class and an essential element. The four suits are of different nature, with each of its card representing a more specific aspect of such a nature. They relate to our everyday life, to people in our lives, to ourselves. Let us get introduced into the suit of Cups.

Suit of Cups Major Characteristics

The suit of Cups deals with the intuitive, sub conscious, the inner. Its energy is introverted, deep, emotional, very sensual and artistic.

The suit of Cups is all about relationships, connection, dedication and love. People with these cards are not loud and pompous like, for example, Wands ones. They enjoy doing their own thing in their own quarters.

One of the greatest characteristics of the Cups suit is that they strive for balance, harmony and peace. We could say that this suit would suit the true poetic heart.

Well, the suit of Cups is also called that of Hearts, no wonder. Cups are associated with everything that has to do with emotions, intuition, the innermost.

Two of Cups Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Two of Cups card is probably the most fortunate card to pull if you are hoping for a relationship or if you have been thinking about a particular one.

This card, as it embodies the principle of pairs, being numbered 2, is the most auspicious sign for all kinds of connections, partnerships, colleagueship, friendships, family relations, romantic ones, of course.

This card tells about connections that greatly and positively affect our life. This card is about the power of union, of connected souls, of shared energies, of complementing ones.

In a wider sense, it is a card that represents the concept of connection itself; it could be taken as one’s connection with certain field of interest, a place or whatever else.

Before we analyze the deeper meaning of this card and go through its visual description, let us learn some quick facts about it.

The second card of the Minor Arcana suit of Cups presents with the following basic characteristics. What a magnificent and positive card it is!

2 of Cups Key terms: Harmony, unity, love and affection, strong relationships, mutual understanding, respect and care, excellent and fruitful partnerships, joint forces, closeness, commitment to one another

Key essential element of the Two of Cups: Water

Minor Arcana type: Number, 2

Astrological Planet and Zodiac Sign: Venus, Cancer

Yes/No question for The Two of Cups card: Yes

Reversed 2 of Cups key terms: Division and separation, rejection, ending of relationships, broken contracts and partnerships, one-sided love, conflicts, lack of mutual understanding and respect

Visual Description of The Two of Cups Card

The Two of Cups is an interesting card to look into. The imagery of tarot cards is specific and meaningful. Although there are various designs of tarot decks, from traditional to digital art, some of which appear as masterpieces of art, they have to feature some basic elements.

The most widely circulating tarot deck is the Rider-Waite one. It was published in 1909.

The card of the Two of Cups immediately associates of relationships and harmony.

The first thing we notice on this card are two people, a woman and a man, facing each other, holding cups in the same level, as if they cheer each other or offer one another their own cup, as if they are going to exchange them. They appear to be very relaxed and content.

The two people represent the perfect harmony between a man and a woman, the deepest and the most sincere connection, love, relationship, romance, but nor amorousness alone.

Their relationship is far more than physical, they are bound on a higher level. Their position slightly recalls of some sort of wedding ceremony, of making vows, saying oaths of love, devotion and mutual support.

Their clothes represent their nature, though two types of natures that are different, but complementary, inseparable from one another. If you think for a moment, you will find that each of them reminds a both of some other characters from the tarot deck.

The lady on the image wears robes that are somewhat similar to those of the High Priestess.

She does remind of her, because she personifies the female energy, the intuitive, the more passive element, the instinct and the inner, all characteristics of the female power.

The blue clothes she wears on top of her white dress represents these principles. The white color always represents purity, chastity, peace.

In this case, it could be understood as if the woman enters this relationship with an honest, pure heart; the same is with the man, whose clothes also feature white shirt.

The man in his yellowish patterned robes embodies the daring, energetic and active masculine principle. If you look at the overall posture of the two, you will notice the man steps towards the lady.

She waits for him, firmly standing, generously offering her own cup. Both wear wreaths made of leaves and flowers on their hair.

The woman’s headpiece is green, made if leaves, representing growth, nature, creation, the life itself. The man’s headwear is of fiery red flowers, representing prime strength, passion, flourishing.

The imagery is very symmetrical overall, speaking of good intentions between the two people, of their mutual trust, love for each other, and, although they are relaxed, one could feel the excitement and joy they awake in one another.

There is a peculiar symbol in the upper part of the card, above them, the red winged lion’s head.

The symbolism of winged creatures is typically positive. They are harbingers of luck, hope and protection. They also represent duality united, spirituality, good news and new beginnings.

The winged lion combines the principle of power and authority, with hope, peace and compassion. This winged being protects the couple and their relationship, brightens their days and makes their connection more spiritual.

Between the lion and the people’s hands and cups a caduceus of Hermes floats. This symbol stands for the terms associated with Hermes, who is the god of communication, a mediator in between the realms, the messenger of gods. The caduceus stands for conversation, negotiation, trade and it channels the cosmic energy.

In the background one can notice a peaceful landscape consisting of green peaceful hills, trees, a village house and the clear blue sky.

This scenery immediately makes you think of tranquility, of cozy and peaceful family life, a simple life which makes people’s hearts filled with joy and happiness. The couple on the image does need nothing more but a sweet home filled with love.

Two of Cups Card Meaning Guide

Love shall save the world. 

