10 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The world of tarot has much to offer to anyone willing to open up their souls and mind to a more mystical view on life.

Divination has been practiced since we know of human civilization. There are many different ways by which people have been trying to predict the future and make their lives more certain.

However, the destiny cannot be tricked!

Nevertheless, divination practices help us discover more layers of our existence that otherwise we would not be aware of. They will not change our future, but divination helps us to see more of it, in a way.

None of them says this or that would definitely happen, although people have been commonly interpreted the prediction as such.

There are many examples in historical sources where a great emperor or a masterful general would completely change their plans due to prognosis of their soothsayers.

Well, answers provided through divination could be use in many way. We strive to show the potential of their use, focusing specifically on tarot.

Tarot cards reading is also an old practice, with the cards themselves being older than tarot opening. These cards were made for playing games, emerging in medieval era.

Later on, tarot decks have been more and more used in fortunetelling. Throughout the time, tarot cards have became a common tool within the realm of esoteric and occult.

Tarot Suits Basics

There are many tarot suit designs nowadays; you can find some wonderfully illustrated modern, digital ones. The illustration of tarot cards appears to be almost a painting genre of its own.

However, tarot cards have to feature their characteristic imagery, in order to be used for divination. One of the standard patterns is the antique Tarot de Marseille, while the most popular is the Rider-Waite tarot.

In order to interpret various combinations of tarot cards in an opening and understand each of the cards, one has to possess great knowledge, but also a bit of talent and a desire to dive deep into the world of symbols.

Let us begin with some basics about the tarot cards in general. First, a typical tarot deck consists of 78 cards.

The deck is divided into two major parts, that is, the Major and the Minor Arcana, where the terms ‘major’ and ‘minor’ do not suggest one is more important than the other; they refer to the specific type of the cards.

Major Arcana is smaller and it counts 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21. These cards represents various archetypes and allegorical scenes.

The Minor Arcana counts the rest 56 cards, divided into four more parts. These are the suit of Wands, the suit of Cups, that of Swords and of Pentacles.

Each of these counts 14 cards, of which four face cards and ten numbers. Each of the suit ha sit characteristic symbol, featured in each card. The symbols tells about the nature and the quality of the suit.

The Minor Arcana is related to the mundane aspect of life, the people and situations in our life. Sometimes it relates to the questioner or the person in the questioner’s life.

Each of the cards represents a scene loaded with other symbols, besides the one that is the trademark of the suit alone.

Suit of Wands Major Characteristics

Each of the four Minor Arcana suit is associated with one of the four essential elements.

The suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire. This already tells a lot about the energy of this suit; the suit of Wands is about courage, action, movement, inspiration, leadership, personal power and authority.

It is also about impulsiveness, risk taking, enthusiasm, charisma, passion.

The symbol of the suit is a wand; depending on the card type and number, we will see from one to ten wands on those. They are also referred to as Staffs or Rods.

The wands, if you look closer into them, are not simply pieces of wood, common staffs. They have leaves, which corresponds to their core meaning.

The Wands suit is about the power of creation; self-creation, self-development in the first place. They are about the ability to grow, flourish, develop. The Wands suit is about ambition, daring spirit, willingness to achieve. It is also about authority and leadership.

When the cards appear in a reading in a favorable position, they tell about the amazing, good and positive potentials.

These cards are associated with excitement, action, competition, enterprise and motivation. No wonder they were the element of Fire.

However, such great energy and power always comes with a risk of its negative side manifested. The suit of Wands is also about rashness, impulsiveness, forcefulness, impatience, selfishness and aggression.

Ten of Wands Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Ten of Wands is a card that suggests success through dedication, great effort and hard work. This is a card of great creativity and finding ways of using the potential.

The Ten of Wands card is also about finding good solutions to problems.

However, this card definitely tells about burdens, as you could clearly see the man on the card tries to lift the wands.

Some cards are illustrated in a fashion that represents the idea of burden more directly; they portray a man carrying the pack of wands on his back.

The card is about some sort of dealing with burdens and about hard work, needed to accomplish something and/or get a relief.

