10 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The mysterious roads of our destiny are full of surprises and very unexpected turns. Sometimes we would be happier if we could know certain things in advance, predict our future and possibly avoid the negative outcomes.

However, our future can never be changed, really. All we can do is get a glimpse into possibilities that might come our way.

Divination could help us greatly with that, for getting an insight into possibilities in our individual lives cannot be obtained only by using pure logic or common scientific methods. The individual has to know oneself in depth and many of us, surprisingly, do not know ourselves! Divination helps us to discover who we really are and how our destiny unfolds.

There are various divination practices all around the world, some of which incredibly old. Tarot is one of the divination practices widely known around the globe and still very actively practiced. Tarot cards were first created as playing cards and you will certainly easily recognize the parallels with the most common playing suits.

Over the course of time, these medieval cards entered the domain of esoteric and occultism and were more and more frequently used as an instrument of divination. A good tarot practitioner must possess great knowledge of the cards alone and, before that, the knowledge of symbols, complex symbolical and allegorical meanings and more.

Tarot Suits Basics

Each tarot card represents a complex of symbolical meanings, represents a personification, an allegorical scene and many symbolical elements combined. If you are familiar with, for example, astrology or some other related path, you will easily draw a parallel between various symbols. Tarot cards are carefully and beautifully composed to carry a valuable message.

How tarot decks are organized and what are their main characteristics? First, tarot decks contain seventy eight richly illustrated card, which are organized into two main parts. These parts are known as Major Arcana and the Lesser or Minor Arcana. Their titles describe only their domain of influence and not their worth or importance.

Both the Major and the Minor Arcana are important in a reading. Major Arcana cards are related to the minor plan, while the Minor is about the mundane and everyday life situations. The first one contains twenty two cards, numbered from 0 to 21, with the card of The Fool being the zero card. Lesser Arcana is composed of all of the rest, divided into four suits.

Each suit out of these four is composed of ten numbers and four Court cards, that is, Kings, Queens, Knight and pages. Court cards typically represents persons in our lives, but could also represent the questioner, while the numbers represent various situations and phases of one’s destiny. The suit we are interested here is the one of Pentacles.

Suit of Pentacles Major Characteristics

The four suits of Lesser Arcana are known under the names of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, but we could find them under different names, as well. The suit of Pentacles is known as the suit of Diamonds, also Coins, Deniers, Discs or Stones. Each of four suits is associated with an essential element and, in that sense, the suit of Pentacles is the earth suit.

This characteristic describes the nature of the suit and its faculty, which is the one of bodily experience and possessions. The suit of Pentacles is materialistic, sensible, tangible, very earthly. It is associated with concepts of richness, prosperity, abundance, stability, home life, traditional value, safety, security, comfort and pleasure.

The suit of Pentacles is related to people who would gladly get their hands dirty if there was something to get done, because they love working with their hands and enjoy the fruits of their work. Most importantly, they believe that dedication and effort always pay off and they are not easily sidetracked or manipulated.

The suit could present in a different way, depending on the position and combinations of its card. In that sense, it is associated with laziness, irresponsibility, blockages, gold diggers, instability and lack of morality, overindulgence and, well, all the negative sides of the material aspect of life. Today we will be talking about the last of the Pentacles’ numbers.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Ten of Pentacles is the final number card in the suit. As a final one, it represents the accomplishments of goals that are presented in the overall suit, so it is associated with prosperity and richness overall.

Before we carefully examine the imagery of this card, we will go through its basic characteristics, for it could serve us as a useful guidance.

Here are some of the major characteristics of the Ten of Pentacles, a card that is greatly related to prosperous, harmonious life and have much to do with the concepts of family and heritage.

Let us learn the keywords and the very basic facts about the Ten of Pentacles card.

10 of Pentacles key terms: Prosperity and abundance, wealth and richness, stability in life (especially in family relations), ancestry, genealogy and heritage, treasure, traditional values, care and nurture, loyalty, duty, honor, support and protection

Key essential element of the Ten of Pentacles: Earth

Minor Arcana type: Number, 10

Yes/No question for The Ten of Pentacles card: Yes

Reversed 10 of Pentacles key terms: Arguments between family members (especially disputes over material possessions and money), material loss, inheritance mismanaged or lost, loss of an older family member, feeling less important in opposition to relatives, losing home

Visual Description of The Ten of Pentacles Card

Before we go into interpretation of specific meanings of this card, starting from its basic, core meaning, we have to describe the card in detail. The imagery of tarot cards is the most important element of understanding tarot cards meaning, as expected.

Each card is full of symbols with specific meanings, while each card of the Minor Arcana deck features its characteristic symbol.

The Ten of Pentacles reflects the idea of the whole suit at the vary first look.

This card is richly illustrated and it represents a colorful and harmonious scene featuring more than one human figure. We could easily conclude that the card is about bonds, connection, support and unity; it is specifically about family unity, for we could think of the people depicted as of a family.

In the very first plan of the card we see the characteristic ten pentacles. They float freely and practically cover up the scene.

These ten pentacles tell us that they are the base of that familial, harmonious scene behind. Now, what about the people on the image? If you look into them, you will see they are of different ages.