After this extensive visual description of our 2 of Cups card, let us enter its deeper message. The card stands for relationships and for romantic ones, in the first place, although that is not a rule.

In any case, this card is about the strongest bonds between people and it could be the best card to pull in a love reading, for example. It stands for all relationships that are pure, honest, ever lasting. If it was about friendship, its meaning is equally auspicious.

This card is about relationships that are somehow strengthened in a ritual and symbolical fashion; for example, marriage vows or oaths made between great friends.

This is a card about couples, where the energy is shared between only two individuals. It means that all your love is dedicated to that person and vice versa. This is an uncompromising connection.

The Two of Cups is about guardianship and protection of a loved one and it speaks about relationships that could withstand even the greatest crises.

It is about lovers who would stay with each other until the end of their days, without their love fading away. It is also about fateful friends who would never turn their back to one another.

2 Two of Cups  – YES or NO

YES. The Two of Cups is definitely a yes. This card is very promising and it speaks about love, harmony, balance, unity. If your question was about relationships, the meaning is clear! Go for it, trust your heart. This is one of the most positive cards to pull in a reading.

This technique of tarot reading is very simple. In a ‘yes or no’ reading, you have to ask only one and direct question and pull a card.

Therefore, it is very practical if you were in doubt of something and feel as if you cannot make a decision. The answer provided through these readings could be yes or no, or a neutral maybe.

Two of Cups Card Upright Meaning

When the card of 2 of Cups appears in an upright position, it represents most of those good qualities we have mentioned before. The upright Two of Cups is a promising omen, especially in terms of love and relationship.

In the upright position, it speaks about mutual love, honest and pure love between people. It tells about loving partners that are supportive, trustworthy, caring and protective.

In simple terms, it represents a relationship in which partners hide nothing from one another, who are perfectly committed.

Such a connection does not suppress one another’s imagination, ideas, visions, even if they are not the same. No, these would always support the other and value them as complete persons.

Two of Cups Card Reversed Meaning

If the card was reversed, the meaning changes. In this case, it represents the difficult part of people’s relationships.

It stands for the lack of understanding, problems in communication, even separation. It could tell about unfair treatment by one of the partners, suspicion, dishonesty and else.

However, sometimes one has to receive such a message in order to realize the time is to move on.

On the other hand, this could be a helpful warning sign that should actually turn you towards resolving problems. Maybe you and your partner, a friend or someone else very close, feel as if you do not understand each other, as if you are growing distant.

Well, there is always hope things could get better, if you try! The card could simply indicate a crisis in a relationship.

Two of Cups Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Two of Cups, as expected, represents a very good card when it comes to career readings. This card is associated with building strong and reliable relations.

While, in general, it applies to emotional and romantic relationships in the first place, it is also a good sign for all other types of relationships, including those of reliable collaboration.

This card is a great sign when it comes to starting business partnerships and building collaborations.

In truth, it means you will work much better if you have a reliable and trustworthy partner or it indicate you have one and you should never suspect his or hers intentions. This is a card about honest relations, supportive partners and gain through mutual effort.

Two of Cups Tarot Card – Love Meaning

There has already been much said about the Two of Cups and love, starting from the very appearance of the card.

This card is the ultimate love card! It is even more powerful than Lovers, the card that is both promising, but also very tricky and tempting. This is, indeed, the card of bonds, of connection on a deep emotional level, of exchange of energy, shared dreams and passions. A true love it is.

The Two of Cups tell about union of different, compatible and, overall, inseparable parts.

The card is especially good to pull in a love reading. It tells about strengthening of bonds, of symbolical and real, acknowledged connection, such would be the marriage and a wedding ceremony. It is about commitment and mutual support, care and full dedication to one another.

Two of Cups  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Two of Cups card is also a positive one when it comes both to physical and emotional well-being. It emphasizes the role unity and connections play for our health.

It tells about having trust in someone close to your heart and not trying to fix everything alone. This is the card that tells there is someone who deeply cares for you and you could trust that person and ask for help, if you need it.

Love could heal all the wounds, both those of our body and those of our heart. Never close your heart for love!

Although the Two of Cups card is not directly associated with health, it is a good one to pull in a health reading. It suggests you should open for love, even if you suffer from any kind of weakness in body or soul. The love would definitely help you heal.

2 of Cups Combined

The Two of Cups card will have very specific meanings, if combined with other cards from either Major or Minor Arcana suit.

Let us see into some interesting pairs and their meanings.

  • Two of Cups and The Hierophant: Marriage, wedding in church
  • 2 of Cups and The Devil: Dishonesty, manipulation, deceit
  • Two of Cups and The Eight of Wands: Honeymoon
  • 2 of Cups and The King of Cups: Mature, stable relationship
  • Two of Cups and The Knight of Swords: Crisis in a relationship
  • 2 of Cups and The Ten of Pentacles: Family relations

Two of Cups Message

The Two of Cups encourages romantic relationships specifically. This is the card that sends the ultimate message for all – love will save the world. Love each other, be honest and caring, be there for your loved one.

Together, you can go even through the hardest of times, while happy times will be even brighter and happier if you share them with someone!

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