10 of Wands key terms: Burden, taking greater responsibility than capable to handle, overestimating, under pressure, being powerless, having no control, obligations, being incapable to deal with success

Key essential element of the Ten of Wands: Fire

Minor Arcana type: Number, 10

Yes/No question for The Ten of Wands card: No

Reversed 10 of Wands key terms: Relief, getting rid of the burden, losing the grip, failing to fulfill obligations, inability to deal with too many things at a time

Visual Description of The Ten of Wands Card

The imagery of tarot cards reveals the most part of their meaning, so we will carefully examine the Ten of Wands card.

The most popular design comes from the Rider-Waite deck, which was published in the first decade of the twentieth century.

This deck was illustrated by the artist Pamela Colman Smith, instructed by an academic and a mystic; it was Alexander Edward Waite.

This is a widely known tarot deck; even those unfamiliar with tarot have probably seen it.

The images on tarot cards are stylized and simplified, but they feature all sorts of mysterious symbols.

Each of the elements found in tarot cards are deeply meaningful and none of them was chosen randomly.

In the Minor Arcana suit, each of the four suits symbols reveals the nature of the whole suite, but each card has its very specific meaning.

Let us look into the imagery of the Ten of Wands card. The very first look into it tells us that something difficult is going on; this is a card of struggles. We can see a man on the card, dressed very simply. He might be a lesser noble. He has no specific insignia of power or his status. We do not see his face, but his motion and the overall position of the body tell us much.

He carries the whole bunch of wands, that is, the ten wands, as the card number suggests. Wands are all typically straight and have green leaves.

The man has lifted them all, but not with ease, it seems. He actually looks as if he put great energy into lifting and carrying these wands. The wands are good, as they stand for creativity, growth, progress and other.

However, it seems the man does not find it easy to carry them. We all long for some success, but, in reality, not everyone is capable of handling it very well.

The wands here could represent the riches the man gathered, the accomplishments of his own, but it is difficult to get along with it.

The wands also represent responsibilities, ideas and else.

Sometimes we think we could handle more than it is necessary, thinking we could do everything at once.

Life usually proves differently; one by one, some wands would fall from our hands, because it is difficult to carry ten wands at once, right? The man on the hard does so, but apparently not without trouble.

However, he is still unwilling to leave some of the wands beside or behind.

The man is dressed into colors typical of the fiery Wands suit. These colors are about an energetic spirit, courageous and daring, but also aggressive, forceful and stubborn. They tell about great personal strength that sometimes pushes us over our own limits. Let us look into the scenery in the background.

It appears peaceful. There is a field, green grass, trees and a house, which appears to be a villa, a castle, speaking, perhaps, of the status of our wands-bearer.

It suggests he does his thing in order to provide comfort, protection, to achieve an easier life. He struggles and works hard to accomplish it, which is a positive thing alone.

On the other hand, maybe he is heading towards his home or a random town, in order to rest, because he is exhausted from his work. We cannot see his face, so this remains a mystery, which opens many ways of interpreting this card.

However, the essence of it remains the same. Let us see into it.

Ten of Wands Card Meaning Guide

Nothing comes without struggle.

The core meaning of the Ten of Wands is always a struggle, hard work, effort, burden; taken alone, it cannot be evaluated as simply good or bad.

It is just how it is, burdensome in a specific way that would depend on other cards and of an individual reading overall.

Even great success can be very tiring and burdensome, even if many people initially think of it as something relieving.

The meaning of this card could be related to too many responsibilities in life.

Now, it may refer to responsibilities one has deliberately chosen; it often happens when we think we could handle more than we can in reality.

However, it eventually leads to great exhaustion and not a healthy one. It also leaves with many things unaccomplished.

The feeling of pressure haunts us, because we simply cannot handle everything.

On the other hand, it could refer to burden others have put on our shoulders; demanding people or people expecting too much from us.

It could be our own projection, and not real expectations of other people. In any, case, the Ten of Wands represents a heavy burden.