These people practically represent three generations of a family. We can se a seated elderly man lavishly dressed in a rich pattered robe, petting a dog. We also see two adult figures, probably a man and a woman and there is also a child, hiding behind the woman’s dress and also petting a dog. Dogs are family pets, another symbol of cozy, loving and stable family.

Everyone on the image appear to be satisfied, calm, in an informal situation; man and woman are talking with one another, the child is right next to them and the old man enjoys the whole scene.

If he was the head of the hose, he must be very content and proud of his family. The surroundings also tell us about a harmonious, comfortable family life.

Ten of Pentacles Card Meaning Guide

Family, loyalty, honor. The rich man is a happy one.

The Ten of Pentacles is definitely a very auspicious card, telling about prosperous, comfortable, enjoyable life, but, most importantly, a life shared with the closest ones.

This card tells about the importance of family bonds and of traditional value. The card, in fact, reflects the family hierarchy and the importance of respecting such an order.

This card promises good days ahead, the growth of family, the growth of its material base. The card tells about the ideal unity and the life with secured material future.

In reality, it is, of course, more important that we nurture love and care for one another, even if we got nothing, but no one could argue material stability makes our lives more comfortable.

While it is not the rule that a rich home must be a happy one, this card represents the ideal outcome; it represents family devotion, loyalty and honor, the awareness of its importance, combined with material stability, without greed, envy and any of the negative sides of wealth and fortune. This is the core message, but it could be different, depending on a reading.

Ten of Pentacles, as the card of wealth and fortune, may also represent those whom nothing but money could drive attention.

Although they do not have to be greedy or envious or express any such trait, they could be obsessed with finances and earning money, so that they suppress their emotions and grow to be very indifferent and cold persons in all other matters.

10 of Pentacles  – YES or NO

In yes/no readings, Ten of Pentacles are a YES answer! This card of richness and prosperity surely appears to be a positive omen, though you should always be cautious with matters of money, because you do not want it to lead you into vanity and shallowness.

Overall, this card brings balance in relations and reminds you of the importance of connection.

It is especially an affirmative card if you wonder about whether to seek support (material or of other kind) of people you are close with; family members in the first place, but it could also apply to your very good and reliable friends.

Ten of Pentacles Card Upright Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles in the upright position bring good news when it comes to finances.

This card could literally represent the money coming out of nowhere; it is about a lottery gain, an inheritance you have never known about, a gift or something of the sort.

The upright Ten of Pentacles is overall a card about satisfaction and being very content in your life. This is the card of family harmony, a cozy life where nothing misses, neither love nor the money.

While it is a bit more materialistic card, it does not exclude the importance of warm family relations; however, its emphasis is on the duty and honor, on defending the family name.

It reminds you of the importance of respecting tradition, your ancestors and heritage.

Ten of Pentacles Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Ten of Pentacles, as one could easily imagine, is quite different of the upright one.

It is not a good omen, for it tells about problems with finances and income, especially within the family.

This card indicates disputes over material possessions, especially those that are meant to be distributed within the family.

This is a card about the loss of money, but also the loss of an elder or even your family home.

The losses could always be understood as a metaphor, of course. However, this card is generally not something to wish for.

In any case, it could serve as a warning and make you think through potential problems, particularly those that may arise concerning inheritance, finances related to the whole family and such.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles is naturally an excellent card when it comes to career reading. Well, they call it the card of wealth, so the conclusion is quite logical.

Not only it promises justly earned money, but also something on top of it or even an unexpected gain.

This card tells about inheritance that could perhaps give you wind into your sails to start your own family business. It is about traditional family business anyway.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card – Love Meaning

In a love reading, the Ten of pentacles is most definitely  a card promising a harmonious, stable family life. This is a card of mutual support, loyalty and protection.

The Ten of pentacles is a great card for married couples and those who plan to do so and generally, it is a card that nurtures valuable, reliable and trustworthy relations amongst people, especially between relatives and close friends.

Ten of Pentacles  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Ten of Pentacles is greatly about inheritance and genealogy, so it reflects in the health reading as a reminder of potential genetic disorders and inherited conditions.

It does not tell one has to get ill, if some of the ancestors has suffered, but it simply serves as a good reminder on what to take care of.

Of course, if your lineage is quite a healthy one, this is a greatly promising card!

10 of Pentacles Combined

As each of the tarot card becomes even more interesting when combined with other cards, let us see into combinations for the Ten of Pentacles. Understanding the combinations is the crucial point in any tarot reading, for the cards are opened together.

Let us see into a few Ten of Pentacles examples.

  • Ten of Pentacles and The Lovers: Starting a family
  • 10 of Pentacles and Death: Inevitable changes concerning family home
  • Ten of Pentacles and The King of Wands: Pater familias, family discussion
  • 10 of Pentacles and The Ace of Cups: Childbirth
  • Ten of Pentacles and The Seven of Swords: Inheritance loss
  • 10 of Pentacles and The Queen of Pentacles: Managing family money

Ten of Pentacles Message

The Ten of pentacles is an auspicious card, one of the wealth and fortune. If this card appears in your reading, you have all reasons to feel content and satisfied with what you have.

That does not have to be much, for the start, but this card leads you towards the path of prosperity. It is an amazing card when it comes to family relations.

This card emphasizes the importance of traditional values, loyalty and duty towards your family. Together, you could build a wonderful life; for its great part, this card is about the continuation of family traditions, business and else that lead to prosperity and stability overall.

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