10 of Wands  – YES or NO

The Ten of wands is a NO card. And this is a ‘no’ answer that comes just in the right moment.

So, if you think about starting something or taking up certain actions, the card suggests you should think twice or, better, abandon the idea, at least for a time.

The card of 10 of Wands is about overload and overburdening; you do not need another obligation at this moment.

Now the time is to slow down, to put your ten wands on the table and think wisely about how much you could carry at once.

The wands will not disappear, but you will definitely be more productive and satisfied if you do not try to carry them all at once.

Ten of Wands Card Upright Meaning

The upright card tells about what was already been said about struggling.

Therefore, unlike the case with many other cards, where the upright position by default represents the best things one could take out of the card, here it represents the excess.

In other words, the card is about too heavy burden, usually the one we have chosen ourselves.

While it is admirable that you work hard on your goals or have many brilliant ideas, do not try to do everything at once.

The impatience, so characteristic for the Wands suit, here really leads to disaster, because it does not let us rest and think about our steps. It fools us that we can do ten things at a time.

Ten of Wands Card Reversed Meaning

Ten of Wands reversed could indicate a little relief.

However, it often means that you have overloaded yourself to the point that things simply cannot move forward like that, so you literally lose a part of your burden one way or another.

It could, in some cases, suggest a help; someone could lift a part of your burden and make it all easier.

However, the card usually represents the state of an overwhelming sense of helplessness and worry, when a person gets stuck in too many obligations.

It tells about losing the actual goal, focus and purpose of doing something, because you so not know what should you finish first.

It is about lack of a plan, organization and inability to decide on priorities.

Ten of Wands Tarot Card – Career Meaning

In a career reading, 10 of Wands are not a particularly welcome card.

This card tells about too much work for too little money, unfair payment, underestimated talents, non valued dedication and hard work from the superiors.

It is about the work overload and overall exhaustion related to it.

It is also about inability to organize yourself and properly finish your business.

Ten of Wands Tarot Card – Love Meaning

As a card associated with burden and struggle one cannot expect many positive things in a love reading.

On one side, it does suggest there is no balance between partners and their emotional investment into the relationship.

While one is trying his or her best to adapt, to please the partner, to keep the relationship going, the other does not value it much.

On the other hand, it tells about the burden of the past, which one still cannot process and leave it behind.

It is usually about pervious negative love experiences one transfers to a new relationship.

Naturally, it makes the current relationship difficult, and it requires a lot of patience and understanding between partners to make things work out fine and to get over the past.

Ten of Wands  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

Just as in other readings, the Ten of Wands tells about over-exhaustion, here both in a physical and spiritual sense.

The card suggests you have put too much on your shoulders and it cannot have a healthy effect, even if you were convinced it was good.

A plastic example of it would be a person who is all dedicated to sports, but crosses his or hers physical limits greatly.

The same applies to work and damaging your bodily and mental health because of the stress that comes along.

The same stands for an opposite type of excess; trying to heal emotional wounds through food, drink or even worse.

The card should be  a warning sign. Be nice to yourself and listen to your body and soul.

10 of Wands Combined

This burdening card, so to call it, gains special meaning when it appears along other cards. We will give several examples of the Ten of Wands combined with other cards from the Major and the Minor Arcana. Here they are.

  • Ten of Wands and The Lovers: Tiring, burdening, exhausting relationship
  • 10 of Wands and The Force: Using the last atom of strength, forcefulness, but also endurance
  • Ten of Wands and The Ace of Wands: Relief
  • 10 of Wands and The Five of Cups: Overwhelming pessimism
  • Ten of Wands and The Page of Swords: Unbearable criticism
  • 10 of Wands and The Seven of Pentacles: Being tired of too many expectations

Ten of Wands Message

The Ten of Wands does not appear to be a particularly fortunate card alone, but it could serve a great lesson.

It makes one aware of the unreasonable load of responsibilities and obligations the individual has put on the won shoulders or that someone else did.

True, nothing comes without effort, but we should manage our efforts and our use of energy wisely and tactfully, without wasting it all at a time.

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